Outdated Guidelines for Australia's Rating System

You may have heard that games such as Saints Row IV and State of Decay have been banned within Australia, a move that has players world wide in an uproar.

Why does the country come down so hard on games it deems to be unsuitable for all players, and what standards does it use to hand down a "Refused Classification" rating?

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JohnnyBadfinger1714d ago

Fucken hell they love treating us like babies in this country. These old decrepit fools need to leave politics... Actually there should be an age cap on politics, the over 40s should be put out to pasture

RBlue_Desire1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

Over 60. 40 is young.... for not being a politician.

Gamers_United1713d ago

This is disgusting and I am sick of it