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Top 5 Most Impressive-Looking Xbox One Exclusives

Microsoft’s E3 presentation may have been negatively received, but their selection of console exclusives (for the most) sure wasn’t! The following exclusives will be a deciding factor for people looking to buy a Xbox One, and who can blame them as they are quite impressive, to say the least. (E3, Xbox One)

justastranger10  +   837d ago
Can't wait for these awesome games. Incredible.
georgeenoob  +   837d ago

They should have made a top ten though.
CaulkSlap  +   837d ago
You need to have ten to make a top ten.
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georgeenoob  +   837d ago
Aside from what was already listed:

Quantum Break
Killer Instinct
Project Spark
Crimson Dragon

There's your ten.
rigbybot127  +   837d ago
Well, we have a list of impressive PS4 exclusives coming soon, so maybe it'll be a top 10. :)
Foxgod  +   837d ago
Rigbybot, that would be a bit ridiculous, MS announced plenty of games to do a top 10, yet you consider to do a top 10 for Ps4, which had less reveals then the XB1.
Utalkin2me  +   837d ago
If it comes to PC it is not Xbox exclusive. Maybe people have problems understanding what exclusive is.

@Foxgod, i could do a top 15 with PS4 exclusives that have already been announced.
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PimpDaddy  +   837d ago
If you can't get the game on the PS4 or WiiU then it is an XBox One "console" exclusive. I could care less if its available on PC because I don't have a decent gaming PC.

I wonder if PC enthusiasts downplay a game if its available on a console too? I swear the fanboys on this site and their hipocracy ruin the chance for any sort of decent video game discussion...
kevnb  +   837d ago
thats the dumbest thing I ever heard, what if you can get a game on playstation and wii u and not xbox? Xbox and playstation but not pc or wii u. Android and wii u etc...
And even if I do consider your point, they called it exclusive, not console exclusive. The media likes to pretend PC doesn't exist sometimes. Then again, they also like to pretend like ios and android gaming isnt relevant, sales say otherwise.
When I try to explain it in my mind, all I have to do is follow the big advertising dollars. Its no secret big expensive console games typically advertise on traditional media much more than other platforms.
And before you say console gaming is much more popular, whether it is or not has no bearing on the fact that PC gaming is profitable and still a big chunk of the market.
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rigbybot127  +   837d ago
Yes, this is a list of "console exclusives". Fanboys are everywhere, and everywhere they suck.
PimpDaddy  +   837d ago
Apparently reading comprehension is not a strong point of yours kevnb. Try reading my comment again without getting so defensive. If a game is available on more than one console then it is multiplatform. If it is on only one console then as far as "CONSOLES" are concerned it is "EXCLUSIVE".

If what I said earlier is the stupidest thing you have ever heard then perhaps you should get out more. Irrational fanboys such as yourself are exactly why this website has such a bad reputation and why I rarely participate in the discussion.

Feel free to respond with more fanboy drivel. I look forward to it.
koolaid251  +   837d ago
But you can't play it unless you have Microsoft windows so it is a Microsoft exclusive.
4logpc  +   837d ago
I can not wait to pick up Forza and Ryse on Launch Day.
richierich  +   837d ago
Quantum Break not in the top 5 that's weird I thought it looked the most impressive XboxOne Game at E3
Foxgod  +   837d ago
Black Tusk their game looks good too:

despair  +   837d ago
Not really more like unknown, that teaser did not make it look good or bad, just annoyed us with very little.
Foxgod  +   837d ago
I personally think Killer Instinct looks impressive too, sure it may not be the most polygon heavy game coming out this year, but the art direction is stunning for sure.
CaulkSlap  +   837d ago
So top 5 of like 7. What's the point?
Foxgod  +   837d ago
Forza, Quantum break, Spark, Dead rising 3, sunset overdrive, Black tusk ip, Halo 5, Below, Ryse, Quantum Outbreak, Titanfall, Crimson dragon, D4, Killer instinct.

Thats 14, youre a bit off.

@rigbybot, I agree with that, but was merely stating there where more reveals at E3 then seven.
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rigbybot127  +   837d ago
We didn't know enough about Halo 5 to include it in the list.
CaulkSlap  +   837d ago
Forza, Quantum break, Spark, Dead rising 3, sunset overdrive, Ryse, Titanfall, Crimson dragon.

Okay 8. Games we've actually seen something on and could even be considered "impressive looking". Personally I'd throw out Sunset Overdrive as well. So 7.
Lovable  +   837d ago
Dead Rising looks good, and it's actually a gameplay.
Typical-Guy  +   837d ago
I'm not really sure about Sunset Overdrive, plus what's with Insomniac and the word "Over"?!
I_am_Batman  +   837d ago
Maybe it means that it's over for Insomniac cause their latest games have dropped in quality. I hope not cause they've done some great games in the past. Sunset Overdrive Trailer looks ok but I have to see more to say if I'm interessted or not.

OT: I think Forza and Ryse looked great. Dead Rising didn't impress me at all.
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JokesOnYou  +   837d ago
Yeah Insomniac hasn't been puting out stellar work recently, personally I'd go KI first but Overdrive looks interesting so I'll give Insomniac a chance a bit later after launch, hopefully it can fill my next gen Crackdown void.
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RM-TatoTiburon  +   837d ago
for me forza 5, dead rising 3 and fifa 14 day one
Deep-throat  +   837d ago
Xbone exclusives did not impress me, but MS did good at E3 (games, games, games)
rigbybot127  +   837d ago
I'll be picking up Titanfall and either Dead Rising 3 or Watch Dogs at launch.
rigbybot127  +   837d ago
Maybe Destiny, too.
Xer0_SiN  +   837d ago
titanfall looked interesting. ill just wait till it comes out on ps4.
ceedubya9  +   837d ago
Microsoft definitely has most of my most anticipated Day 1 launch games that are exclusive to the console. Looking forward to Outlast on the PS4 side. Wish Infamous Second Son was a launch title :(.
kevnb  +   837d ago
titanfall isn't exclusive... Going to play it on my PC if it turns out any good.
ArmrdChaos  +   837d ago
Those 5 games were pretty much a given...although I did appreciate the end message:

"Whatever console you go with this gen, please: don’t be an asshole and circlejerk, because then you’re nothing but a sad piece of garbage, who doesn’t deserve the skin you inhabit."

....can pretty much apply to a fair number on this site.

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