Nippon Ichi Unveils PS3 Exclusive JRPG Battle Princess of Arcadias with Info and Screnshots Aplenty

It’s been a while since when we heard about Battle Princess of Arcadias (formerly codenamed Project: Arcadia) by Nippon Ichi, and today the Japanese software house fully unveiled the game, that will be a side scrolling action JRPG and will be released (in Japan) exclusively on PS3 on September the 26th.

The publisher also released a large batch

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Godmars2901642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

And where the frack were games like this six years ago!

Hell, this is Odin Sphere! Which only begs the question more!


Abriael1642d ago

Better late than never?

Arai1642d ago

I know right, then suddenly at the end of the console's cycle there's an onslaught of JPRGs.

But man this game looks cute as hell!

Abriael1642d ago

It's ok. My PS3 isn't going anywhere, that's for sure, especially given the lack of direct backwards compatibility :D

zerocrossing1642d ago

I know right? and I loved Odin Sphere!

Gonna get me this for sure! :D

Abriael1642d ago

we can only hope that it'll get released in the west, but being Nippon Ichi I'm hopeful.

ScubbaSteve1642d ago

I'm actually kind of curious if the number of jrpgs where you play as a little girl outnumber the number of jrpgs where you play as a guy of any age.

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DA_SHREDDER1642d ago

I just want a sequel to Skies of Arcadia. Nothing this gen even comes close to that game.

MegaLagann1642d ago

Looks like Odin Sphere mixed with Princess Crown with a dash of Valkyrie Profile...just bring it over here damnit...

OSIRUSSS1642d ago

Valkyrie Profile was so good! Highly underrated game!

ashiksorel1642d ago

There needs to more Side Scrolling RPGs in the industry. Glad to see this is starting to become a trend. Hope to see more of this titles gameplay.