Battlefield 4 Producer Says EA And DICE Have The Better Game

This year Battlefield 4 will be going against Call of Duty: Ghosts and the new shooter will also have competition from Destiny and Titan fall next year.

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NameRemoved00171999d ago

I would rather play battlefield 2 over COD anyday...

NewMonday1999d ago

despite my dislike for EA, I can't help but feel hyped for BF4, would've delayed my PS4 purchase till 2014 if this game wasn't at launch.

only other FPS I'm hyped for is Destiny.

sobekflakmonkey1998d ago

to be honest, Destiny is the only FPS I'm really hyped for, I mean KZ: Shadow Fall looks alright, but BF4 looks like it could be amazingly awesome (already pre-ordered it for PC) but really getting sick of FPS games, that's why I'm hoping The Division and Watch Dogs are decent games.

dantesparda1998d ago

Im sorry but i could care less about Destiny, i dont think that it even looked next gen. BF4 i like and looked real good, put i am seriously concerned about it being 720/60, I rather it have been 1080/30.

MysticStrummer1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

I'm definitely interested to see and hear more about it, but it's waaay too early to declare the new SW:BF a worthy game.

It's like watching the iconic SW opening words scroll up the screen at the beginning of Phantom Menace and declaring it a great movie.

Kanzes1998d ago

I'm just glad that they finally listened to us ;)

Hufandpuf1999d ago

It's true from what I've seen so far.

xflo3601998d ago

Anyone that was in ANY doubt as to which game was better, was no longer in doubt after e3. BF4 looked incredible, us console gamers are finally going to experience BF how its meant to be played i.e 64 player online! Cant wait!! :-)

o-Sunny-o1999d ago

Always have been the better game. It had the better sound and gameplay. I just like Battlefield Bad Company games better than BF 3. I hope this one will be good other than graphics and bring back the destruction.

WorldGamer1999d ago

I agree with the statement, I think BF is an overall deeper game.

BTW, is the # of players in multiplayer on the "new" COD going to increase? I can't wait for 64 players on the PS4 version of BF4.


1998d ago
FITgamer1998d ago

I don't see how COD would benefit from having more players on such small maps. If you've ever played Ground War(18 players)then you should know it's a mess.

NameRemoved00171998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

One large Battlefield 4 map will be the size of every cod ghost map combined lol. Supposedly the new engine supports even bigger maps than frostbite 2 did, I'm hoping for some all out 64 player vs 64 player vehicle maps.

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The story is too old to be commented.