Sales Numbers Higher than Ever on Steam says Indie Devs

Mike Bithell, creator of Thomas Was Alone tweeted some interesting insights into the sales figures of Steam content during the summer sale. It seems sales might be going through the roof. The Steam sale is less than 24 hours old, ...

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Vip3r1713d ago

Steam should really promote more mobile games. Give EA more competition.

ExCest1713d ago

Mobile? Steam doesn't do mobile at all though (save for their mobile app).

3-4-51713d ago

Hardly any RPGS on there. Nice sale though.

ifritAlkhemyst1713d ago

A lot of good indie's get packaged in bundles with other, less interesting ones. It's not surprising that they would all fawn over these sales.

Rubberlegs1713d ago

There actually hasn't been any indie bundle deals like the past sales have had. Indie games like Thomas Was Alone are going for upwards of 75% off so they are pretty cheap. Some of them have trading cards too which some people will buy just for the cards and badges you can earn from them.

ifritAlkhemyst1713d ago

I hadn't realized that. I pretty much own every indie game I currently want and just assumed it was the same as last years, and even GOG's this year.

Timesplitter141713d ago

Borderlands 2 for 10$

the deals are out of this world

dasbeer881713d ago

It's Christmas in July!! :D

despair1713d ago

and black Friday will be even bigger.

Benjammin251713d ago

Good. Steam is a great service. I love my ps3 and all, but when the steam sales roll around, i only have eyes for my laptop.

LAWSON721713d ago

Oh no, PC gaming is dying!

starchild1713d ago

I know, it's been dying for 2 decades. lol

It's funny because PC gaming has actually been growing dramatically. There are more PC gamers than ever and there is more money being made on PC than all three home consoles combined (according to several different sources I have checked).