Amazon scamming you on game bundle prices?

When you get to that point in life where you have to purchase your own games, getting stuff cheap becomes an important part of the game-buying process. Waiting for a sale, buying used, or purchasing game bundles are great options for the savvy shopper. On day one of Amazon's Summer Sale, however, it seems the company may be trying to slip one past you.

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PositiveEmotions1873d ago

I dont trust amazon i rather go to a ratailer store.

fattyuk1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )




That made me chuckle.

kewlkat0071873d ago

Probably..just like Gamestop scams ya..

generalthadeape1873d ago

The way I see it, GameStop is the biggest "scammer" of them all-- if you go into it knowing what you're getting yourself into & still agree to their terms, (prices), then you can't say that anyone "scammed" you other than yourself.

Me? I still use GameStop all the time. I also use eBay & Craigslist-- it just depends on what I'm buying/ selling & how much time/effort I'm willing to put into it when I decide where to go to "get my gaming on".

Campy da Camper1873d ago

I'm the same way. If I'm selling a big ticket item like a console I use craigslist to maximize return on investment. If I found a copy of pokemon under my couch from 4 years ago I just go to GameStop and get a dollar of my next purchase.

NegativeCreepWA1873d ago

I don't get the point of these bundles, they have the console and a game at the price it would be too buy both separate.

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The story is too old to be commented.