GAME to Host Splinter Cell: Blacklist Lock-Ins this Week

GAME and Ubisoft are teaming-up to smuggle super agent Sam Fisher into the UK to give lucky gamers an exclusive opportunity to experience the latest instalment in the Splinter Cell series. The UK’s leading videogames specialist retailer will host a series of after-hours Lock-Ins in ten GAME stores across the UK this weekend.

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Bigpappy1669d ago

Ubi is really trying to re-establish SC. Al they really needed to do is go back to it's roots. I prefer this over Assassin's Creed but a mile, if they go back to the original gameplay focus (stealth, lock picking, alarms...).

xPhearR3dx1668d ago

Then you should probably watch some of their developer walkthroughs of levels. Conviction had stealth, but was action focused. Where Blacklist (at least from everything they've shown) can be pure stealth, pure action, or a bit of both. They're certainly going back to the roots in MP.

I have to say, aside from Ironside missing, this Splinter Cell games looks really damn good.

awesomeabe19981668d ago

Splinter Cell: Blacklist looks amazing. I bought Assassins Creed 3 and liked it but AC4 sounds pretty bad because of the pirate plot. Im not sure about you but I know a lot of people who don't like the ship missions and the ship in general.

I am going to love SC Blacklists MP because it allows you to play as both a spy and a merc. The SP campaign looks pretty awesome and am looking forward to buy Splinter Cell Blacklist.

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sephiroth4201668d ago

i cannot wait for this game! gotta be one of the best stealthy games there is, after playing hitman i felt a little restricted in everything i did, loosk the complete opposite with splinter cell, maybe i just prefer the style of splinter cell more, does anyone know which game stores do these lock ins? the ones ive seen in manchester dont look like they would even have to space to do that.