Valve Has a Gamescom Booth, Game(s) to Reveal

CraveOnline writes: "Valve is attending this year's Gamescom. I know, you're probably saying it attends every year, but this time is different."

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US8F1601d ago (Edited 1601d ago )

Come on valve, we have waited long enough. Blow us away, and only a half life game is capable of taking out all the competition that is releasing this year.

Xenomorph1601d ago

Announcing it would be a better start before we talk about releases.

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iamlegend99991601d ago

Ok, maybe your blowing that out of proportion. There are a lot of games releasing this year that could destroy the next half life. But i am eagerly waiting for the next one. Valve is taking to long <.<

adorie1600d ago

A Half-Life 3 and source 2 reveal would blow me away.

madpuppy1600d ago

Knowing Valve, they will reveal either a side scrolling Half Life tribute game or a top down comic based Half Life game like criterion did with burnout: crash!.

that reminds me, why is it when people are screaming for a new Burnout, Criterion releases that stupid burnout:crash! download title that no one wanted?? do they want to piss people off??

RedDeadLB1600d ago

You got a new Burnout game, it's called Need for Speed Most Wanted ;)

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1600d ago

I dont even care about half life 3 anymore. If it comes it comes if it doesnt whatever. Tired of waiting.

Whating so long for a sequel kinda make me lose excitement. HLF better be a game changer after waiting this long. Diablo 3 sold a lot but to me was a fail. Torchlight 2 ftw!

adorie1600d ago

DIII was unadulterated fail. Jay Wilson fail. #fuckthatloser

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JonnyBigBoss1601d ago

The wait has been agonizing. Give us something... something great!

doctorstrange1601d ago

Half Life... not even gonna finish the sentence

DarkBlood1601d ago

3 periods, half life 3 confirmed

Foolsjoker1601d ago

We all know it isn't going to happen...or is it!

ifritAlkhemyst1601d ago

Steambox. Left 4 Dead 3. New DOTA features. Source 2 tease.

At least the last one would imply that Half Life 3 is around the corner.

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The story is too old to be commented.