Preview: Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is more of the same but this time in HD - Canada

After playing Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze at a recent Nintendo event in Toronto, it seems like Nintendo’s Retro Studios has taken the simple formula they created with Donkey Kong Returns and applied a shiny high-definition graphical coat of paint to it.

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pat_11_51944d ago

The game seemed really solid. I just feel like it's the exact same game on the Wii, only in HD.

LOL_WUT1943d ago

It seems like it's starting to become a trend over at Nintendo... ;)

Why not make an open world 3D DK game? They have a very capable console that needs to be used to its full potential. ;)

BullyMangler1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

Dont be so gullible McFly

darthkai1943d ago

"Why not make an open world 3D DK game?"
Because unfortunately the only studio to ever make a 3D Donkey Kong game - RARE - was bought by Microsoft a long time ago on one of the darkest days gaming has ever witnessed. Once at the pinnacle of game development studios, they are now condemned to making shovelware for Kinect.

Concertoine1943d ago

i think because collect-a-thons are dead at this point, and mario almost single-handedly owns the 3d platformer genre ever since galaxy.
but if you ask me, the new DKC games do feel a niche. they offer the same challenge their predecessors did (unlike NSMB) and make use of the technology that's come since the SNES games.

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Mr_Nuts1944d ago

Wow, so fans waited for them to work on a brand new Metroid game only to get a HD version of Donkey Kong which looks and plays similar to the last game they brought out.


maniacmayhem1943d ago

How about we just sit tight for a Metroid. WiiU has barely grown decent legs.

And yes, thank you Nintendo for another excellent 2D platformer.

Concertoine1943d ago

oh, and the Prime games didn't look and play similarly. good gameplay is good gameplay, and i realize that's subjective but you'd be critical of every sequel ever by that logic. it's a 2.5D platformer, good level design is all devs need to do. and since retro CHOSE to make a new DK, they must have some creative ideas up their sleeves, whereas theyre probably still brainstorming for a new metroid.

pat_11_51944d ago

Yea. It's a great game. But it pretty much plays exactly like Donkey Kong on the Wii.

BullyMangler1944d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

Dude u making it sound like you have played through at least 5 of the levels in Tropical freez . look at the title of your aricle . . is just a demo < not actual full game tss.

And how is D.K's new furry body the same as last game? = not just new paint job.

plus i thought this game had new water gameplay and last game no have water gameplay = not same game as wii version.

PLUS, dsnt this game have a NEW mechanic where the camera follows D.K. when barrel blasting from behind back like never before in any donkey kong game? how is this the same??

further more. D.K. cant even blow on things to reveal secrets like wii version . . you fugged up hard wit this article huh .

u sound fanboy dude .. .

look, see bellow at what youve done (pat 1 1 5)

your are BONKING kids into believing you are actually playing through the whole game rite now haa!!

see (bossyndrome)

pat_11_51943d ago

First of all.. Bonking kids? huh?

DK's furry body and HD graphics are the new paint job

If I'm not mistaken,Donkey Kong Returns had some sort of water levels.

I mentioned the quasi 3D barrel blast stuff.

Removing a silly feature from the Wii version doesn't exactly constitute change.

BullyMangler1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

so NEW Dixie Kong playable character and another secret playable character we dont know who yet is same thing as last game ?

also a paint job is a slap of coded paint. . . how can hairs or fuzz on body arise from a paint job? is a whole new additive my boy.

So you are not sure if the last D.K. for wii had water levels? then why write article comparing both games ?

a blowing feature that revealed secrets is silly how?

and D.K. being able to yank things from the ground was also in last game? where? when?. ..

and name me a game where the water effects look as good as in new Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze pleez . . just new slap of a paint job?


yur just trying to make this game look bad and failing at it. well atleast some peeps believe you . .

how far will the bonking go??

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The story is too old to be commented.