Conan wants to do “Retro Gamer” segment, actually owns video game consoles

Conan O’Brien may not be a hardcore gamer, but Conan’s assistant Aaron Bleyaert says that Conan loved the idea for the Clueless Gamer review segment. In fact, Conan wants to play and review old-school games, and even owns all three current-gen consoles.

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GamersRulz1858d ago

I hate Conan, not funny at all like most late night show hosts.

e-p-ayeaH1857d ago

i find that hard to belive

darthv721857d ago

for me to poop on....

a little triumph insult comic dog humor right there.

on topic, i really like watching conan's game reviews. they can be side splitting at times. His injustice one was hilarious with green arrow...

"I got a bow and arrow"

Starbucks_Fan1857d ago

GamersRulz- WAHHH look at me I want attention!!!

GamersRulz1857d ago

I'm the minority here, judging from the disagree bar. XD

Garbanjo0011857d ago

Go to bed it seems past your bedtime when the adults get to watch late night hahaha. I love Conan! Pissed that Leno took his spot back, and just to clear the air I don't watch a lot of late night anymore.

kydrice1857d ago

I never watched Conan or any late night shows until he moved to TBS, couldn't stand him at first but the show grew on me.

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ANIALATOR1361857d ago

take it he's leeching off Jimmy Fallons success

ShwankyShpanky1857d ago

Right... that's why Late Night with Conan O'Brien was on TV five years before Fallon was even on SNL.

SilentNegotiator1857d ago

Except Conan is funny. And Has been around for much, much longer.

PerryCaravello1857d ago

nbc fucked conan....

Conan should have been the guy doing those goofy video game segments.. now he's on TBS.

: /

Mr Tretton1857d ago

I know, and Leno is horrible, always has been. People actually like Leno?

Garbanjo0011857d ago

Nope, they just cater to his chin. Leno sucks.

PerryCaravello1857d ago

leno eventually got fired as well

reeereeeree1857d ago

He should get in touch with James Rolfe to do a retro segment.

PerryCaravello1857d ago

Conan is Harvard educated, for those who don't know.

Smart guy.

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