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With the Next Generation Right Around the Corner, I Just Bought a Playstation 3

The next generation is right around the corner, but a dedicated Xbox 360 gamer decides to spend his money on a Playstation 3 instead. (Culture, PS3, PS4, The Last Of Us)

dedicatedtogamers  +   480d ago
Better late than never. PS3 has a massive backlog of exclusives, and there are still more games on the horizon.
AznGaara  +   480d ago
MGS4 and a lot of good RPGs if you're into that.
elhebbo16  +   480d ago
I'm sure theres a bigger variety of PS3 exclusives lol.
Kevin ButIer  +   480d ago
The white GOW limited edition is so cheap now that i'm starting to feel the temptation... my ps3 fatboy needs a rest lol
wastedcells  +   480d ago
TLOU just came out, Beyond, Grand turismo, Rain and Puppeteer are out in a couple months. Still lots of new reasons to buy a PS3 if you haven't yet. Plus the back catalog of exclusives makes it an easy choice.
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Inception  +   480d ago
I still have back catalog that i must play like Siren, Folklore, 3D Dot Game Heroes, or inFamous 2. But then, next month we will got Dragon's Crown, Tales of Xillia, and Killer is Dead. Darn, what a busy year for PS3 owner >.<
piroh  +   480d ago
3D Dot Game is a great game trust me. i just beat NiNoKuni and TLOU, focusing on NiNoKuni sollosseum, TLOU new game+ and waiting on Tales of Xillia
badz149  +   480d ago
now is THE time to have a PS3! add PS+ to that and you will have your gaming need served for what...as long as you PS+ subscription allow? not a bad deal...uh oh...don't EVER skip TLoU!
Saints94  +   480d ago
I'm in the same boat but more like "buying a PS+ card" since I actually had it since the first year it came out but didn't use it as my main.
jc48573  +   480d ago
I did the opposite years ago. I bought the new 360 S model fairly cheap (less than 100 dollars), then got a 250gb for around 50 dollars. Yea, you find all kinds of crazy deals at ebay when you least expected. Only managed to build a library of 10 360 games and maybe another 10 for xbox originals. I was very careful because I only bought 2 kind of games on the 360: 1. some exclusive games like Dead Rising and 'J'RPGs and 2. Multiplatform titles that performed better on the 360 (Bayonetta, Dead Rising 2, and Lost Planet Colonies). As you can see, for some gamers like me, we do not find a lot of games on the ps3 that are considered "inferior," so it doesn't really quite affect me. I own most my multiplatform titles on the ps3.
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plaZeHD  +   480d ago
Multiplats(most) only my Xbox 360 250GB slim
Exclusives on my Playstation 3 320GB slim
Lovable  +   480d ago
I knew it, he bought the PS3 for the Last of US being the main reason. Lmao the game is so good
creatchee  +   480d ago
I know all about buying a console for one game (at least at first). I got my PS3 specifically for Metal Gear Solid 4. Obviously, that isn't the only game I've bought since then, but it was the major selling point for me, as I already had a 360 at the time.

Same thing happened previous gen - got an original Xbox for Halo 2, despite already having a PS2. I loved the online of LIVE so much that I got the 360 near launch.

Sometimes it only takes one game to get you into owning multiple consoles :)
blanket14  +   480d ago
lol that you got dissagrees the last of us is a game that will forever change the way you fwek about a game it is revolutionary on emotion I love that game In my ratong scale I give it about a 20 out of 10!
InTheLab  +   480d ago
"I’ve been through three Xbox 360s, having twice used Best Buy’s replacement warranty to replace units that decided they’d had enough of my shit and red ringed. The 360 has been good to me, "

Burned through 3 Xbox 360s but the 360 has been good to you? I just can't wrap my head around that...
mxrider2199  +   480d ago
ya i lols so hard at that i was like you burned through 3 lols shouldnt it have stopped after the first one
BuffMordecai  +   480d ago
The Last of Us is worth buying a PS3 over.
dendenmooshi  +   480d ago
Uncharted 2 is also worth buying a PS3.
coolbeans  +   480d ago
I'm tempted to purchase a slim/slimmer at a good price to replace that dang phat conking out on me a year + back (not under warranty).
Insomnia_84  +   480d ago
Waiting a year to get a console because of trust issues is understandable coming from an Xbox 360 early adapter that's been through 3 360's already.

My 60GB PS3 is still sitting by my TV and upgraded with a 250GB HDD.
I'm getting the PS4 on day one.
SonyStyled  +   480d ago
my 60gb is beside my tv as well with the stock hdd. maxed out of course
mxrider2199  +   480d ago
my 60 gb got ylod :( had to fix it and when i fixed it the bluray drive was broken -_- so i had to buy a slim and transfer my data :/ but still happy with ps experience over 360 experience by far
elhebbo16  +   480d ago
Well you only got 5 months or so left until PS4 comes around, dont sweat it though I'm sure you can find most AAA exclusives dirt cheap by now. just remember to get TLoU haha.
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mydyingparadiselost  +   480d ago
My whole reasoning for ever getting a 360 was Tales of Vesperia. Deadly Premonition was an added bonus a couple of years later :]
Hicken  +   480d ago
Vesperia- since the PS3 version is never coming out here- Lost Odyssey, and a handful of others are why I want a 360. Don't think there are any games that'd make me want an XBOne as it currently stands, but that's another story.

To the article, the only time it'd be too late to get a PS3 is some years from now, when finding some of the hidden gems will be harder to do. There'll be plenty of copies of great games like MGS4 and Uncharted, but the Valkyria Chronicles and such will be much harder to come by.
mydyingparadiselost  +   480d ago
It's too bad about the PS3 Vesperia, but since Xillia is coming soon and PS3 is getting the Symphonia games in HD it makes up for it :) As far as One games the only things that are interesting me are D4 and Crimson Dragon but that's not enough for me to want to get it, at least not until I see where MS is going to go with their system. 360 wise their really isn't much worth getting one for either, you mentioned the other great RPG and past that it was just Halo and Gears for me. I wound up selling mine to get a PS3 since just about everything I had or wanted was available for it plus the many great exclusives 360 doesn't have.

I agree that it will be worth getting a PS3 for awhile, I hope games like VC, 3d dot heroes and House of the Dead Overkill don't become hard to find treasures in the future, those games plus many others should be enjoyed by late adopters for years to come. It's a shame such great games get relegated to obscurity far before a consoles cycle comes to a close :(
WolfOfDarkness  +   480d ago
" I 'm also going to wait out the next generation for at least a year simply because I don’t trust first generation " he wrote .

I feel sad for this guy , really . There are so many people like him have to wait years for the price to
Drop , Not for consoles and games only , some people Waited for price drop to buy ( books , movies , cars , DVD player ....Etc .

I can't imagine to Waite a year to buy next generation systems !

And this guy said " don't trust first generation games " ?!? I think that is stupid .
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Picnic  +   480d ago
No, he says 'I don’t trust first generation hardware' (not games).

The PS3 Fat remains unaccountably popular with many but it was like a tombstone of a console in shape and weight. The first PS3 slim was the nicest looking to me. And the use of the font associated with Spiderman seemed antiquated to me when the third film in the series was about to be released - and it didn't do much to continue the PS2's work at being coolly minimalist rather than geeky.
mamotte  +   479d ago
It's not that stupid. The first really good games for PS3 came after 7 months, same with the Vita, we're still waiting for the WiiU, and in some countries, the prices for new, shiny things go beyond a robbery.

I usually wait 2-3 years to ge a new console, and why not? The prices become great, there are tons of games to choose, and you can have more people in you PSN account.

Sounds great, if you ask me.
fredrikpedersen  +   480d ago
Journey :)
ginsunuva  +   480d ago
Yeah my friend just dove into the red GoW ps3 bundle last week.

Uncharted started piling up on him, he almost got one for MGS4, then GoW3 and Ascension made him angry, then he really wanted to play Journey, and now The Last of Us was the final straw.
Supermax  +   479d ago
I'm glad he bought a ps3 now he can catch up on all those games.

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