Ace Combat Teaser Website Promises "The Third Strike"

Dealspwn reports: "Project Aces' recent teaser site has been updated to display "here comes the third Strike." "

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FITgamer1804d ago

Love Ace Combat, hope this comes to PS4.

Reborn1804d ago

Hopefully, its a step back in the right direction.

Can't wait to see it.

NatureOfLogic1804d ago

"With luck, it will blend Assault Horizon's visceral gameplay with the series' Sci-Fi Strangereal setting."

Booo..... Just forget about AH entirely and go back to the Strangereal formula.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1804d ago

Get rid of the choppers

The close range machine gun mode (whatever they call it) could still be useful if tweaked a bit.

Maddens Raiders1804d ago

Oh dear God. *tears roll* I've been waiting for a proper return to Ace Combat since 2006. Anyone who knows me on this site knows I've been pining for a /proper/ continuation of the Belkan War since AC0. With PS4 being the defacto NG platform this time around my dreams might have finally come true. Now only if Cellius weren't a dream either. Day one.

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