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GR-UK writes: "Massive Entertainment's managing director, David Polfeldt, talked with us at E3 about his studio's newly announced game, The Division, removing the 2D space, and his disappointment regarding this year's show.

"[During E3] I was hoping to see much more development on the narrative side," he told us during the interview. "And it's not the first thing that people think about when they say next-gen, because normally you think "better tech," because that's what it is, it's new hardware, so by implication it's better tech.""

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ramtah2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

I cant wait for this game it looks awesome!

Crazyglues2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

@ ramtah

-could not agree more-

OMG!... -this is the best interview, I love everything this guy said...

How they are striving to out due the other studios and be the best... OMG! -That's like what you hope and dream a game company will try to do with their title (make it better then anything that came before)

-And he said if you thought that was pretty stay tuned because it will get even prettier.. OMG! I almost fell out of my seat..

This guy is so awesome, it was just really nice to hear a studio talk about really going all out to make an amazing game. When he talks about more narrative, (yes we need better story telling) I could not agree more, it just made me more excited to see what they do with the division...

This is probably one of the best studios making nex gen games, because he get's it... -And they are really trying to push beyond the normal expectations-

I was pumped for this game before, but now, I'm super pumped up, I would pre-order this now if they would have put it up for pre-order on - Because this is my Must Have Game for 2014

It's going to Make My PS4 and My Plasma HDTV worth their wait in gold. (you always want a game that truly shows off the system, I think the Division is going to be that game).

-Can't wait to play.

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ramtah2000d ago

So true man the fact that he said other game show explosions that is scripted and not player driven and they dont intend to do that makes me want this game even more!! the devision and destany is on my top to gett list for my ps4, i know people will desagree with me cus i did not say killzone SF but i havnt liked any of the other killzone games only the second game was good to me, go ahead desagree. and sory my english is bad
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Dno2000d ago

is they is monthly bill?

Deividas2000d ago

If its an online game then it seems yes, PS+ and Xbox Live is required. But they have not gone into a lot of detail on how "single"-player really works in this game. Either way if you are getting PS+ or Xbox live, chances are you wont have to worry about it

Deividas2000d ago

Great interview and a great view on next-gen. I would be lying if i said that i partially didnt pre-order the PS4 for this game..