How You'd Cook A Clicker From The Last of Us. Y'know, If You Could.

Kotaku - You gotta think, someone, somewhere in The Last of Us' universe has tried to cook Clicker meat. Not like, the once-human part of the Clicker—they'd probably cook the stuff growing off the Clicker's face. Gross, I know, but...someone has tried it, surely.

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KillrateOmega1841d ago (Edited 1841d ago )

Oh yeah, girl, that crunchy clicker meat. Appetizing...

I guess if you're going to get infected, you might as well do so in the form of a mediocre meal.

PopRocks3591840d ago

Dangit, this made me hungry. Well, I better go get my pan and some eggs. See y'all later.

ArchangelMike1840d ago

That vid was excellent though, I loved the incidental clicker attack.

Bowzabub1839d ago

I used the flamethrower & molotovs. :)