Top 30 Developers of All Time

For a few years now, Game Developer have consulted with the Gamasutra editors to determine a list of the top 30 developers of the past year (from June to June, that is). Normally, this list is meant to recognize the studios that have shown excellence in creativity or in business, in product or production; in other words, the people out there doing work that inspires the rest of us by virtue of being new, better, or different.

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thebudgetgamer1998d ago

The fact that Naughty Dog only gets an honerable mention is dissapointing. In their third generation of being Sony developers they have made four successful new franchises.

minimur121998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

I know thats ridiculous, [fanboy mode on]
They have pretty much inovated gaming, especially in their new game.

Crash bandicoot everyone knows and loves, even my dad knows who he is. Yet he doesn't know what Devil May Cry is... (Capcom)
[Super fanboy mode on]
This website clealy loves xbox
[Super fanboy mode off]
[fanboy mode off]

happy now? :)

(I was only joking about the last bit...)

HammadTheBeast1998d ago

Why is Epic on it, but not Naughty Dog?

I admit Jazz Jackrabbit was great, but Naughty Dog's on a whole other level.

xHeavYx1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

They try to distract you with dat a$$ on the second page, but yes it's a very lame list.
No wonder they are going away

kwyjibo1998d ago

Epic's probably on it because they build the engine that powers everything.

ScubbaSteve1998d ago

It's a pretty bad list in general.

WarThunder1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

BioWare and Pandemic Studios are better than Naughty Dog ? lol

Anyway its an opinion and a lame one...

Imalwaysright1998d ago

Even though Bioware has pissed me off with their false advertisement there is no denying that they made some of the best games in the industry. Baldurs Gate II, Neverwinter Nights, KOTOR, Jade Empire and Dragon Age Origins are all stellar titles.

snipab8t1998d ago

Bioware and pandemic are worse than ND? Are you kidding me? Bioware made the best game of this generaion (Mass Effect 2) aswell as Star Wars Nights Of the Old Republic which was amazing. Pandemic studios made battlefront 1&2, both of which are unmatched multiplayer experiences even to this day. Also Pandemic made the mercinaries game which was a head of is time aswell as full spectrum warrior. Proof that YOUR opinion is lame.

cell9891998d ago

@snipab8t the best game of the generation is either Uncharted 2 or The Last Of Us, both done by ND

lucaskeller11998d ago

One does not simply create 3 game of the year nominees and one certain winner to only receive a mention,

lettuce be cereal

Timesplitter141998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

I think Naughty Dog's environment artists are at least a hundred thousand years ahead of the competition. TLOU literally looks better than any next-gen game we've seen at E3 (visually, not technically of course).

Also with their last 3 games getting nearly all perfect scores consecutively, ND has established themselves as genius-level game designers this gen.

cell9891998d ago

not to mention their great work with Jack and Daxter and Crash, all IPs invented by them

-GametimeUK-1998d ago

I loved Crash, Jak and Daxter was cool (didn't like the sequels), but I think this gen has really shown what ND are capable of. Best of all time? I can't honestly say they come close overall if we are talking about the long haul. Best developers out right now? I would say that they are easily my number 1 developer of right now.

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SonyStyled1998d ago

i think Pandemic should have at least had an honorable mention, but naughty dog? they so deserve a spot on the list. as well as insomniac and guerilla. even media molecule. you know what? is i type this comment im coming more and more to the realization that this list is trash

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minimur121998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

'Whenever possible, we’ve tried to avoid recognizing a massive game company on this list in favor of highlighting specific dev teams.'

>Blizzard Entertainment
>Square (now square-enix)
>Valve Software


Blastoise1998d ago

Pretty questionable list, I suppose it IS an opinion piece but mine would be very different

kwyjibo1998d ago

A list of great studios, some questionable choices though.

Mojang are one of the top developers right now, but there's no way they deserve an all time spot. Same for Riot, League of Legends is the biggest game right now, but they're a one product company - who unlike Game Freak, haven't really proven their longevity.

I'd swap them for Bethesda and Rockstar.

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