New Project Aces Game Gets a Teaser Site: New Ace Combat Set in the Classic Fictional Setting?

Today Namco Bandai opened a new teaser site for the “new Project Aces title", confirming that a new game from the studio behind the ace combat series is incoming.

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NatureOfLogic1385d ago

Please go back to the classic settings. I was really hoping for a true Ace Combat this gen, but AC was call of duty'd like every other game this gen.

Abriael1385d ago

Repeat with me: "Please be Strangereal... Please be Strangereal... Please be Strangereal... Please be Strangereal... Please be Strangereal..."

Tru_Blu1385d ago

Agree totally. I really like the old ones but one taste of the demo this gen and it was no thanks.

Xof1385d ago

Wish no. 1: Strangereal setting w/ AC5/AC0-tier narrative
Wish no. 3: Playstation 4

Ace Combat is literally the -only- game I desperately want to see photo-real.

Elit3Nick1385d ago

I actually wouldn't mind if they made a sequel or remake of ace combat 3, the futuristic elements added a different feel then all the other modern day games. BTW I would also expect a xbox version, unless you meant you want it to be next-gen.

Xof1385d ago

Yeah, next-gen. It's going to be a PS/XB multiplatform regardless.

I just don't like mentioning the Xbox One because it's got such a stupid name, and people get confused when I call it Xbox 3.

Elit3Nick1385d ago

Lol ya I get what you mean. If it ends up truly being next gen, I hope the ground textures aren't muddy and that buildings can be destroyed

Abriael1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

I second, third and fourth that. Too bad i can hit agree only once.

And yeah, it'll be 99% multiplatform. More Strangereal for everyone!

Qrphe1385d ago

This teaser perfectly falls into my hype bag because I JUST beat Shattered Skies last month lol

tiffac0081385d ago

Return to "Classic Fictional Setting" is music to my ears.

RememberThe3571385d ago

Talk about a series that fell off. I'm a huge Ace Combat fan, I've got all the PS2 and PSP games but last two for console have been turds. If they can refind their footing I'll gladly give them 60 bones for a true Ace Combat.

lsujester1385d ago

I'd love something closer to what Shattered Skies and Unsung War were. Damn, I miss classic Ace Combat.

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The story is too old to be commented.