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Retailers helped kill the Wii U - It could happen with the PS4 and Xbox One Too

From GamesReviews:

"ASDA have announced that they will no longer be stocking Wii U units in stores, nor will they stock games or accessories. To those of you who didn't buy a Wii U at launch, this might be news. To the rest of us, it's been a long, slow, predictable road with only one conclusion.

"And the worst thing? The complete lack of display, the mixed interest, even the amount of potential shelf space when compared with their more successful predecessors... it's already beginning to happen again with the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4." (PS4, Wii U, Xbox One)

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Abash  +   732d ago
Last I checked the Wii U is still alive
matgrowcott  +   732d ago
Yup. ASDA aren't going to stock it. Tesco hasn't really bothered stocking it since launch...

When you can only definitely buy a console, made by a major player in the gaming industry, from game-specific stores (of which there aren't many in the UK) or online, that's a sign that things are going well.
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FateoftheGame  +   732d ago
It looks bad now, but I'm going to wait until the Mario stuff comes out before making a final judgment.
Cmk0121  +   732d ago
If its not selling well why not make room for products that are selling well. Ps4/X1 are killing it in preorders and will be hard to keep in stock they won't turn away sales that's just plain stupid business
MWong  +   732d ago
Retail doesn't doom a console, the console does that themselves. If you lack the 3rd party development for 2 console cycles you have to take a step back and re-evaluate the situation. If you don't and rest upon previous success you're dooming yourself.
jmc8888  +   732d ago

Actually what you said doesn't make any sense. Business principles is different from business practice.

Why would anyone need to 'clear space' for a product that isn't coming out for 4-5 months? 4-5 days...ok. Making last order a few weeks before...ok. But stopping 4-5 months before makes no sense.

Also you sort of betray your whole point when you talk about PS4/Xbox One being hard to keep in stock. Think about it. If it's hard to keep in stock, and you get small allotments per shipments, you don't need much space. With what the stores will get on average an end of an aisle is all they need.

Another thing to consider is that we're talking about a whole store. A store that sells many items and many of them don't turnover very often, and much more slowly then even the Wii U. So what is wrong with booting other items from the store.... after all just about every week or so companies are adding and dropping items from what they sell. So between now and 4-5 months there will probably be dozens, if not hundreds of products they'll stop stocking. Why not use THAT space for PS4/Xbox One.

Finally, usually when new iterations of consoles come out, they start shrinking the footprint of the previous gen. So why not use some of the PS3 space for PS4 stuff and some of the 360 space for Xbox One?

Plus generally stores have backroom space or a central warehouse for a metropolitan area as well.

ASDA is doing what they think is best obviously, but your idea that they need to cut Wii U space now for a product that doesn't come out for 4-5 months is absolutely laughable. This isn't the time in regards to this, and when we do get closer to launch there are other options they can try.
MacDonagh  +   732d ago
I have an ASDA in my local area and they never stocked Wii U units at all.

My ASDA has also greatly reduced their software shelves. It's almost as if they are reducing their focus on their entertainment section because of poor sales figures or something.

Maybe they are making space for the new consoles that are going to arrive or they see the writing on the wall in terms of how physical media and consoles aren't selling as strongly as they did years ago? They aren't even doing pre-orders for the upcoming consoles.

I really don't know. I did ask a clerk how many Vitas they had in stock and she said that they have a lot that they can't shift. In fact; she said that no-one is buying much at all. DVDs, CDs, Blu-Ray, TVs, Tablets or any of the games/consoles they have in stock aren't selling in high numbers.

Perhaps my ASDA is a bit of an isolated case, but it'd be a bit more disturbing if they were doing it in all of their stores.
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Hicken  +   732d ago
Retailers didn't help kill the Wii U at all. Poor interest, though, could.

Asda and whatever other companies stock or don't stock items based on consumer interest. If there isn't enough interest, why continue to have the product on the shelf?

Even then, the system isn't dead. When it's no longer in production, when there are no longer any games being made for it, then it'll be dead.

These two things are still going on, so guess what?
scissor_runner  +   732d ago
Its sounds like asda entertainment section is dieing...
Prime_28  +   732d ago
You clearly don't know anything about ASDA. People don't go to ASDA to buy consoles, they rarely stock them. People go there to buy food, clothes and utilities. Not games. ASDA not stocking Wii U is not a big deal.
Muerte2494  +   732d ago
just because one retailer isn't selling it doesn't make it dead. Unless it's gamestop or amazon not selling it, then it won't die off anytime soon.
deafdani  +   732d ago
Amazon doesn't sell it, at least not directly. It's all third party sellers, at least in the US site.
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Flames76  +   732d ago
Haha now thats funny
avengers1978  +   732d ago
Last numbers I saw had WII U sales up, and they have games coming out every month from now till at least to the end of the year.
They do have a hard way to go with the launch of XB1 and PS4 coming soon, and they still need to market the wii u better.
Shok  +   732d ago
Didn't know it was dead.........the way I see it it hasn't really even started living yet.
Campy da Camper  +   732d ago
Agreed. Anyone writing off WiiU is crazy. Mario Kart alone (antigravity!) Is going to be a huge system seller. Nintendo are masters at family oriented bundles and I suspect there are going to be some good ones come Xmas.
HurtfulTimez  +   732d ago
nintendo are killing there own system by marketing it as a kids console with all there cutesy mario zelda and donkey kong games that are heavily rehashed. where are the exclusive games that make a 28 yr old like me want to rush out and buy a wii u?

mario and zelda are good games but i want something more adult based. the 3ds should cater for the younger generation and prioritise the wii u as a more adult console like xb1 and ps4.
Lucreto  +   732d ago
I never bought a Wii but I am still planning on getting a Wii U. I am hoping for a Wind Waker HD pack. I plan to get a bunch of Wii games like Mario Galaxy and the few other AAA games that appeared on the Wii. They are cheap now and for me worth getting.
PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt  +   732d ago
how about ppl like me that were never interested in a Wii U? maybe it has to do with nintendos poor online and lack of features
clouds5  +   732d ago
What is so bad about nintendo online? I love it. It's free and works very good with wii u. What's the problem in your opinion? The miiverse integration with resident evil revelations was simply amazing. Soo much fun :-)
Also wiiu is extremely feature packed compared to ps4/xb1. In terms of gaming! It has amazing controller options, backwards compatibility, off TV gameplay. Yeah on xb1 you can watch some TV stuff and voice chat with your guys. But that does not improve my games...
In terms of gaming those consoles are exactly the same thing as ps3/360, with slightly updated graphics. 0 innovation.

Also I'm not a fan boy or anything I'm mainly a pcgamer iI'm just stating my experiences with wiiu.
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thezeldadoth  +   732d ago
people say they want their console to be about games not tv, then when they get one, they complain that it doesnt have enough extra tv features. even though it has an unobtrusive netflix, amazon instant video, hulu plus. Even the Tvii feature is pretty awesome.

i'm primarily a PC player and I love the wii u.
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BlueTemplar  +   732d ago

The problem is, it really doesnt have much in the way of games either - for a really long time, the best game I could find for mine was zombiu and... it really isnt that good.

They should have had at least one or two killer first party titles (zelda, mario, metroid) ready for launch but all the quality stuff has been developed for 3ds instead.
LonDonE  +   732d ago
what is poor with nintendo online? where do i begin? for starters the damn wii u don't even come with a Ethernet port!!?? WTF were they thinking? any serious online gamer knows you have to be wired in via Ethernet to get the most stable connection, yet wii u has no other option apart from wi fi! or you have to buy a usb Ethernet adapter! how much more would have cost nintendo to have one included?

And then there's the digital content being tied to the system instead of your nintendo network i.d, that is such a backwards way of doing things, its one of the main reasons why i refuse to buy full retail releases digitally via the eshop! why cant they make the nintendo network i.d unified across 3ds and wii u? and why cant the digital purchases be tied to the same account? or how about using the club nintendo account? anything is better then being tied to the hardware!!

And what about the fact they couldn't be bothered to put a decent hard drive in their console, its 2013 for petes sake! any PS3 or 360 or PC gamer knows today's games require constant patches, then theirs dlc,etc all of this takes up lots of storage space, i just don't understand why nintendo even bothers to allow full retail games digitally,when anyone who wants to buy said games online will have to go out and buy a external hard drive,and what makes that option a nightmare,is that for instance in my case, i have a external 1tb hard drive, i use it on my pc,my 2 PS3 systems, my wii back ups,my music collection, my movies collection, back ups of my 2 PS3 systems,back ups of my pc, you get the picture, i use it FOR EVERYTHING!!! but if i chose to use it on the wii u, i have no option but to format it,and LOSE EVERYTHING!

Why on earth would i need to use a 1tb hard drive solely on my wii u? why like normal companies allow, cant i make a partition on my hard drive, say for 150gb,and then let the wii u format this partition, and that way i can carry on using my hard drive for all of my devices?
But no nintendo has to be backwards,and give us no options, and so i am forced to have to buy another external hard drive just for the wiiu, all of this could have been avoided if nintendo were not so cheap, and just included a Ethernet port,and a hard drive in every console!

And then theirs the biggest problem of them all, the total lack of proper online features in nintendo first party games! super mario 3d world, no online co-op, only local, nintendo land, no online only local, zombie u, no online only local,pikmin no online only local,new super mario bros u, no online only local, u starting to see a trend yet???

Why on gods earth does nintendo not give us the options to play our nintendo games online? ok zombie u wasn't Nintendo's game, but obviously if nintendo is not bothering with online then most of the other developers wont either!
Just look at sniper elite v2, no co op, no online even though the PS3 and 360 versions had online, call of duty blops 2, no dlc add ons,injustice gods among us, which also had missing dlc until people moaned, and then they gave it.

What am getting at, is that nintendo forgets their are allot of core gamers like me who have been gaming over 30yrs,and so grew up on nintendo consoles and games, i have my own home,a wife and 2 kids, i don't have time to invite friends or family over, i want to be able to play with friends and family online!
in 2013 its ridiculous that nintendo is too lazy to implement proper online!!

Anyway sorry i went off on one, i love nintendo, and i am one of those lucky gamers who has always bought every platforms every generation, but i swear it, i am just fed up of nintendo and the deluded nintendo fans, not all, but most are, nintendo needs to be called out with all the B.S, or they will never change!
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clouds5  +   732d ago
@LonDonE: Well I see^^ So I guess we are looking for different things when it comes to online play. Its sad that they are not planning to implement online in all their games. But the important ones, Smash Bros and Mario Kart are going to have it for sure. There are singleplayer only (or local coop) games and i'm fine with that. Especially when they use the Gamepad and 2nd screen. So much fun!
And about the ethernet port, I think it was absolutely the right decision not to include it! It would have made the console bigger and more expensive and only a small percentage needs ethernet connection. In most cases wifi is just fine. And if you really need one 25$ is not the end of the world^^

I dont mind the external HD btw. I got the white wiiU, the cheaper one, and bought a cheap 500gb external. Works perfect.

All i expect from online on a console is that when a game supports it, i want to go into multiplayer and play. And that for free (because i already paid for the game). And WiiU does that.
guitarded77  +   732d ago
This is the dumbest speculation article based on one person's over dramatic recollection.
OrangePowerz  +   732d ago
Who buys their console from ASDA or Tesco versus Amazone, Gamestop, Game etc.? That would be the last place I would go to buy a console.
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hollabox  +   732d ago
I never even heard of ASDA and Tesco until this article came out.
HurtfulTimez  +   732d ago
erm.. alot of people in the uk do (they are uk supermarket giants) because they are usually cheaper when it comes to games and console bundles than alot of gaming shops. i preordered my ps4 from asda.
OrangePowerz  +   732d ago
I know they are big supermarkets I often go to Tesco or ASDA to buy stuff and I know that the prices for games are below those of other retailers, never seen any particularly cheap deals for consoles tough.
Supermax  +   732d ago
A supermarket man step your game up bro.
greenmeanie  +   732d ago
I never even heard of ASDA... so how does a store that I never heard of not stocking the wii u = wii u dead?!?!?!?!
OrangePowerz  +   732d ago
It's a supermarket chain in the UK owned by Walmart and the stores are like Walmart.
BlueTemplar  +   732d ago
Because its a massive supermarket chain - be like me saying "I've never heard of Walmart or BestBuy, so who cares if they dont stock it"
MRMagoo123  +   732d ago
come on if its not in the USA it doesnt matter, i thought everyone knew that /s

Thats why even tho the ps3 outsold the 360 world wide it didnt matter cos the 360 sells better in the US
Brucis  +   732d ago
Last I checked the Wii U still has games coming out, so how is it 'dead'?
LOL_WUT  +   732d ago
Because it's not selling well... ;)
Theyellowflash30  +   732d ago
Actually the Wii U is selling well in Japan right now due to Pikmin 3 LOL Wut. It beat out the PS3
BlueTemplar  +   732d ago
Thats the exact problem - i got one near launch and have been waiting for games that are "coming out" ever since.

Meanwhile the 3ds has been getting game after game - Nintendo have nobody but themselves to blame for not concentrating on the wiiu nearly enough
LonDonE  +   732d ago
NO their was a slight spike in sales after pikmin launched and now its gone back down again, wii u is not selling well in japan at all, pikmin is not a main stream game, i think the new 3d mario should keep wii u systems selling at a steady pace, like in the past
GribbleGrunger  +   732d ago
How can you sum articles like this up? The writer is stood by the grave with a shovel but the victim hasn't died, the funeral arrangements haven't been made and the hearse hasn't been ordered.

Just bury yourself!
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beebap  +   732d ago
The wii u is not lacking in features.It has tv controls on the pad and on a touch of a button bring up internet browser while playing a game. It needs more original quality games.It started well with zombie U but more remakes of zelda and mario is not helping sales.
HurtfulTimez  +   732d ago
but can it play a dvd?!
beebap  +   732d ago
Not actually sure can it? Sorry been streaming movies a lot lately so it has lovefilm netflix and great feature with youtube where u use the gamepad to look for videos. Also have ps3 so try to watch blu rays so has been problem. It a pity then for one to need this feature.
crazysammy  +   732d ago
Many of the things you point out here are based on marketing dollars paid for by Nintendo. If there is a lack of display then Nintendo is not paying that retailer for a set amount of space (Or Nintendo is not following up to make sure they are getting what they are paid for) Besides that there is not enough product to fill out an entire wall. GS has smaller sections because there are only X number of games to display.

These things coupled with the fact that the markup on new software and hardware being between 15-20% many stores cannot stock product that isn't moving. Sadly the Wii U isn't moving right now. It will and it is far from dead but right now some retailers choosing to scale back or completely discontinue is a reasonable idea.
yewles1  +   732d ago
Another case for journalistic stupidity right here...
CertifiedGamer  +   732d ago
The difference between the wii U as opposed to xbox one and PS4 is that the PS4 and Xbox one are in demand, so the market supplies.
EliteGameKnight  +   732d ago
If I'm not mistaken the Wii U was in demand prior to its release. It also sold out in preorders and was selling extremely well in November, December, and early January. The gaming world is simply far to unstable to safely say that a game or console will do great before we actualy see the sales figures.

I HOPE that PS4 and Xbox One will do well, but I simply dont know how it will turn out. I also HOPE that the Wii U can turn around as I thoroughly enjoy it.

Edit: fixed some gramatical mistakes
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sincitysir1  +   732d ago
I like Nintendo as a company but I don't like their same games. I know they change the mechanics but the core of the games are still the same. Don't get me wrong people love them and the games they produce but I need original NEW characters and stories to fall in love with. And actual stories! I loved the luigi scary castle game on the 3ds(forget the title) but there was no real story! Just my op
4logpc  +   732d ago
The Wii U's problem is software. It has next to nothing since launch.

Sony and Microsoft's launch line up is stronger than the entire Wii U library.
Brasi1989  +   732d ago
I'm inclined to disagree with you only because by the time the Xbox One and PS4 launch the WiiUs software lineup will be far greater than that of the two new consoles and even into the end of the year.
EliteGameKnight  +   732d ago
Yeah, one article I saw showed that there will be 70 new games released for the system from the time of of the article's creation to the end of the fiscal year.


this is a good line up of games, and though not all are exclusive, their presence on the systems is still good.
Droid Control  +   732d ago
Its not just software. Its hardware as well. As in crap. Same as the online service, crap.

The brand is also an issue, its associated with kids. Its not thought of as a console for everyone.

PS1/PS2 were so successful because they have games for everyone's taste. Wii got there on a cheap price, and a gimmick.
beebap  +   732d ago
Agree about the kids thing.The system and menu music puts u off slighty as it too cheery and seems like they buliding it for kids.
Dlacy13g  +   732d ago
I won't say the WiiU is dead...but I will say this... retail is VITAL for the console makers. Without retail support for Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo they literally can't sell their boxes..without their boxes they don't have a system in todays ecosystem. Without the system...they have nothing.

This is why stores like Gamestop wield so much power. If you don't have their support you are effectively cutting off your ability to sell your console to the public. This is also why an all digital box is a difficult proposition for the console makers. The Gamestops of the world need to feel like there is enough of a revenue stream beyond just the box for them to make money.

And you can't use Steam as an example of a successful all digital platform that sells in gamestop. I say that because Valve has no hardware to sell. They only sell games online, and codes in a gamestop...they let PC makers worry about selling the hardware. Thus why Steam has crazy sales that blow retail out of the water... they are not fearful of losing shelf space.
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CaulkSlap  +   732d ago
The Wii U launched dead in the water. Wrong console at the wrong time backed by no games or dev support. PS4/XBO both have far more hype behind them and retailers will be jumping at the chance to revitalize console game sales.
Myst-Vearn  +   732d ago
considering the insane demand for the PS4 months before it's even out..I don't think it will have the WiiU's problem
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Theyellowflash30  +   732d ago
Cause the UK is the epicenter of gaming right? LOL, this article is trash. Asda isn't even a major player in the gaming scene. And Pikmin 3 reached number 2 on the UK sales charts.
glopez  +   732d ago
Guys its easy to stop trolling sites like this. All you have to do is down vote the site and report it. I remember when hip hop gamer would post and everyone complained until his site got banned. Want to stop crap sites? Do what you did to hip hop gamer lol ;)
MrTrololo  +   732d ago
Wii is the last nintendo console that is worth to purchase. I don't understand why nintendo bother to make another console that flop 10x than their previous console that they made
Xtremist  +   732d ago
Enough with the hyperboles already.
WiiU is not dead.
It's just not breathing and doesn't have a pulse...
evilhasitsway  +   732d ago
they stock what sells not retailers fault that Nintendo cant sell there system I mean hell its not a next gen system but has a really high price tag plus no first party support Nintendos fault not retailers if I had a store why would I keep buying the system that wont sell in my store so there for they don't keep stock how much fuckin retarded can some of these articles be really get a fuckin life.
evilhasitsway  +   732d ago
second problem your shopping at Tesco wtf is that anyway I got 4 or 5 different game stores around here and none are that so its probley a low buget store.
evilhasitsway  +   732d ago
3rd and final is that the ps4 and xbox1 have probley sold more units in preorders than the wiiu have sold so far.lol. no one and I mean no one wants a system with no games "wiiu" im not gonna spend $300 on a system for one game or two its a hunk of shit and everyone knows this.
vigilante_man  +   732d ago
You cannot live off Mario & Zelda forever. The public gets tired of these things as good as they may be in themselves.

Even Halo & Gears of War is getting stale for consumers that is why XB1 is trying to add more stings to its bow including TV.

The WiiU seems a strange concept to me. Too big to be a hand held and too small for tablet gaming. It has an identity crisis. Just what is it? (Rhetorical question).
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