The Greatest Game Controller Of All Time

My love affair with video games began with the Commodore 64. It was something akin to Jo Frost (dour and domestic) rather than Pamela Anderson (svelte and sexy). Yet, like Jo, it was reliable, simple and efficient. One can hardly be confused as to what to do with a three-inch long joystick and two spherical buttons (get your mind out of the gutter).

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fsfsxii1700d ago

How many times have we seen articles like this??

3-4-51699d ago

1.) Xbox 360
2.) SNES
3.) Gamecube
4.) PS4/DS4/XB1
5.) N64

LuditPRIME1699d ago

N64 should be at least number 3. You could play Goldeneye with one hand lol

caseh1699d ago

Saturn pad was better in my opinion, only 1st party pad to have 6 buttons on the face of the pad so one for the fighting game fanatic.

Mikeyy1699d ago

The PlayStation controller should be at the top. It hasn't fundamentally changed in 4 generations.

It was always perfect for console games.

Mikeyy1699d ago

Well it happened so you can't deny my logic.

The controller is on its 4th console. If you tally up those sales it's the worlds most popular controller.

LuditPRIME1699d ago

Remember how awesome the original daddy Nintendo contolle was. Then the snes blew me away with its controller. I have good memories of the snes. Thats the best and ive never had it broken too.

Ps3 cant be in the contest as the L2 and R2 buttons are horrendous
The rest I had no problems with being in the list.

360 pad wft is up with that d pad 10 years later and they fix it.

Gaming_Guru1699d ago

I've never had a problem with the R2/L2 my guess is because the Dual Shock's buttons are pressure sensitive so for racing games i like using the cross button for acceleration. As with action games like shooters, they do not require the player to press hard so it was either i was pressing to shoot or not, no in between setting.

Gaming_Guru1699d ago

I would have put:

- PlayStation 3
- Dreamcast
- Playstation Move
- Wii U
- Super Nintendo

People say the Dual Shock is bad for action games, but never had a problem, as appose to the d-pad of the XBOX 360. My guess the best controller will be Dual Shock 4 with the touch pad button.

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