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Titanfall Runs At A Solid 60fps, Features Tons of Graphical Effects

Some new details on Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall have come to light. The game runs at a solid 60fps as revealed by the developer and it is fully V-Synced. That means you’ll never see a torn frame on the screen. (PC, TitanFall, Xbox One)

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Kingthrash360  +   822d ago
not trollig...honest question here:
do they mean on pc AND xb1? pc I can believe...but xb1....not so much...we haven't seen it running on xb1 yet....we have on nvidia powerd pc (pc's with more power than than the xb1 btw) and I seriously doubt xb360 unless its scaled down .....again legit question....no trolling.
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allformats  +   822d ago
Titanfall on at E3 was ran on a PC, not Xbox One... We will not know the game's true performance until it is released next year.

So I'm not buying the headline. Not yet.
Kingthrash360  +   822d ago
that what I ment....on pc at e3 ...not xb1...xb1 wasn't truly showcased at e3 or the reveal...thats scary because it releases in november but wasn't ready for e3.... that tells me it is being rushed like the 360 was and will probably lead to some hardware problems...I hope it goes well for them but ps4 is my pick and this is one reason why.
Godmars290  +   822d ago
There's suppose to be actual console systems at Gamescom - not dev kits or modded PC but actual consoles - so we're more than likely to hear about that.
brodychet  +   822d ago
TitanFall is the Only XB1 Exclusive game I want on Ps4. That and probably that new Plants vs Zombies game. Garden Warfare.
truthteller  +   822d ago

Titanfall isn't an XB1 exclusive. For next-gne i'm having a PS4 and my PC. Still not getting Titanfall. Have a feeling it'll turn out to be CoD and everyone will hate it in a few years,
malokevi  +   822d ago
Cant wait for this game, in spite of all you... impartial doubters? Lol

Anyone who doesn't have a PC or an XB1 will be missing out on a fantastic experience.
hazardman  +   822d ago
@ truthteller
Its exclusive to Xbox One console,Xbox 360 and PC.
ThanatosDMC  +   822d ago
^I would want Dead Rising 3:COD on the PS4... but we cant have everything. I'll probably get it on PC when it comes out.
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Army_of_Darkness  +   822d ago
Interesting, but..
Yeah they didn't specify what platform they were talking about....
SilentNegotiator  +   822d ago
Forget the framerate for a second...will it even be 1080p native? 60fps on a nextgen console wouldn't be impressive on a much lower resolution.
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nukeitall  +   822d ago
The fact that most of MS first party games are all 1080p running at 60fps is positive.

If it is running on Xbox one of PC, nobody knows as the article itself points out:

"Titanfall achieves a perfect 60fps reading from start to finish, but it's not clear from which hardware this demo is being played. Repeat frames are totally non-existent throughout, making for faultlessly smooth play even during manic, explosive confrontations between Titans."

"It remains unconfirmed whether this is running on bona fide Xbox One hardware, or if the Xbox controller prompts seen on-screen are simply a show of gamepad support for the PC version."

So the button indicators suggest Xbox One, but nobody confirmed.

However, even the PS4 doesn't really have 1080p and 60fps games:

"When it comes to the state of software development on PS4, the situation as it stands is surprising. On the one hand, freely playable first-party titles such as Knack and DriveClub suffer from noticeable frame-rate stutters down from 30fps, while on the other, "hands off" demos for the new Infamous and Assassin's Creed games appear to run without a perceptible hitch. This is in stark contrast to the playable software confirmed to be running direct from Xbox One hardware, such as Forza Motorsport 5 and Killer Instinct, which benefit to no end for targeting the 1080p60 gold standard, and largely succeed in doing so."


So I don't know....
turgore  +   822d ago
Why is it so hard to believe that the game can run at 60fps ? It doesn't even look that amazing graphically and we don't know that it runs at 1080p.
Considering that battlefield 4 will run at 60fps on consoles, I don't see how Titanfall can't.
MS fanboys are one delusional bunch, if the game can run at 60 frames on x1 then that means that the game would run at 60 frames on the ps4 too. Fanboys need to face it, anything x1 can do, ps4 can do better. And Titanfall dosent even look impressive graphically, it just looks like a slightly higher res current gen game to me. 1080/60 doesnt mean the game will look impressive on these systems, it just mean they've probably lowered alot of the graphic quality in order to achieve it. And the ps4 would be far more capable of achieving 1080/60 then x1 would be
thechosenone  +   822d ago
"there's more sub-pixel shimmering and rough edges than any other game on show, which suggests this may not be a full-blown 1080p title in its current state."

bwahahahaha! Next-gen my @zz.
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nukeitall  +   822d ago

"Titanfall on at E3 was ran on a PC, not Xbox One... We will not know the game's true performance until it is released next year."

Actually it isn't clear if it is PC or Xbox One, but the reports are good that Titanfall will be rock solid 60fps that is considering:

That most of the first party games on Xbox One were running on 60fps at 1080p, whereas the PS4 were running at 30fps:

"When it comes to the state of software development on PS4, the situation as it stands is surprising. On the one hand, freely playable first-party titles such as Knack and DriveClub suffer from noticeable frame-rate stutters down from 30fps, while on the other, "hands off" demos for the new Infamous and Assassin's Creed games appear to run without a perceptible hitch. This is in stark contrast to the playable software confirmed to be running direct from Xbox One hardware, such as Forza Motorsport 5 and Killer Instinct, which benefit to no end for targeting the 1080p60 gold standard, and largely succeed in doing so."


Eurogamer discusses Xbox One games running on Xbox One at 1080p 60fps:


@The Real Peter Moore:

There is a lot more to a console than just memory bandwidth and flops. It is about optimizing the hardware for the task (in this case games) and the maturity of said hardware.

The PS3 is a perfect example of this as its memory bandwidth far exceeded the Xbox 360 and also had more flops, but it's games didn't show this.

Specs can lie depending on what you use the hardware for!

In fact, these specs are often times theoretical specs, not real life specs. For that, you will have to wait and see.
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HateFanboys  +   818d ago
The games aint running at 60 fps because on the ps4 because they are graphically way more ambitious than what x1 is doing. KI really? thats a xbla arcade game, what else would you expect and all fighting games run at 60fps this gen, heck Tekken Revolution runs at 1080/fps and that was done years ago. And forza, really? GT5 already runs at 1080/60 (i know its not 1920 but 1280). Talking about specs like 1080/60 means nothing, cuz if thats the case then Ridge Racer runs at 1080/60, so right there, its matching the x1. The PS4 is a technically more powerful system, period! anyway you cut it. So if x1 can do a certain game at 1080/60 then the ps4 can do it to and better. Im going to laugh when these MS fanboys realize the truth. Such suckers!
GodGinrai  +   822d ago
Im pretty sure its 60FPS on X1 too. they would not have stated that at a MS e3 press conference otherwise. And given the the COD creators consider 60FPS as an integral part of the way they design their games I would assume that even the X360 version runs at 60FPS.

Also..lets not forget that the game runs on source engine and uses DX11. im sure detail will be scaled back on the X360 to maintain that 60FPS. But

I see no reason why the X1 wont run it as we saw it at E3 albeit with a little more polish given that the game is not out till next yet and Im pretty sure they will be working on the game from now till then.

Respawn know what they are doing. They would not have agreed to giving MS exclusivity, if the X1 was not going to play the game as they intended.
medman  +   822d ago
Maybe it's me, but as my gaming tastes have become more refined, I need more than point and shoot. I need a compelling story. A multiplayer only fragfest does nothing for me. Nothing at all.
Salooh  +   822d ago
It's called next generation console so it will be really easy to max the game. We will see games better in ps4/pc after at least 2 years but right now games will be the same in all hardwares..

I agree with medman , But not only in this game , Games are much easier for me , Judging from launch games i don't think it will be the same as the start of this generation which i found more interesting / challenging / fun and more time consuming then NG games.

I played resistance 1 for like 1 or 2 years none stop , same with many others , but when i look at the NG launch games i already feel like i mastered them xD .
humbleopinion  +   822d ago
You are correct about the 60fps assumption. They even mentioned that the reason they chose the Source engine in the first place was because of how it was capable to run at 60fps not only on the X360 but even on the PS3 (before they entered into exclusivity deal)
nukeitall  +   822d ago

Gamers said the exact same thing this gen with Xbox 360 and PS3.


Titanfall does have a single player campaign, but I think Quantum Break would be a better game for you.

Deep compelling story line that is transmedia. That is one my most anticipated games shown for next generation!

@The realness:

"Respawn know what they are doing. They would not have agreed to giving MS exclusivity, if the X1 was not going to play the game as they intended."

MS was the only one that could let Respawn do what they wanted, considering they went to both MS and Sony about their cloud needs and only MS could give an answer.

In addition, Respawn should in theory be agnostic to whichever platform you choose as they get you money either way, but Respawn clearly said the Xbox One version is going to have more "niceties"!
GodGinrai  +   821d ago
@ nuketail

Your correct..But I didnt want to mention the cloud stuff in case any PS fans get their panties in a twist. Funny how that works, respawn said their game will benefit from the cloud but on N4G that transalates to "MS paid them to say that".

I just couldnt be bothered to go into ALL the reasons respawn chose the X1. I dont want to argue with some of these crazies on N4g over it. Id rather they took it up with respawn on their own forums.

EDIT: @medman if you really appreciate a good story, watch a good film man or start going to the theatre. Story telling at its finest. I am NOT being sarcastic when I say that.
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malokevi  +   822d ago
"Little is held back in the realm of effects work either. To our count, there’s full-screen motion blur, lens flares, plus high grade alpha for sparks, smoke plumes trailing behind rockets, and no restraints on particles spraying from ruined Titan foes – though again, physics-based action seems minimal outside of crumbling machinery.”

Excuse me, I need to go to the restroom.

windblowsagain  +   822d ago
I would think 1080p at 60fps. It's the source engine.
Belking  +   822d ago
lol at you not believing this game will run that way on xb1.You guys really don't know anything about hardware.
The game will run like that on xb1 also. You guys keep believing the xb1 is weak but you are wrong.
DragonKnight  +   822d ago
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malokevi  +   822d ago

I dont see why that's neessary...

There certainly isn't any proof to the contrary.

Considering that this is a launch title, on a console with ample room for growth, I think its safe to say that Titanfall could be optimized to run smoothly on either next-gen machine or PC.

The horsepower is there. If you don't think that the same is true of the Xbox One, then you are deluding yourself.
DragonKnight  +   822d ago
@malokevi: So basically what you're saying is that Belking is right because there is no proof saying that he's wrong while at the same time saying that proof that he's right is unnecessary?

X1 fan logic.

MikeMyers in 3...2...
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malokevi  +   822d ago
Lol. Yeah, I guess, if you just completely ignore the second, much larger and evidently more important half of my post.

Which is not surprising. Seems ignorance is the only way for the PS4 faithful to get by.

No matter. At the end of the day, you will realize your mistakes. Whether you want to admit it or not, we have on our hands two highly capable gaming machines.
DragonKnight  +   822d ago
@malokevi: I didn't ignore the second part of your post, it's simply a reworded restatement of what Belking is saying. Though you're correct that there is no evidence to say that it ISN'T running at 60FPS, there's no proof that it is either and simply regurgitating specs means nothing.

X1 fan logic.

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specialguest  +   822d ago
Why would Respawn Ent mean PC?
In almost all cases, PC versions of a game never had to announce that it can run at 60fps, because it's common knowledge that unlike the consoles, the PC can achieve this frame rate if you have the right hardware. 60fps on PC is not even news. So it makes more sense that they're talking about the XB1 performance.
JackBNimble  +   822d ago
Like you said "if you have the right hardware" , you'll need a highend GPU to run Titanfall smooth at 60fps with out dropping frame rates.
PersonMan  +   821d ago
Consoles can easily achieve 60 frames per second on ANY game, but it's up to the developer whether they want more effects/resolution/lighting/ph ysics. Depending on what look the developer is going for, they might decide that a target of 30fps is worth it for a better looking game or better physics.

On PC on the other hand... what ever you're willing to spend on hardware is up to you. If you want to run any game at 60fps, you're going to have to either upgrade your computer so that it exceeds what the game needs in order to reach the 60fps goal, or you'll have to turn down graphical settings until 60fps is reached.
CaulkSlap  +   821d ago
There's no such thing as solid 60fps on any PC game. It depends entirely on your hardware setup. Drives me nuts to see people talk about frames per second like it's some kind of magic number.
ame22  +   822d ago
There is nothing here for me to believe that can't be done on current gen.
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Godmars290  +   822d ago
It is being done on current gen. There's suppose to be a 360 version in development.
ame22  +   822d ago
What I meant is that I don't see the next-gen sauce in there. It looks like it's running on a 360. So the PR guys can spare me the bs about how the game is only possible on One because of the integration of cloud.
dark-hollow  +   822d ago

It doesn't look that great compared to other next gen only games because it will also release on a current gen console.
Godmars290  +   822d ago
Have really yet to see "next-gen sauce" in any PS4/XB1 game announced.
GodGinrai  +   822d ago

I would agree from a point of graphics. But as games, A lot of them showed promise as far as being good solid gaming experiences.
ame22  +   822d ago
When grass or trees don't even animate I don't think you need to look that far.
dark-hollow  +   822d ago
I agree, although I think we've seen hints of next gen true potential with games like FFXV and killzone shadow fall.

The better IQ is very welcomed. Ugly jaggies were very apparent in current generation.
Campy da Camper  +   822d ago
The new Infamous gameplay looks pretty saucy to me.
webeblazing  +   822d ago
its not like this game is graphically impressive it looks like cod with mechs its not a bad thing but lets not hype up this game like its a graphic power house
Smoovekid  +   822d ago
The game has not been shown on the Xbox one.
vickers500  +   822d ago
Can't wait for this game to come to ps4 in a year or two (post launch that is).
Foxgod  +   822d ago
If you are right, then enjoy it by then.
True_Samurai  +   822d ago
Don't hold your breath
latincooker214  +   822d ago
hey its FAKE ninja like always Xbot POWER go ninja go ninja GO lol
True_Samurai  +   822d ago
^^^ The butthurt is strong in this child
CrimsonStar  +   822d ago

hey its a Sony fan boy on yet another Xbox article AWSOME!!!!!
Foxgod  +   822d ago
Its likely that they are talking about the X1 version here, as the devs themselves said that the XB1 is the target platform.

To me it doesnt matter much tho, i am not high on online shooters.
I am more excited about the fullhd 60fps smoothness that forza5 will deliver.
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CrimsonStar  +   822d ago
I'm the opposite I love me some online shooters . Hoping this one will be different from call of duty and battlefield so I can branch out a bit .
JackVagina  +   822d ago
graphics rnt even that impressive
badkolo  +   822d ago
what you smoking boy
ame22  +   822d ago
Expected when you're using a modified source engine.
CrimsonStar  +   822d ago
You're not that impressive
FrigidDARKNESS  +   822d ago
The game is runnin 60fps on Xbox one and PC. Respawn Ent. Did show the xbox one version running on the console at e3 .
quenomamen  +   822d ago
60 FPS means nothing on next gen consoles, theyre essentially mid level gaming PCs not Atari 2600s
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   822d ago
So many gamers now a days all I hear are graphics this graphics that.

I'll stay old school and play games for how good the gameplay and story telling is. I could give two sht about how pretty it is, it's like a woman some may be hot as hell but then you find out they make you want to kick a baby because of personality same rule applies.

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Frodosmugins  +   822d ago
Nice hype but not impressed by what I have read and seen for this game!
ExitToExisT   822d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
Pascalini  +   822d ago
Titanfall is my most wanted game
chamber  +   822d ago
The article just took all the positive things from digital foundry's analysis and totally chucked the rest of the article. Kinda weird to just copy paste chosen parts from another website.
Wni0  +   822d ago
I honestly dont think it looked that impressive graphically, muddy low res textures and a low polygon count compared to the other next gen games.
quenomamen  +   822d ago
Made by the original Infinity Ward, says it all.
rmw2hot  +   822d ago
This was the Most overrated game at E3. I don't want this game ps4 I'm sticking with Killzone Shadow fall a true next gen game that's not a call of duty clone.
dark-hollow  +   822d ago
"This game (that happens to be not on the ps4) is overrated. Now let me tell how another game (that happens to be exclusive to the ps4) is awesome"
SatanSki  +   822d ago
If that crap doesnt run @60 fps it means they fucked up engine. The game looks like 360/ps3 game.
GodGinrai  +   822d ago
The best vid of the game at the moment. watch in chrome to see it running at 60 HZ.

nikrel  +   822d ago
The whole exclusive stuff is BS, this is a multi platform game IMO, it is coming to pc.......
Exclusive examples:
Infamous second son
Belking  +   822d ago
yea, it's multiplatform but it's only on MS platforms.
Underworld  +   821d ago
Exactly, it's multiplat. It's on multiple devices. So Xbox fanboys need to stop calling it an exclusive. Stop trying to change the meaning of exclusive. Exclusive has always meant being on one device only.
B1uBurneR  +   822d ago
Sony fans are just ridiculous... but I understand I guess I would feel the same if my console brand was sh!!!ted on for most of the last 7 years... good stuff to know about Titanfall sounds like a full all out action packed brawl
Npugz7  +   822d ago
It is definitely coming to PS4 it's just a matter of time! Microsoft has it for one year only! Respawn can't talk about a PS4 version while its under the contract!
Belking  +   822d ago
maybe it is coming to ps4, but guess what as of right now the game will debut on xbox -one, xbox360 for the consoles versions. This is huge and if it turns out to be a hit it may take longer to see on ps3. I don't think their will ever be a ps3 version.
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   822d ago
@burner, plz explain how Sony has been shat on for past 7 years? Because last time I checked....

- ps3 outsold 360 worldwide
- ps3 has more exclusives
- ps3 has better exclusives ( better scoring and more media acclaim)

^ more like Sony has beat Microsoft, not dominated but beat.

Don't even make me start with last gen how Microsoft got trashed by Sony
Funantic1  +   822d ago
The playstation brand did come out way before Xbox. Xbox had to try to win over PS1 and PS2 users. For Xbox to dominate Nintendo and become strong competition for Playstation is remarkable.
PFFT  +   822d ago
Took them long enough. PS3 started over taking the 360 close to the end of this Gen. The years before that the 360 was shitting all over your precious PS3. Ohh and those so called Exclusives are one hit wonders. Great titles BUT they arent titles people play for too long. They arent within the scope of Halo or Gears of War in terms of replayablility.
GoodnessGreatness  +   822d ago
The PS3 came out after a year when Xbox did and was at a higher price tag. One hit wonders? Uncharted got game of the year, The Last of Us getting 10/10's. The reason why the replayability of Halo and Gears is high because that's only games Xbox 360 has worth playing.
Underworld  +   821d ago
PS3 has been outselling 360 worldwide for years. One hit wonders? Yeah okay, you keep telling yourself that. You play your Halo and Gears, while we enjoy the diverse range of great PS3 exclusives.
Underworld  +   821d ago
Agreed. Vote him down all you want, but everything he said is true.
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dethpuck  +   822d ago
The trolls come out again. Why trash everything related to x1. Are people getting x1 trashing every ps4 game thread? If the trolls aren't getting an x1 great. I won't have to play with them. I'm setting my smart match to no kids and no whining
quenomamen  +   822d ago
Yea, enjoy playing with all the road scholars on Ghosts next year.
Funantic1  +   822d ago
I don't believe the X1 or PS4 will sell like the 360 or PS4. Now there are way more cheaper gaming alternatives. The next gen will be more for the hardcore gamers instead of casual players.
#22 (Edited 822d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
NeoTribe  +   822d ago
What are these alternative gaming choices you speak of, and do not say smartphone games?
Funantic1  +   821d ago
Google is going into the gaming console business. Google believes that Apple is secretly planning to also. Apple has just hired an engineer just for "special projects" Apple is so secretive that it can't be confirmed but Google is trying to beat them to it first anyway. Then there's the Ouya game console. Then there's Nvidia's Project Shield. Plus Valve is bringing Steam (Steambox) to televisions. Then there's Onlive who might be struggling but still there. Then there's Gamestick. And still mobile games are making a killing with cheap games. Controllers are being made now, something that held back mobile games from really booming. EA said the next tablets will have PS3's graphics. Mobile apps are expected to hit $37 billion by 2015 with games leading the way. Angry Birds is only 99 cents but grossed over $150 million. Gameloft copies every console game they can and their games look better each time. Modern Combat is growing in popularity. As soon as controllers come out for online multiplayer that's when things will really take off. All these options either didn't exist or wasn't too popular when the PS3 and 360 first came out. Everything I listed is not even all of it. I could go on and on. Even Forbes magazine had an article on slumping PS3 game sales. But read this link and see how sales of console games fell 27% in 2012 due to other options.


#22.1.1 (Edited 821d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
NeoTribe  +   821d ago
Ouya is pretty much dead on arrival, goodle is interesting if they really are making a console. Steambox is kinda interesting if it could stream any new or old game at max pc settings and still run smooth without lag. I don't understand why a mobile device remote would be huge... If your going to do that then its hardly portable anymore and you midas well buy a console, plus who wants to be "that idiot" on the train with a game remote hooked to there mobile phone... Talk about never getting laid. I hope to god apple never makes a console like you mentioned.. Microsoft is pretty much starting to play there greedy games, we don't need 2 apples in the gaming community. The google console is very interesting though, never heard of that. Even so, the ps brand has been around along time, and there extremely talented in the hardware department, so I don't see them going anywhere. Microsoft and Nintendo I could see dropping from the race if it got oversaturated. Sony has worldwide respect, Microsoft is more respected in the us, but they have been losing ground for awhile, not just in xbox but there horrible windows versions, windows tablets nobody wants. Just have to wait and see I suppose.
supraking951  +   822d ago
I'll wait maybe for the time exclusive deal to end then ill get it on PS4.
This game is made by ex CoD members...last time i heard CoD was overrated and the same thing every year...Sorry these guys need better credentials than that to impress me.
SIRHC13  +   822d ago
Considering this is from the minds behind COD4, I wouldn't be surprised by a push for 60 FPS. Should be the standard for most games these first few years.
cunnilumpkin  +   822d ago
whats the native resolution??

if its under 1920x1080p I would rather have 30 frames v-synced!

honestly, i'll most likely just get the pc version and play in native 2560x1600, that looks SO much better than 1080p!

and I kind of doubt it'll even be 1080p on xbox1

many games next gen will fall short of native 1920x1080
#25 (Edited 822d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
quenomamen  +   822d ago
Reality check, these guys (the original Infinity Ward) crapped out COD for years and if Acti hadnt of double crossed them they would be putting the finishing touches on their Mutt for Ghosts. So forgive me for not getting moist for this game. What now all of a sudden theyre the best Devs in the game ? There is no game coming out on the X1 worth me dropping $500 for an underpowered cable box that MS did a 180 on.
horndog  +   822d ago
Can't wait for this bad boy. Like he said at e3, the best version will be the x1 version due to cloud. By best I hope he meant 60 and 1080p on x1 too. I don't doubt it.
NeoTribe  +   822d ago
Microsoft paid ea huge money for early exclusivness, do you really think there gonna say the ps4 version is better? The proof that there lieing is in the fact that there is no way in hell the x1 version is better than the pc version. Get your head out of microsofts cloud, theres nothin special in it. Its a pr tactic to persuade the ignorant, which in your case worked. Dont respond unless you can tell me how the x1 version will be better than the pc version.
NeoTribe  +   822d ago
Whats with the 60fps hardon people have lately... The game isnt graphically impressive so i would hope it runs at 60fps... Its not even an interesting looking game. Tired of all these sci fi robot fps bullshit. Prolly wont be able to try it considering i cant rent pc games but this is def not on my list to play. I have a feeling the only reason people are even talking about this game is because xbots still think this is there exclusive title of the century. You guys neex to realise its made by ea and they will release it on ps4 on a later date. Even than if its out on pc, thats the platform to get it on if you can run it.
Thunderhawkxbox  +   822d ago
Seriously I'm getting pissed off with Sony fan boys they act like a idiot and saying stupid stuff in Xbox one articles.
Because titanfall not coming on shittystation 4 they saying its crap and it won't run 60p on Xbox one get over with ur stupid useless life do something better instead of coming online saying crap about Xbox one
hairy  +   822d ago
Can't wait for the 6hr single player campaign and the trickle down, overpriced multiplayer maps. wee /sarcasm
sorry, it's just CoD with mech suits. not interested
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