The Balcony – Bioshock Infinite vs The Last Of Us Roundtable Debate

This week on The Balcony:

On episode six of The Balcony, I am joined by Marc Washington of the Phoenix Project and Robert Clarke of the Level Zero Podcast. We start the show by comparing the impact of the stories from The Last of Us, Bioshock Infinite and The Walking Dead (no spoilers). Which companion character had the greater impact, was it Ellie, Clementine or Elizabeth? And why game play is the deciding factor it comes to telling a story in a video game.

As the discussion continues we debate the importance of PC gaming vs console gaming and why both have their merits, it is one conversation you do not want to miss!"

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NeXXXuS1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

Both are completely different types of games... Just play both and enjoy how good they both are. No need to debate.

Wni01746d ago

Theres no need for a debate. Bioshock is shit. Ok not that bad but is it really anything besides shooting and walking around wih elizabeth? You dont even get to do any awesome minigane hack puzzles.

IIC0mPLeXII1746d ago

Two different games the discussion is bullshit.

But let me say that to say Bioshock is just shooting is fucking retarded.
By that logic Last of Us is just a third person shooter with stealth elements.

Goes both ways.

Wni01746d ago

Uh huh. What can you do GAMEPLAY wise besides shoot or shoot plasmids at people?

In the Last of Us there are like 6 core gameplay mechanics Sneaking. Shooting. Crafting. Hand to hand combat. Puzzles etc etc. lol get out.

HammadTheBeast1746d ago

Come on now, I agree that The Last of Us is "better" (in my opinion), but Bioshock Infinite had an almost equally good storyline, almost equally memorable characters, and there's also the interaction with Plasmids, different weapons, and the skyline hooks.

Overall though, Infinite lacks a bit in game play, which is why The Last of Us wins.

Wni01746d ago

Oh shit i forgot you can press (a) and grab on a zip line! GameOfTheMilleniAaaaaaaaaaaa

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1746d ago
Thatguy-3101746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

If I was there I would have slapped the guy that said that The Last of Us has pissed poor story telling. -_- and then the one guy that complained that the last of us gameplay wasn't the same when they showed in the beginning but then raves how bioshock infinite was good. That game changed so much from what they showed in the beginning too.

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CrossingEden1746d ago

I prefer bioshock infinite because it's the more original of the two, last of us is just naughty dog cashing in on the zombie fad

IIC0mPLeXII1746d ago

There seems to be this direct aversion from one crowd to another. Both of these games are amazing experiences and really should be played and beaten to really weigh in on the discussion.

Both games made me get into the world, use my headset, turn the lights off, and take my time in the game.

One is not better than the other, and oversimplification of either game doesn't explain at all any point of view.

CrossingEden1746d ago

I don't recall saying that bioshock infinite is better than the last of us nor do I recall the rulebook saying that I can't prefer one or the other without writing a 1,000 word persuasive essay about it -_-

fsfsxii1746d ago

Showing your true colors, eh?
Bioshock infinite is the most overrated game of this gen next to GTA4.
The game was basically go there, shoot, jump, shoot on rails, chick gives you stuff, shoot more. Even bioshock 1 wasn't like that.
The atmosphere is no where near the first game. Side quests are meh. The story in general is really nothing special. Hell, i couldn't even beat the game. Bioshock 1 was really something, but Infinite... ugh.

IIC0mPLeXII1746d ago

The game is basically go here hid, hid hid, shoot shoot when you are gated, knock out knock out, collectible, collectible, collectible (which really breaks immersion by the way). Then new game plus to encourage keeping the game. OH you were talking about Bioshock not Last of Us ok sorry.

Didn't complete it on 99 either I am willing to bet.

HammadTheBeast1746d ago

They're not zombies.... in fact, the whole focus isn't even on the infected themselves, it's on the human interactions in this messed up world.

CrossingEden1746d ago

to all people who say they aren't zombies I refer you to these videos because you are all pretentious nuts

Imalwaysright1746d ago

The only thing those videos prove is that you haven't played TLoU and your "opinion" of the game is as worth as dirt. Like HammadTheBeast said there are no zombies in TLoU. Stupid troll that doesn't even know how troll is stupid.

Valkyre1746d ago

lots of sad trolls around here ... and seriously butthurt lol

they are amusing though

Allsystemgamer1746d ago

First of all they're not zombies. Second they're not even the focus of the game. 3rd you fight more human characters.

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thelaughingwiseman1746d ago

Both are great games, but they both have their flaws. I'd rate them both 9/10.

InTheLab1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

Edit: *********minor spoilers*******

I think these people in this podcast are lying about Bioshock Infinite's AI and gameplay.

One of the guys complains about Ellie as an AI partner but has no issue with Elizabeth who is a less capable Ellie. He claims Ellie is on the rails but Elizabeth is dynamic.

Someone explain that to me, because Elizabeth is good for conversation and unlocking doors. And everything she does is scripted. She doesn't just randomly choose to start dancing with beach goers. Ellie, on the other hand, will hide or stab someone if she has too. Elizabeth is undetectable for the bulk of the game or until the scripted songbird events. Ellie can and will be attacked during combat but is invisible during stealth so it won't feel like a long escort mission. ND HAD to do that. Irrational CHOSE to make Elizabeth ineffective.

Also, they both talk about TLoU failing to deliver what was promised. I admit the AI won't go about scavenging for items to use against you like in the early builds, but that's about it. It's still a game of balancing force with stealth. Nothing has changed.

Bioshock Infinite is not the same game we were promised. If the game were terrible, which it is not, we'd be calling for Ken Levine's head like we're doing for Randy Pitchford at Gearbox, with Aliens. Elizabeth is quite worthless in this game and is only good for opening doors, portals to puddles,and handing you nickels. In the early builds we were shown right up until release, She can't levitate you, open up portals and use a bus to smash into enemies, or combine abilities with Booker to increase his power.

Because she can't combine powers with Booker, his powers end up weaker than the protagonists of B1 and B2. So you lose all of the tactical gameplay from previous games and don't even get to use Elizabeth in any meaningful way.

Lastly, Infinite is a shooting gallery. The final battle is basically horde mode. There are no other ways to complete the game other than shooting people. You can't set up a room full of traps and lure a handyman into them, because the gameplay has been dumbed down from previous entries in the series. Even the weapon upgrades, which use to be stat based and cosmetic, are now all stats, as well as the fact that all the weapons have Vox/columbia pallet swapped are hold no differences.

In the Last of Us, there's only a handful of cases where you can't just stealth by everything. If you don't want to fight the last group of soldiers at the end, you don't have to. You don't want to waste ammo on the tunnel full of infected, you don't have to. You don't want to deal with David's men? Don't. Yes there are times when the game demands action. It would be pointless to have an upgrade system without a way to test if you are making proper upgrade decisions.

I don't know what the guy in the podcast was on about with the latest Splinter Cell because I guarantee there will be sections where you must defend yourself when enemies are already aware of your presence . Guess what? All stealth games do it.

TLoU- 9.5
Bioshock Infinite- 8

That's my opinion.

ONESHOTV21746d ago

i can see all the trolls here that never played bioshock infinite... dudes plz stop trolling all some of u do is talk shit about the game u never play... i finished the game loved it confusing story yes but once u sit and think about it u will figure the story out...... and as i said before that any game thats made by naughty dog people will say its the best thing that came out and nothing is better plz shut the hell up it not that good... try the game on pc u will enjoy it better

InTheLab1746d ago

How exactly does the game improve on Pc aside from frame rate and resolution? Does Elizabeth get any new abilities? No...ok.

ONESHOTV21746d ago

dude have u seen how the game looks on the pc compare to the ps3 and xbox and yes graphics do make games like these way better 60 frames with no lags come on man....but what ever u play bioshock infinite on it is still the best..... running on my GTX 675MX...

Wni01746d ago

How stupid are you? Infinite is about a mature as a zach snyder movie. Its a shooter nothing more.

ONESHOTV21745d ago

are u talking to me lol i don't talk people that never played bioshock infinite plz play the game before u reply to me.... and next time check your sentences be replying

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