Multiplayer cut from PROTOTYPE

Prototype Producer Tim Bennison reveals in an interview with that multiplayer has been cut from PROTOTYPE. Quote: "We've been looking at this potential multiplayer idea much more closely as PROTOTYPE's development has been progressing, and while it's a great concept and gameplay bonus, our conclusion is that we won't be able to pull it off with the same level of quality and polish that we're aiming for with the original single player story."

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Dlacy13g3681d ago

I am happy to hear that they cut it, if infact they werent going to deliver a good, quality Multiplayer experience to the game. Now this is the kind of quality development that I want to see more game companies do. Be realistic, dont promise the moon and deliver a bag of dung.

Dark Sector should have done the same, and spend more time on the single player to really polish it and keep it from getting stale towards the end.

therealwillie3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

nope sorry, not looking forward to this as much as i was. a game has got to have multiplayer these days, its pretty much standard. If that's there attitude to the game (nope we can't pull it off, not worth our time doing) then i fail to see how the game is going to be great, even good

mikeslemonade3681d ago

Prototype is a one-trick-pony. It seems like a game that is going to do one thing well and fail on other things.

Meno3681d ago

If your only dividing force between a game worthy of purchase and not is if it has multiplayer, you are a part of what I believe shows a sad state of gaming. This is largely populated by Microsoft's audiance as far as I can tell, where you don't even play the single player of the game, but hop directly into the multiplayer. I know a number of 360 owners who didn't even try the single player of CoD4 or even Halo, and certainly are PS3 folks doing the same, but it doesn't seem nearly as common with that crowd.

The single player of a game is the art of it, the soul of the game. The multiplayer can be addicting and provide a great amount of fun, but the parts of any game that really shine are in the single player for me.

The Closing3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

I always play through the campaign at least once, but there's seldom a game that makes me want to go back again so a solid multiplayer is the driving factor of what makes me want to keep coming back after I'm finished. Multi player is what makes the difference when it comes to the decision factor of a rent or purchase. The only game out that doesn't have some kind of multi player that I will definitely pick up is RE5, but that's because I know for a fact I'll keep playing the campaign even after I finished it once. As for the rest an 8-15 hour campaign ain't cutting it anymore for the price when there are so many games that do both well at this point.

As for prototype it definitely just got sent to the first day rent category.

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360sucks3681d ago

Dark Sector Multiplayer sucks big time
but the single player is not bad

-EvoAnubis-3681d ago

Too bad about the cut multiplayer, but it doesn't affect my decision to buy this at all. I'm getting it.

Storm233681d ago

I completely agree. There is no way I will not be getting this game. Did you guys see the gameplay video from a few hours ago. WOW!!!!

dale13681d ago

space may be an issue,no it is

iceice1233681d ago

Having to pad your games to load faster on blu-ray is lame as hell. I agree that probably did cause some problems for them so they cut it from both versions.

Play b3hind with the power of Blu.

truncheon3681d ago

guess i'll just have to play the multiplayer in a little game called GTA IV.

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