Zombie Studios Discuss PS4 Development, F2P and Self-Publishing

While at E3, PSLS got a chance to speak with Brice Broaddus, the Art Director behind the upcoming Free-to-Play Blacklight: Retribution being developed by Zombie Studios for PS4 and PC. Read below to find out what he thought about Sony allowing self-publishing, the growing F2P market on the PS4 and what it was like porting over a PC game to the PS4, or check out our preview here.

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Wedge192010d ago

Everyone seems to be loving the self-pub route! I think if you can afford it, that's the way to go to maintain control of your creative design.

Ju2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

I think that's quite brave from Sony. And a huge shift in philosophy. It's mighty risky as well, but Apple seems to be quite successful with it. Why shouldn't it work on consoles. I hope it will. Cheaper prices and much more variety should be the result. The big pubs will need to adjust sooner or later I guess.

Dead_Cell2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

Instead of just buying exclusivity for a developers work Sony seems to be going all out to just make the console enjoyable and easy work for the developers, thus encouraging work to come to them. Smart move. The PS4 is being received entirely differently to how the PS3 was at this point.

Rhaigun2010d ago

Musicians, filmmakers and various other artists have been doing it for years. Its about time indie devs get to step out of the shadows and step into the limelight.

While many indie games have been released in the past, in order to get noticed, they had to offer their games super cheap, or even free to get noticed. Now, with services like Steam and PSN as platforms to showcase their work, they stand a greater chance of actually turning a profit from their hard work.

TrendyGamers2010d ago

It's yet another PS4 F2P that I'll be playing.

doctorstrange2010d ago

Better start saving. Oh wait.

wastedcells2010d ago

Surprised how much free to play is coming to PS4. Something like 2-3 games in the launch window and 2 at launch.

HammadTheBeast2010d ago

Blacklights actually really fun. It's fast paced, but also has a feeling of tactical game play, you can dominate without it being EZ mode, but you'll need skills.

dbjj120882010d ago

Excellent interview. Looking forward to playing this on PS4.

Virtual_Reality2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

The game is fun as a F2P. But I've heard it will have 4vs4 battles on PS4 instead 8vs8. Hopefully they increase the cap.

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