Respawn: TitanFall 'couldn't be made' without Xbox Cloud, Xbox One version better than PC version

Respawn says that they couldn't have made TitanFall without the cloud support on Xbox One. They also say the PC version won't be as "nice" as Xbox One version due to lack of cloud computing.

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Neoninja1522d ago

I wish they went into a little more detail about this. I'm really curious as to how cloud processing will enhance games.

If anyone understands the benefits of the cloud and can explain it, I'll be more than grateful to you.

MariaHelFutura1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

Digital foundry explains cloud computing quite well.

BTW, Digital foundry is one of the most reputable tech analysis sites out there, if not thee most.

Neoninja1522d ago

Thanks Maria!
Giving it a read now!

wishingW3L1522d ago

but fanboys will be fanboys I guess... Could computing is just to generate some buzz.

BluEx6101522d ago

I'm skeptical on this idea. If I go offline will my graphics take a huge dive on performance? And the article is indicating that Respawn said Xbox One will be better than the PC version. What if I have 4 way SLI Titans? Will the Xbox One version be any better via cloud??? I'll be amazed if cloud computing turns my Xbox One into a geforce Titan.

dantesparda1522d ago

Its bullsh!t and they know it, why dont they go into some technical detail as to how this is true? cuz they know as soon as they do technical people will rip them a new a$$hole and point out how thats not so. So instead they just spew the PR line. And anybody who cant see this is a fanboy moron. What are they gonna say when the game comes out for the PS4?

And p.s. they probably dont even mean graphically but rather some stupid feature

AngelicIceDiamond1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

@Maria Why...why do you keep bring up that old thing?

Its evident MS using the cloud effectively. Insomniacs Ted Price mentions the cloud an how Sunset Overdrive will take advantage of it. Titan Fall, apparently the next Halo.

EA and Activision are supposedly not using the cloud at the moment. Ubisofts looking into it. Its real and its from what it sounds like its working.

Hydrolex1522d ago

Ha ha ha ! That joke made my dade, it's better on x1 than pc. Joke of the month

fr0sty1522d ago

I can hear the bills being stuffed into Kotick's wallet.

mydyingparadiselost1522d ago

That was a wonderful and very thorough article, I don't know why you have so many disagrees. Thanks for the link!

Doctoglethorpe1522d ago

The question shouldn't be if it makes games better, the question should be is it worth it? Is it worth making games always-online to take advantage of? Cause yes, thats exactly what cloud gaming means, a caveat people seem to largely be ignoring. Not 24 hour check in. Always-on. My opinion? Not worth it. I'd rather have local gaming that looks great then streamed gaming that looks slightly better.

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Honest_gamer1522d ago

"What's obvious at this point is that the concept of cloud computing looks uncertain and unlikely"

such a damaging line

morganfell1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )


Theoretically they would take a dive. I say in theory because every decent expert outside MS Corp is stating that it will not function for years. The few things that could be handled such as background AI routines, well, lack of that computing will destroy your title to a much greater degree than poor graphics.

If they even get that running and required I can only imagine the uproar when games appear with "Requires a Constant Internet Connection" on the label"

However many people are throwing the BS flag on the AI routines on cloud citing the horsepower from the Xbone required to pull down and integrate the AI outweighs the benefit.

If cloud computing for local integration were the future Sony already has a more viable platform in place with Gaikai.

psyxon1522d ago

it's real. and sony's doing it too. but, PR hypes it up to be something it isn't. and DF showed exactly what it can and most likely will be used for.


does that burn inside orangejuice?

gta28001522d ago

That cloud pricessing stuff reminds me of Sega with their blast processing mumbo jumbo. Until I see a side by side conparison of a xbox one game with and without that cloud stuff I won't get excited.

nukeitall1522d ago


People think of cloud computing in very general terms, but it is more the infrastructure of the software that makes it happen. How do you make such power available, what feature and how is integrated with other things.

It's like XBL vs PSN, when PSN was in it's infancy it certainly wasn't close to what MS had at the time. Took Sony years to get close to feature parity, but even then it still wasn't comparable in many areas.

My point being, capable is one thing, as good is another.

I'm really looking forward to these cloud based games come to fruition. Finally we are making leaps beyond the fixed hardware in the box.

sinjonezp1522d ago

Great explanation. I think cloud base computations are the future but the latency and bandwith to support such is not ready for mass market. If your game requires the cloud for computations, and you live in areas that do not support high levels of bandwith, you will be out of luck. I think thus kind of tecbwill be relevant in the next few years when connectivity becomes better. Right now playing black ops 2 on comcast highest speed still presents issues. Time will tell when cloud based computing will become the norm.

s8anicslayer1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

But now that the Xb1 is not always online how can these statements be accurate if you play the game offline? Then this crushes their plans with cloud gaming if the majority of potential XB1 purchasers want to play offline. On the other hand what we should see is that if normally when you take current gen into consideration when your playing multiplayer online games like BF4 and MW/COD their graphics become downgraded because of bandwith and texture issues but with cloud this will not be the case and they should use that as their selling point instead of acting like the Messiah of gaming.

GameSpawn1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Microsoft's reversal on the "Always Connected" requirement PROVES that their "Cloud Vision" was NOTHING but BUZZWORDS.

Microsoft was just trying to fool people into thinking they actually made something revolutionary when they actually haven't. Sony and all the now anti-Xbox One DRM supporters called Microsoft's bluff.

Sure SOME games can require a persistent online connection on the box and claim it is because they use cloud features that are required to play the game, but now that the persistent online connection is not mandatory it's mandatory for them to put it on the box, which subsequently reduces the amount of people they could possibly sell the game to and also situations where people are returning/selling the game because their internet connection is non-existent (aka they didn't read the f-ing box) or not up to snuff.

Microsoft has done very little to win anyone back. They have drastically lost the trust of many of their XBOX consumers (I personally know a few) that still refuse to buy the Xbox One because of how they were treated. At least when Sony was being pompous you were still getting a good product; Microsoft just came off as a pure prick with how they have handled this whole situation and this situation is one that a simple "sorry" will never fix.

DragonKnight1521d ago

The second they said "better than the PC version" they lost all credibility and are talking straight B.S.

If Cloud computing were so great, PC would have done it a LONG time ago. Smoke and Mirrors folks, Cloud Computing is the X1's version of PS3's 4D, 120FPS, 1080p promises from 2006.

Gamer19821521d ago

The issue with cloud computing as we will see this gen is bandwidth and also what it can actually do. It cant do what people think it can do. Its okay saying it can make the xbox one twice as powerful as the ps4 in theory but in reality it cannot render everything using the cloud only certain lighting etc when it comes to graphics. Plus to make the cloud really pump out the power needed to put out extra graphics on millions of consoles would put out some serious server stress costing Microsoft some serious money for servers you think those servers they talked about would be enough? Hell no!

There okay for online matchmaking but for the cloud computing people are thinking about they would need millions of servers if everybody really wanted the power of 2 ps4s.

I reckon cloud computing this generation will be used for gimmicks like in forza with the AI so Respawn are in 5 words "talking out of their asses" Also remember PC and PS4 has cloud in fact PC probably has the biggest cloud on the planet.

morganfell1521d ago

The idea of cloud computing was instituted by MS for one reason and one reason only.

The PS4 specs.

Cloud computing was originally designed for a single purpose and that was to provide and enforce DRM. When Sony made the specs of the PS4 available in February, too late for MS to alter their hardware design, MS latched onto the idea of selling the cloud as a way to compensate for the lower performance of the Xbox.

Turn 10 discussed the AI being provided by the cloud. Just what type of AI do you get offline? Experts, not salespeople and corporate moutpieces have examined the idea of cloud computing, which is very different from game streaming, and found it to be nonsense and in todays environment little more than a flight of fancy.

The link provided by MariaHelFutura is but one of many expert articles that debunk yet another attempt by MS to be less than truthful with potential buyers of the Xbox. All of which would have been unnecessary had they built a console free from DRM that focused on gaming first.

cell9891521d ago

in other words pure PR BS

pixelsword1521d ago

Wasn't there an article just like this a day or so ago? Why is the exact same thing out again?

BattleAxe1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

I think is very bizzar for Respawn to be saying this since they didn't show mind-blowing graphics or gameplay. Don't get me wrong, the game looks good, but I can't understand why they would have felt the need to make a game in this fashion, if there is actually anything to these claims to begin with.

I also think its crazy that they would have this game be only compatible with Windows 8 and to only be available on Games for Windows Live. Even stranger is why EA wouldn't have wanted that game to bolster their own Origin service. None of this makes any sense. Its almost like Respawn doesn't want to sell very many copies of the game.

specialguest1521d ago

So is The Cloud like the next gen's "The CELL" in terms of what it theoretically capable of doing?

ABizzel11521d ago

This is all PR BS. The one real advantage of the clous is what Gaikai and Onlive were doing, streaming games across the internet on more powerful hardware.

If you can do what Gaikai and Onlive were doing then there's no need to worry about moving some data to the cloud when the entire game can be sent to the cloud.

1521d ago

Notive they had not said it will look better, but that PC won't be as nice... I'm guessing this is not going to have anything to do with graphics, but that Cloud will be used to bigger multiplayer. Maybe something good like using the extra dedicated servers to apply some persistant features, maybe something lame like having 100s of players on Xbox One while they limit the number of player on their PC servers, hence making it "better on Xbox".

It could really be anything, but I'm guessing it's not graphics related because that's the area which will benefit the least out of distributed computing.

YNWA961521d ago

Yes bluex, if you go off it will be different. But gamers have a voice, you won, industry lost, bad day for everyone.... People actually thought they were smart.... Sure DRM was not perfect, but the rest of what xboxone offered is revolutionary to the industry.... Well done people.....

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aceitman1522d ago

but the big question now is , now that there is no more always on the internet how will cloud gaming be affected with systems not being online.

dantesparda1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

It wont be, notice how nobody is coming out and saying that their game is going to have to change because of it. It was all PR talk from ms, and the 24hr check in was just to kept tabs on you, to make sure you aint cheating them (DRM)

Virtual_Reality1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

Titanfall is a online game. It doesn't have offline mode.

But Xbox 360 is not using the ''POWAH OF THE CLOUD'', so this remain to been seen if X1 is actually better than PC with all the performance.

DOMination-1522d ago

I'm speculating but.. Single player games that take advantage of the cloud like Quantum Break will most likely still require an internet connection and will have to make that message very clear on the retail box. Obviously, TitanFall was an online only game anyway so that won't be affected.

There will also still be always online games, like Ubis games (The Division, The Crew, and rumoured Watchdogs and AC4) which are not cloud powered but you'll have to be connected online even when playing the single player game on both PS4 and X1. These are the types of games that people should be more concerned by.