The Sony Syndrome: PS Vita's Biggest Problem

Punching Beta: "Is Sony’s console success the reason for their handheld devices’ failure? Sony have always enjoyed a successful run in the console gaming market with the PS1, PS2, and despite the lacklustre start of the PS3, Sony’s current generation console has still managed to outsell the Xbox 360 regardless of its high price and late entry (one year behind the Xbox 360 to be exact).

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iamnsuperman1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

The problem with the Vita is giving people a reason to get one in the first place. I hear the Vita has an amazing console to game attachment rate it just getting consumers to initially buy the thing which is the problem.

To be honest Sony can't compete with well known games like Pokemon who sell for the name (i.e people know what it is and would probably buy it regards of quality). What they need to do is release the system at a much lower cost because at the moment the 3DS has the price and big names like Pokemon in its favour.

Also release some stereotypical female and younger crowd games on the Vita to get them interested as I hear they make up the most of the user base when it comes to handheld gaming.

The PS4 PSV combination is a good idea from Sony but they need to have a bundle that is maximum $100 (preferably $50) more than the One's price of $499. It wouldn't seem so bad (price wise/value for money) when people are debating should they buy a One or a PS4 with Vita or just a PS4

Thehyph1676d ago

I like how your comment is better than the article in both content AND grammar.

Death1676d ago

Software drives hardware. Outside a small handfull of Vita specific games, there isn't much to buy it for. Sony needs a killer app and some fresh content on a regular basis. By fresh I don't mean ports either.

Even at a lower price, the Vita won't sell without the games to back it up. The proprietary memory isn't helping much either. High memory costs and mediocre software isn't a good combination. Plus isn't helping them on the software side of the business model either. If you have Plus and a Vita, not much incentive is left to actually buy software. With low software sales, development is less attractive to third parties.

Hopefully PS4 integration will make more give the Vita a second look.

Becuzisaid1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

This comment makes zero sense. There are a ton of games for Vita, hence the extremely high attach rate of software to hardware. The average Vita owner owns 10 games. That's extremely high, and wouldn't be true if the Vita did not have games.

You are correct about ports though. Sony needs to stop depending on ports of old games (though I would like a Sly trilogy collection for Vita). And the prooprietary memory is a huge problem as well, but was done to combat the overwhelming piracy on thee PSP.

Hicken1676d ago

You know, your argument is more compelling when you have some substance to it.

You say there aren't any games worth playing, then say that, thanks to Plus, there are no games worth buying. Somewhere in all that, there's an admission- not intentionally, of course- that the games on Plus are worth playing... otherwise, they wouldn't be worth downloading, and therefore wouldn't potentially cannibalize retail sales.

I wonder: why do you expect anyone to believe you, anyway, when your every Sony-related comment is a negative, even to the point of ignoring reality?

levian1676d ago

I bought a used vita a month or so back, and I have barely found any games for it. I got Uncharted and Gravity Rush off PS+ and that's keeping me busy, and I'll be getting Soul Sacrifice soon, it looks awesome.

But aside from those three games, there isn't much exclusive on the Vita. Almost all the games listed as the best games on Vita are indie games, which I could play much easier on PS3/PC, and much cheaper on PC.

The Vita needs games similar to the PSP - if they made a God of War and Final Fantasy for the Vita, I'd be a happy customer.

Death1676d ago

Hey guys,
I just picked up a Vita and renewed my subscription to Plus. What Vita specific non-ports are out there worth buying? Persona4 is the highest rated game on the system. I plan on picking it up as soon as I can find a retailer that has it, but it's not a system seller. Vita sales suck. If you guys don't think it's a lack of compelling software, what do you think it is? I hope not the price, because it is a very capable machine for the money.

tiffac0081676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

Well for me Gravity Rush and Soul Sacrifice are two original games that are worth getting on the Vita but you probably already have Gravity Rush downloaded via PS+.

I am also looking forward to the release of Toukiden and hopefully we also get a localization of God Eater 2, Mind=0 and Freedom Wars.

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adamandkate1676d ago

I agree entirely. My big issue is the cost of it. I have a 3ds and a 360. Ive preordered the ps4.

I want a vita but cant justify the cost, willing to swap my 3ds for a vita tho! :)

Its an expensive handheld, oh if only they offered a payment plan :P

sonicjam1676d ago

Used psvita are a lot more affordable than the new one lately.

Ilovetheps41676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

First off, that was a great, well thought out comment.

And I agree mostly with what you said. I keep hearing great things about the Vita. Everyone that has the Vita seems to enjoy it a lot. I just haven't bought one yet. The main reason is the price of the system. $250 is too much for me. I remember when the 3DS came out it wasn't selling well, but when the price was dropped it started flying off of the shelves. If Sony dropped the price of the system, I'd start considering buying the console.

Another huge issue of mine is the memory cards. The memory cards are just too expensive. I don't know why they chose to use a proprietary memory card instead of just using a standard one. I have PS+ on my PS3, so that means that I have many PSV games just sitting there waiting for me to play them. Having all of those games makes me want to buy a Vita, but then I just think how much it will cost to store those games, and I just decide not to buy the system.

And for the general audience, they definitely do need that system selling game. They have quite a few games that look good, but they don't have one that just stands out and makes people buy the system. They need their Pokemon game if you know what I mean.

I really do want a Vita, but I just don't like the pricing strategy of it. The handheld looks amazing though. They just need to give me a little more incentive to buy it. But once they do that, I will buy a Vita.

dcj05241676d ago

Yeah. When sony dropped the price in japan to $200 (conversion rates are a little messed up) it started selling a lot better. They dropped the price with a big software title (Soul Sacrifice ) coming very soon. The same happened witg toudoukien (spelled it completley wrong) the hardware sales spiked again. People want to buy the vita. If they dropped the price to $200 and a big game like a GTA V spinoff was coming in 2-3 weeks then hardware sales in the west would spike massivley.

GribbleGrunger1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

I agree, the hardware is great and the games are now there. I don't think it's a matter of Sony changing anything though, I think it's more a case of changing the public's perception, which isn't helped by some media outlets still complaining about it having 'no games'. Something that Vita fans find highly amusing.

Nintendo are Nintendo and ONLY Nintendo can get away with using the same characters and releasing similar games, year after year. This is how Disney cemented it's characters into history and it's how Nintendo have done it too. There's nothing wrong with that, before anyone complains ... Sony can't do that, and neither can Microsoft. They're always accused of 'milking' a franchise when they do, but ironically, that's the only way of establishing a system selling character.

Quite the dilemma.

MastaMold1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

@gribblegrunger, Very well said agreed with everything you wrote and as a Vita owner that's how I feel. The memory cards do need a price drop and Sony should bundle a 8gb card with every Vita at least my opinion. Also I hope Sony releases a 64gb memory card cause my 32gb is running out of space.

Sent from my Sony Xperia Z

Concertoine1676d ago

I wouldnt call nintendo's use of franchises "milking" per se. More like "riding". Mario kart could feature completely different characters, but they chose the established mario. The mario rpg games are very unique but replacing mario with other characters wouldnt change much. Theres only 2 major mario releases per console traditionally, a 3d platformer and a 2d one ( the wii is an exception with galaxy 2). The rest is all party and sports games that nintendo relies on the mario ip to sell.
A "milked" franchise ignores evolution and makes only aesthetic or trivial changes, then sees an annual or sub bi-anual release schedule. Namely the guitar hero games and COD, with assassins creed approaching milked territory.

rainslacker1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

Sony or MS could certainly milk a franchise if they wanted to. People damage done from the criticisms on the internet would be minimal to the mind share they'd receive in the way you're talking about.

Otherwise, I'm personally glad they don't milk a single franchise to much. Even when they do milk it's not overdone. Variety is the spice of life, and the Vita has system sellers now if you're into the kinds of games that are on the system. Thing is though, not everyone is into those games enough to justify the price of the system, or more likely the added cost of the the ridiculously priced memory cards.

BTW...I currently have 30 retail games, and a slew of PSP/PS1 downloads for my Vita, and desperately need another memory card, which I'll wait for a price drop for. A few of those 30 games I would consider system sellers for me.:)

Salooh1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

I disagree , Vita is cheap when you compare it to the smartphones and even if you see it expensive people won't go and buy it because it's cheaper ( Only few do that )

People will buy something because it interest them and how do you do that ?. By focusing in the core gamers not causal because casual have many options and most of them already have smartphones that can play these games. Vita right now is for casuals and look how it's doing. Vita+indies=just a smart phone without the feature of calling..

It need REAL MULTIPLATFORMS and A PLAN FOR EXCLUSIVES TO RELEASE GOOD AMOUNT OF THEM EVERY YEAR . Basically , it need to be a portable console and Remote control is a good step for a device like that. Price don't really matter when you eagerly want something. They need to make it useful and when they do that vita will be a cool thing that everyone want to get one..

Salooh1676d ago

I'm not saying it shouldn't get a price cut . I'm just saying the main problem is not the price. Same with the memories because games are not there to make me need to buy a memory so i don't care about the prices until they release games i'm interested in ..

3-4-51676d ago

Vita needs:

* Another Tactical RPG

* 2-3 turn based JRPG's with good stories and content.

* 1-2 solid FPS games with content and online multiplayer

* 2-3 3D Platformers that are good.

* PS Allstars # 2 with an actual good fighting idea and some actual good characters, instead of PS B-team.

* 1-2 solid to good sports games with content to last.

A lot of their decent to good games are kind if niche games and if they are more popular, they then screwed up 1-2 things that turns people off from the game.

The games they have are good 4th and 5th games but it hardly has any system sellers ( obviously ).

There are games I'd want to buy but not a ton and there isn't the ONE game I HAVE to have yet.

Another good JRPG (85-92/100 ) and it will sell better.

It seems to be "trending" in the right direction slowly and I think it will be a great system to have 4-5 years from now but it still needs more good games.

It has some on the way so we also need to be a little patient.

chestnut11221675d ago

I am Wondering Why Sony Let Crash Bandicoot be bought. It is one of their best sellers. Crash will really appeal to Younger Generations these days and can compete against Mario games.

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sherimae24131676d ago

just like what in the article says

*despite the lacklustre start of the ps3*

im pretty sure sony can turn the tables for the vita too, not in a term that it will beat the 3ds in sales, but to managed to make it user base grow and will continue to support it for a long time, specially it is integrated with ps4 ^_^

despite the psp's shameless piracy no one can say its a failed platform 70million userbase is no joke

Salooh1676d ago

I'm with you on the bad start point . I know that vita just needs more time but what's different about the vita is that it doesn't have multiplatforms support . PS3 multiplatforms made me busy until the ps3 started to stand in it's own feet but i don't get that in the vita. It's in my closet for a long time. I just test games in it then throw it back . I'm not really a fan of indies , only few makes me happy. The others are just childish and boring to me. I'm speaking in all platforms not just the vita..

sherimae24131676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

well people easily disregard the vita in games because they dont see anything that interests them and only few 3rd party games are announced.....

but actually that doesnt show all the games that are actually in development for the vita may it be 3rd party or sony owned
i knew a few people here knows whats on the pipeline but i guess people just need to wait for official announcements ^_^

those aaa games will come sooner than later

iceman061676d ago

I agree with this. Add to this the fact that Sony is essentially trying to battle with supporting several consoles. It's a difficult balancing act. I expect that once the PS4 is released, there will be a re-release campaign for the Vita...much like the refocus that they made with the PSP. I don't know if it will reach the 70 million sales as the PSP. But, it will continue to sell. Most people are really just waiting for a price drop.

rainslacker1676d ago

I think a lot of it has to do with marketing. I do believe that the Vita has several "system sellers" to many gamers, but outside the internet most people either don't know about it, or don't know about those games. Basically the system sellers aren't being advertised. They did a little of that when it first released, but the commercials here in the US were pretty lame.

Everyone I know that has used or seen my Vita wants one once they see some of the games I have for it. So far the only ones that haven't picked it up because of my own showing off have stayed away because I'm honest enough to tell them they should at the very least get a 16GB memory card, which makes the system rather expensive.

sherimae24131675d ago

true very true, the ordinary people is not aware to some or more of the games thats been released on the vita....

only its dedicated fanbase and core gamers can keep up on whats on the vita and its future releases...

sony is the only one who could adress this issues...

givemeshelter1676d ago

Price factor compared to the 3DS and big titles ON the 3DS happens to be a big hurdle for the Vita. Then when you add in Smartphone and Tablet mobile gaming that competes with the Vita's demographics of buyers, the Vita has a major uphill battle.
Nintendo does well on brand name alone for mobile gaming. Sony has to lower the cost of the Vita in line with the 3DS to compete and secure bigger name titles.
The Vita is such an amazing handheld.

Protagonist1676d ago

Just leave the site Troll.

shivvy241676d ago

If vita got a new daxter game then I will scream like a girl ! What vita needs are great AAA games like what we saw on the psp ! Vita has a good amount of games I want but it needs system sellers like an exclusive gran turismo , infamous , gta and games like daxter, clank ! Man I would love a proper resistance vita game !

Salooh1676d ago

Why when i say that people disagree with me -.- .

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