Aaron Greenberg: There was no time limit on Xbox One game sharing

If you somehow missed it, Microsoft recently decided to ditch the Xbox One’s DRM policies. A welcomed change in the eyes of many, however this new direction did come with a price. In exchange for continuous offline play the Xbox One’s highly anticipated family sharing option is being completely removed from the console.

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DEEBO1882d ago

yeah we know,you can just flip the switch right.
the lames will eat this up like everything else MS tells them.this is how we fight use games by letting you give them away to nine other people for free.yeah ok,lol

zeal0us1882d ago

MS would have to pay publishers a lot of money to make up for that loss of ~$540. At end of the day Microsoft have themselves to blame. They should have got their message across clearer and precised. I shouldn't have to go storming the net just figure what the Xbox One can and can not do.

Dir_en_grey1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

Aaron Greenberg: There was no time limit on Xbox One game sharing. In fact, we WERE gonna let you share it with anybody you want and give you $$$ back and even throw you a bone every time you share it!!!
But unfortunately too many people asked for removal of 24 hour online check ins so we had to take all that away even though we were thinking about the consumers all along (troll face)

Yeah talk about how good you WERE going to make it (which is bull after the insider leak) after you are not going to make it available anymore... Why do some people still fall for MS's BS is beyond me.

Gamercore1882d ago

WE RUINED THE XBOX ONE!!! Oh, god... what have we done :c

1882d ago
Timesplitter141882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

I guess microsoft's new brilliant marketing strategy is making their consumers feel bad

THamm1882d ago

Its our money, we will spend it on what we want

DxTrixterz1882d ago

I think Microsoft removed family sharing on purpose to actually make people think that it was better with old draconian DRM policies. I don't care about family sharing at all as I don't really share my games with anyone anyway. I see some people actually wanting all those crap anti-consumer policies back just for family sharing but those new policies are way better than old ones. Now it actually gives us choice physical or digital and I can tell you guys I prefer physical any time any day as I am game collector. Now those new policies actually give you a feeling that you own a YOUR game that you brought with YOUR money not you let's say buying a licence to use game that they can take any time for no reason.

kreate1882d ago

I think its still consider buying a license though even if u have a physical disk in ur hand.

That's why it needs to be activated online first.

Which is the next thing they gotta take away.

GamersRulz1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

The idea is scrapped, MS will definitely say it was the best thing ever.

I just don't see how it would work, because it will definitely be worse to devs than used games will ever be.

Hicken1881d ago

Pretty much this. They were never very clear about... well, anything, honestly. But not about this feature, either. So it could well be that there WAS a time limit, but now that the feature has been scrapped, of course they'll say there was no time limit.

RockmanII71882d ago

To late to look at the what's and if's now, if MS had these amazing features attached to the DRM they should have said so in the first place.

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