More Terrifying Than Clickers? Last of Us Glitches

Kotaku - Like some games, The Last of Us has had its share of bugs. Annoying, but that's what patches are for! But in the meantime, the bugs can strike terror in the hearts of gamers everywhere.

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Kte1963d ago

You know what's really scary? The person laughing in the background LOL I beat the game with no glitches so you ppl must be doing something wrong

xPhearR3dx1963d ago

Really dude? The Last of Us is one of the best games this generation without a doubt, someone posting a bug that's funny doesn't mean they're bashing the game or trying to say it's any less of a game because of it. Lighten up.

plaZeHD1962d ago

Relax man, it's just a glitch. I didn't have any glitch either. But funny glitches are funny glitches.

Kte1962d ago Show
KwietStorm1962d ago

Are you dense? Doing something wrong? lol do you know what a glitch is? All games have them.

hay1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

There's usually no connection between playing the game "the right way" and graphical glitches. Unless you want to go past the programmer's borders. This one doesn't look like it.
They might occur while rounding single precision floating point numbers(the ones which doesn't mind where the decimal mark is), vertex buffer mishandling, bad pointer usage, usually some boundary scenarios or eventually, well, MAAAANYYYYY other reasons.
They tend to occur rarely, therefore most probably might not appear again, or often.

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ABizzel11963d ago


The Ellie glitch is funny, but thankfully I didn't run into any of these glitches during my playthrough.

Lovable1963d ago

I personally haven't encountered one, but I watch some youtubers and they did encounter some...very weird...

Jamaicangmr1963d ago

Yeah that was creepy *Shivers*

GenericNameHere1963d ago

How do I post pictures from my IPhone? I have a funny glitch that happened to me twice, once on Survivor and another on Survivor+. After the cutscene after escaping the museum part with the old president wax figures, Tess became BALD! Just a flat black texture on her head! :O

First playthrough on Normal, Tess had hair and was normal. Just got past that part again on my 4th playthrough on Easy+, and Tess had hair and was fine. I don't know if the glitch only works on Survivor(+), but I was scared the first time it happened. I was like "WHOA! WHERE'D YOUR HAIR GO, TESS??!!"

Also, in the Dam. I first saw it on a Youtube video around the game's release date. I just did it again a few hours ago, and it still works!

ZBlacktt1963d ago

Goto photobucket and upload from phone. Then post img link.

GenericNameHere1963d ago

Don't have a Photobucket, so I just took a video from Youtube

KwietStorm1962d ago

Photobucket still exists?

ZBlacktt1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

Yes, I have 3 PB accounts. :D

Btw, your video:

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