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allformats1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

More competition is good. The article says Apple is joining the ranks, too.

If Google and Apple go beyond just console android and app-based games, and include major offerings from massive publishers, this could be a real threat to Sony and M$.

iGAM3R-VIII1936d ago

android gaing is not taken seriously enough to be getting deals like Ea or Ubi. The graphics are still phone-like and they wouldn't risk it when MS and SOny and Nintendo are already doing it good

Pisque1936d ago

These are good news for us gamers. Android is really developers-friendly and more competition = more competition for better games = better games = lower prices.

Wait&See though

DeadlyFire1935d ago

Android gaming is 2 steps behind console gaming which is 2 steps behind PC gaming. Cloud game streaming ranks higher than android gaming for graphics and quality.

A custom Andriod platform can't match up to consoles today. As ARM is still far away from having enough juice to compete against x86 platform for power. If they create an Andriod console that is more powerful than WiiU I wouldn't be to surprised. Ninendo might have to shift gears if they do.

The only real deal with an Andriod console would be for NVIDIA to step back into console production as they can produce ARM CPUs as well as ARM APUs.

gamer421936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

I hope it doesn't mainly consist of phone games and emulators, like a certain other android based console.
Also here are some images of apple's console

Allsystemgamer1936d ago

Lol the pippin.

If apple rejoins the console race...oh god. I can see it now. Get the console for $1199.99 and one controller.

gamer421936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

I laughed, not because it is ridiculous, but because I can legitimately see that happening! XD

Angeljuice1936d ago

Yeah, I was looking at the Pippin stats on the Apple archive the other day. Worth a chuckle. Those things must be like hens teeth, they only sold 40,000 of the 100,000 they made.
If you look at the joypad, it resembles the 'batarang' PS3 concept pad, but has a tracker-ball on one side. This is something I would like in a controller, speed and accuracy of a mouse if implemented correctly, (they can be awful otherwise).

Well at least there's the touchpad now, I hope it gets utilised to its full potential.

Pillsbury11936d ago

Apple is kind of joining the game with its new unified controller certification, looks like there will be more competition.

SpiralTear1936d ago

I'm kind of tired of hearing about these Android gaming consoles, but if any company can make a good one, it's Google themselves. It all depends on the software, though.

DeadlyFire1935d ago

It depends on hardware alot as well. OUYA is the only one at the moment with any real power to it and thats roughly equal to what the PS2 could do graphically or slightly better with Tegra 3 chip powering it. Using ARM CPU cores I don't expect the CPU to measure out to the same though.

If they pushed to create a closed Andriod setup powerful enough that could last say 5 years. Then it would be alright type of system and something developers could learn how to utilize.

BitbyDeath1936d ago

Awesome, hopefully it'll provide real competition and not just play garbage games like the Ouya.

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