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GIZORAMA - There aren’t many games that get me thoroughly excited, especially a turn-based RPG. Shadowrun Returns has suddenly invigorated a lost sense of pure joy about video games in me and that’s because through all the harsh cyberpunk and droll depression it presents to you, the game itself is so much unbridled fun.

Shadowrun Returns comes from the creator of the original board game, along with his new development team and you can definitely tell where the lineage comes from. Everything from the way it’s set up for content, to the writing and style, scream Shadowrun. The atmosphere filled with that seedy mood and the music. That glorious music. Thick and heavy with a cyberpunk flare, it drips those beats from the very get go and as it hits the ears, I knew what I was in for. This isn’t going to be a game that takes the light-hearted side to the dance, but that one side that likes to talk about serial killers and is fascinated with how your insides look.

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cunnilumpkin1763d ago

just bought this game tonight, it launches on steam at noon tomorrow, cannot wait to check it out and see how this kickstarter funded game turns out

looking forward to many more coming

3-4-51763d ago

Game looks really good.