Titanfall Might Include Oculus Rift Support - Rumor

A dev kit for the popular virtual reality device has arrived in the Respawn office.

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devwan1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

Atari Jaguar dev kits landed at all kinds of studios 20 years ago, it didn't mean anyone actually made use of them to make games.

Letros1824d ago

Valve already added support in Source, the very engine Titanfall runs on. There's no need to get your fanboy panties in a bind, this would be for the PC version.

CRAIG6671824d ago

Indeed, although I imagine if it does come to consoles it won't be exclusive, I cant see Microsoft or Sony paying out huge $$$ dollars on what will be a MASSIVE risk at the end of the day. We core gamers may feel differently but at the end of the day it's the casual guys who are the majority and most of them will have little or no interest in a headset device that separates them from the rest of the household...

1824d ago
Godz Kastro1824d ago

This news geets a "whoa"... That would be sick. Only reason im interested in PC gaming right now. The Rift...

dcj05241824d ago

Yeah and sce has devkits in their office as does dice and epic games.

papashango1824d ago

all it took was a few hundred bucks during the kickstarter to get the dev kit. Doesn't mean anything really.