Xbox One Winning on Multiplayer Features?

Now that Microsoft has established a set of policies that are identical to Playstation 4′s DRM and Used game policy, we can now begin to compare and highlight features that stand out for each console. It is hard to argue with the fact that Xbox Live has been a very popular service for millions of gamers throughout the years.

The service that moved a connected community forward is getting a lot better with the next gen Xbox One.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1669d ago

Sony hasn't said much about their multiplayer features yet so how is Xbox One winning exactly?

FrigidDARKNESS1669d ago

With cod ghosts and bf4 coming they would have talked about their multiplayer system by now..

Awesome stuff for xbox one online multiplayers.

iGAM3R-VIII1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

"with cod ghosts coming" LOOL I stopped reading your comment there knowing the rest of it might be unreal...

ANYWAY if any of you people actually looked at the article, you would realise this N4G changed the title massively so the title is quite different. It mentions nothing about the X1 having better multiplayer features, the user is just trying to fish for hits.

And we have little known about the PS4's multiplayer features so until we know a fair enough about both, we cannot compare the two...

iGAM3R-VIII1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

To add to my comment:

So when this article was initially posted to N4G, the title was "Xbox One Winning on Multiplayer Features". Now if you clicked on the article, the article inital title was "Xbox One Multiplayer Features: Dedicated Servers – Smart Match – TRD" which was the same as the video the user had pasted. Now when I reported it saying to use original title, he had actually hanged the title on the actual website, (the following link is a cached page which shows my evidence on the change http://webcache.googleuserc... just paste the url in)so that the "Xbox One Winning on Multiplayer Features" title was actually right. Therefore he posted the title as a fishing for link title. Why do you think the video is the same title as the REAL title. Also why do you think the URL is , hence the same title as I had told him to use.

Anyway this article says nothing about the X1's features being better, it just says its features. Even if he did say it is better, he didn't even compare the two. Infact if you search for a the word 'winnning' or 'better' on this page, there is NOTHING.

And to add, if he DID compare, the PS4 would have better online features since the no PS+ requirement for cross game chat, better value, gaikai, and other features

abzdine1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

multiplayer depends on the game developer. If they decide to put more things into it they will do it.
i personaly prefer a powerful console with lots of great single player games.
If you look at PS3 there is MAG which has no equivalent on consoles when you see how many players it can manage on the same map.

And if some of you have watched the UI for PS4 you will see that many things are possible while playing online.

TomOfAllTrades1669d ago

Awesome? How is having the 2 most generic shooters in the world awesome? We've seen NOTHING which gives MS an advantage in terms of on-line gaming, all that they've demonstrated is that you can play on-line.... How do you know that Son'y Gaikai, won't wipe the floor with MS this gen?

Stop presuming...

JokesOnYou1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

"Sony hasn't said much about their multiplayer features yet so how is Xbox One winning exactly?"

-Kratos, Actually they have they talked about finally have cross game chat, they talked about share button, taking over a friends game remotely and some Gaikai stuff all of which X1 has plus more....and cross game chat is a perfect example that usually(not always) if you're not promoting something it usually means you dont have it, not that you do.

DEDICATED SERVERS for all games is a huge win for me, mutiplayer really exploded on consoles last gen (360/ps3) with almost every game now having multiplayer to increase its longevity/value= dedicated servers is the final piece that has micrsofts online service setting the GOLD standard for the competition to follow once again! XBL just keeps getting better.

morganfell1669d ago

With the current generation, the PS3 easily led the 360 in dedicated servers. Now with no evidience to support his claim that Sony will not move 100% to dedicated side the writer makes an ASSumption. No, just no.

Mikeyy1668d ago

Please provide PROOF of these dedicated servers, from Microsofts mouth.

There is none. Frigid, jokes, burdens on you since your the biggest fanboys posting lately.

Where is your proof?

Ju1668d ago

Speaking about generic shooters. I totally agree. If we look at online, that there's actually The Division and Destiny which just offer so much more with a fully dynamic and living world. BF4 has at least the "battle commander" (on a tablet) but it is yet another "let-go-shoot-someone&quo t; attitude.

What did we really hear about the new live? Dedicated servers is nothing new. We had this last gen. What else? No more headset included? (guess PS4 cought up, there, too). Live recording and sharing (built into the OS)? Nah, doesn't have that either.

Cloud, at least using MS's APIs I give them that, and probably Skype (which would be nice to have).

Cross game chat is now also on the PS4. So, there goes that. I can't see a clear advantage there. I never had troubles with online on the PS3 to begin with - the only thing missing was the cross talk, but not the quality of the online play. And with the new PS4 controller, everybody has access to a cheap head set, now, too.

loulou1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

gamer v111

cross game chat is and has always been FREE on xbox. it is 8 person party chat that is part of the gold subs. you fanboys aint got a clue.

anyway, flame bait title is flame bait title. another day on n4g.

and to the disagreers. please prove that x game 1 to 1 chat is for gold members only

@ ju

is sonys cross game chat just 1 to 1 or is it an 8 person party chat?? i cant seen to find out which it is..

@ mikeyy. this was said in may on the announcement. it was when they talked about the 300k servers

YNWA961668d ago

@ IAMGAMER, that was a long pointless rant... Sure the article pointed out X1 features only, which may or may not be better. You also said as you know little so far about PS4 features, then you followed up and said PS4 would be better because blah blah blah.... Whatever, it is in the eye of the beholder, each to his own and so on.... But do not dress up rubbish and try to be intelligent.... I like video games, on both systems this gen, and next eventually... Just enjoy man.... Its entertainment only.... Not life or death....

iGAM3R-VIII1668d ago

@loulou listen up, I have a 360 and I do not have XBL and I can not cross game chat, I can only use 1 to 1 chat.

@GMAN I know the X1 has some really nice online features but some went away such as the family thing which IMO was a good idea. The PS4 beats the X1 is the listed categories I had said and I do like both systems as saying I own a PS3 and X360 and PS2 and the original Xbox, I think both have their pluses and minuses

Mikeyy1668d ago


Please provide me a link, that states the 300k servers will be used in the manner of which you speak.

This is a feature MS would be rubbing in everybodies faces if it where true, but they arent doing that? Why? I think you misunderstood what they said. The 300k servers are for all the new features and matchmaking. COD ghosts acuall gameplay will be, yet again, P2P, even on Xbone.

YNWA961668d ago

Thanks for polite response, very unusual here... My big concern for next gen, I am sure MS worked with publishers on drm, got some backing and then took the fall while no one else came forward to defend it. Sony has thought of this too, and is capable of DRM. Publishers are hiding something.... Shame too, no doubt PS4 is great machine, built for todays gamers, but I think X1 was built for the future..... Roll on hysterical people......

loulou1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

gamer v111

yes 1 to 1, when you are in a game and the other person is another game... cross game chat voila!!

that is not the 8 person party chat, which is across any game as well... but is called party chat

now is the ps4 cross game chat 1 to 1 or a party chat?

@ mikeyy. during the announcement on the 21st of may, the guy that was talking about 5b transistors and 300k servers said that they would be used for on-line to creat bigger matches with bigger player counts.

look what i found on my first google search

why mikeyy... i think that you misunderstood old chap ;-)

dantesparda1668d ago

Now explain to me how this is so impressive when PS3 has had quite a few games that can do over 128 players online this gen? Why is it such a spectacular thing when MS does now what Sony's been done? Like for example, suddenly, MS fanboys think dedicated servers is such a wonderful thing, yet PS3 had more games with dedicated servers last gen, and i never heard a MS fanboy praise that. And the list goes on, but i'll end it right here

reko1668d ago


did you really just say "COD"?

hahahhaahah wow.

Gamer19821668d ago

Sony PS+ beats Xbox live hands down and multiplayer features are exactly the same pretty much and depend on the game in question.

sAVAge_bEaST1668d ago

B.F. runs it's own dedicated servers... -Why is there no proof of these dedicated servers supporting ghosts?,,.. you think that MS&IW would have said something about this by now,... what a bunch of b.s.

Condemnedman1668d ago

peoples are butt hurt lol

HateFanboys1668d ago

english, and you shouldnt go full retard

minimur121668d ago

winning on multiplayer features -
PS4 =
Cross game chat
services like netflix and others
WITHOUT purchase of PS Plus.

Access to cross game chat
access to netflix, Iplayer etc
WITH purchase of Live GOLD
yeah, xbox wins.

Enemy1668d ago

$100 more for Xbox One, and the PS4 has far more powerful specs. I wonder how many people can justify their purchase.

There's nothing Sony couldn't implement into the PS4 at any given time.

Dee_Cazo1668d ago

201 disagrees for stating the obvious. If anything these n4g fanboys should realize that people don't care about the extra RAM that the playstation has.

awi59511668d ago


At microsfot press conference they said xbox live will be running on 300 thousand servers there is your proof.

morganfell1668d ago

And developers are laughing over this claim of 300,000 servers. One even tweeted he hopes someone calls MS on this claim. Everyone with common sense is laughing. You know, the people that know a virtual server can often be quite worthless. Your proof just went up in smoke.

CommonSense1668d ago

It is mind boggling how immature and hypocritical most of you are.

1668d ago
The_Con-Sept1668d ago

My problem is Microsoft's choices in moderators. My friend never got justice for getting banned from battlefield bad company 2. He was a totally legit player. But I guess the moderator at the time was on another clan and decided to enact revenge on him.

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yarbie10001669d ago

Hence the title "Winning" - - Not - - "Won"

a_squirrel1669d ago

Wait, would the PS4 even need that negative feedback when it is integrated with your social accounts?

I'm not buying the dedicated gaming servers bit. "All multiplayer games on the Xbox One will have it's own dedicated server." I don't know if they're talking about gaming, patches, DLC, and does that mean that no more games will have p2p?

Kanzes1669d ago

When it comes to servers and 3rd party apps, Microsoft win, maybe because we paid for it. But when it comes to deal and service, PS win of course

TomOfAllTrades1669d ago

But we don't know how good Sony's servers are yet, how can you make a claim like that?
It's irritating reading comment's from people like 'YOU' who believe they know it all..

Kanzes1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

^That's my opinion about current gen though, I'm not saying the next-gen will be like that, because you know sony finally takes away the free online play, maybe they will serve more dedicated servers with that money

thoract1668d ago


What makes you think MS has better servers because they supported a 24 multiplayer match? Is there any MS multiplayer game that supported more than 24 players on the xbox 360? The only thing xbox 360 had over the PS3 in multiplayer was the cross game chat. In terms of better servers it goes to PS3 with a 256 multiplayer match. Whether the game is good or not.

wishingW3L1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

yet there are more PS3 games with dedicated servers than on the X360. But the thing is that you're paying for nothing because when you play Call of Duty online you're playing on Activision's servers and those have nothing to do with MS or XBL. That's why paying Sony or MS to be able to play a game online it's retarded.

Death1668d ago

Sony has better servers because MAG had 256 players? MMORPG's sport many more than that. The amount of players per game has nothing to do with the "quality" of the servers, it has to do with how the game is set up. MAG didn't exactly light the gaming world on fire.

P_Bomb1668d ago

In MAG's defense (I never got into it personally), it sold over a million as a new IP with no SP, on the strength of those 256 and 128 player matches alone. That to me, is impressive. Don't have to "set the world on fire" to be a successful online experiment.

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fermcr1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

In relation to online, this says a lot...


When you look at it. Microsoft and Google are really the only two people who have a “Cloud”. A technical description of a cloud. They have data centers all over the world with tons of fast machines in them and they can slice them up however they want and turn them into virtual machines. And what they have done is exposed that in a very awesome way for Xbox One games. So if you’re in Connecticut and you want to play a game, we can say okay, here is the data center that you are going to go to because its the closest one and you have a 30 ping to it. And there’s no empty servers, so lets spin one up for you in 5 seconds and off you go.

We don’t have to provision hardware, we don’t have to go out and buy a bunch of servers and rack them in different places, it’s just there. It’s easy. It gets rid of all that fear of how this is all actually going to work. We have that available to use.

Let’s get crazy here and say it (Titanfall) gets popular in Japan. If we didn’t think it was going to be popular there and we didn’t buy a bunch of servers to put there, we would be screwed. (Cloud) Helps alleviate those types of problems.

- You couldn’t make this game without the dedicated server support


So what do you do on the PC? Do you have to replicate elements of that structure for your version or do they have something you can use?


We won’t get all the niceties on PC that you get on Xbox One. There will have to be some engineering of things


kneon1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Actually Amazon is the most successful cloud computing service provider, Azure really isn't doing that well considering how much Microsoft have poured in to it. It usually ranks near the bottom of top ten lists behind a bunch of companies that the average person had never heard if.

A disagree already, I guess they don't know much about the cloud computing market. Look up Amazon EC2.

Ju1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

BTW: Server side code runs on PCs (whatever OS it's running) for ages now - this is pretty much every online game incl. current consoles.

JOHN_DOH1668d ago

Yeah I thought amazon was the biggest cloud provider.

chuckyj11669d ago

because they don't have any. It's just whatever the 3rd parties institute in their games for online multiplayer.

raiden-491669d ago

because they have shown it

jcnba281669d ago

Xbox always had better multiplayer options.

GamerzElite1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

@ Septic Nice 300,000 server means no lag, wow M$ u did gr8. but these are physical dedicated servers or virtual? As I know a server cost is $1,115 for a year means MS going to spend $334,500,000 per year. Wow
A little math here, suppose MS make profit of $50 on each XBone sale, then they need to sale 6,690,000 XBone every year to run these servers. Bill Gate is richest man of US and has $72.7 billion. 5 Bill Gates = MS yearly server cost.

Geezus1669d ago

yeah ur doing the math wrong and u arent accounting for a ton of other factors that are pretty relevant and break your theory but ill let you figure that one out yourself

jetlian1668d ago

you need to get off the games and go back to school!

MS is expecting over 10 million xbox live gold members at 60 dollars which would bring in 600 million a year almost double the cost of servers.

MysticStrummer1668d ago

"300,000 server means no lag"


Psn8001669d ago

All trying to win you over but who wins you over Ps4 or Xbone One you decide ?

1669d ago
a_squirrel1669d ago

A 'real' gamer doesn't have to pick both. What a load of crap. They can, and it won't make them less of a gamer.

Death1668d ago

How would it not make you less of a gamer? If you can enjoy all the great exclusives regardless of system, wouldn't that give you an edge?

1Victor1669d ago

can someone explain to the person on the video that you can NOT swap games since the DRM and installing of games is gone. for me personally PS4 is first because I know it will have a bigger variety of unique games from indie and first party like knack, then later after I'm 80% sure the Xbox one don't have a RROD 2.0 I'll buy it to play K.I

turnerdc1669d ago

I'm sure you can if you buy the game digitally.

1Victor1668d ago

fair enough I forgot about that

Dee_Cazo1668d ago

I'm buying all of my games digital. I'm not giving Gamestop or BestBuy another dime.

Plus Microsoft is going to offer some pretty awesome pre-order deals/bonus content for going right through them I am sure.

The fact I can have it installed and ready to go and hit PLAY on midnight is the best part of it all.

greenlantern28141669d ago

It is simple everything gaming related Xbox1 can ps4 can do, it is pointless for people to bring up COD, or BF since both games will be on both systems and play the same. People say psn isn't as good but all through out the ps3 life it just keeps getting better, no reason to think it won't in ps4

Death1668d ago

Doesn't the same hold true for Live? Isn't it getting better over time also? It always amazes me when someone points out how PSN gets better over time and pretends that Live hasn't changed since 2002.

greenlantern28141668d ago

Did not say that it didn't.

headblackman1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

for a company that had to close a bunch of its studios, I'm sure matching Microsoft and Google servers and service is not even a possibility. this will be a very huge factor.

Sayai jin1669d ago

Kratos - why not ask why SOny has not mentioned much about their multiplayer features?

All of the ridiculous articles, XBox One Winning...PS4 is the best, Console X dominating. These polarizing articles are mainly for hits. The more controversial the title the more hits. The consoles have not even launched yet...

ColdFeet1669d ago

I made a good thread on the forums on PSN online features so far.

DonFreezer1669d ago

The are winning because if the same would be said about Sony and the ps4 you would all praise this site to hell.

joefrost001669d ago

Listen fanboys this is were you all have it confused yall think features are the main reason xbox kicks sony ass in multiplayer and online
Thats a part of it but the real winning piece is connection speeds and download speed
Any 3rd party developer will tell you that
That is why most of the time in competitive multiplayer events they always xbox versions not just cause the version looks better but because the connection is better
Its funny if it was something that was saying sony had the advantage you all would be screaming yeah but anything positive about MS and its questioned
Which looking at the current gen and looking at the multiplayer features this gen it does look like this is were MS will shine again
But we will see
I swear sony need to be paying some of you guys

USA0071668d ago

This is wrong.
It is not connection speed, it is latency that causes the problems with online.
Xbox did not have a better speed anyways. Video game tournaments are run on a LAN, meaning practically no latency and no need for Internet whatsoever. This in itself makes your reason defunct.

The reason many tournaments at events used 360 was because it was the more popular console of this generation, so that the majority of players don't have to adapt. If PS4 became the more popular console, then tournaments would shift to it, unless some deal behind the scenes godson.

My job is running video game tournaments, I know this well.

P_Bomb1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )


I'm afraid USA007 is right, it's latency and controller familiarality/market penetration. These things are run on LAN, nothing to do with fanboys or Sony paying ppl off. There was a business (that went under) about 10min from me that did nothing but LAN parties, tournys and pay-to-play. Time to pay the piper.

dantesparda1668d ago

God, fanboys are so fucking dumb its not even funny. Listen all you stupid a$$ fanboys, I can easily see the speeds at which both systems are downloading information at. All i have to do is bridge my wifi connection with my lan connection on my pc then connect the 360 or ps3 to the pc's ethernet port then i have a program running that'll show what speeds im download or uploading at. And guess what? they both will download demos or games at my internet connections full speed. And its like the guy above me said, latency is what matters more, and latency is heavily reliant on how close/far you are from the server. You generally want a server to be no more than say a couple of states away from you. otheriwse the latency starts to go up dramatically. So please stop with this stupid nonsense that one is faster than the other. Its not true!

jmc88881669d ago

Also those 'features' are awfully vague.

3 Levels for reputation that no doubt many people will be in the lower ones because 13 year old's get mad and report you for beating them.

The matchmaking thing is bs. That's a feature? ROFL. Everyone commit to waiting X number of minutes and you'll find a match. Yeah that happens anyways.

BattleTorn1668d ago

LOL, cause not saying much means that the comparison isn't fair!