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State of Decay MMO follow-up Class4 still in negotiations with Microsoft

EuroGamer: "Despite State of Decay's rampant success on Xbox Live, the MMO follow-up, codenamed Class4, isn't a done deal." (Class4, PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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ainsleyharriott  +   438d ago
Well considering the success of state of decay on XBLA, it'd be silly not to take class 4 aboard.
Mystogan  +   438d ago
Yeah class 4 Is pretty much confirmed because of class3's success.
blackmanone  +   438d ago
All you young'uns don't even know it's class 2 that started it all. Don't even get me started on class 1, though, those old timers won't shut up about it. Now class 5? That's where greatness truly awaits.
WeaseL  +   438d ago
Can not wait for the beta testing to be done so I can get it on PC.
from the beach  +   438d ago
Make it happen, Microsoft.
gamertk421  +   438d ago
PFFT  +   438d ago
World of Decay baby!!!!!!! Make it happen MS!
despair  +   438d ago
It'll happen probably. The original is selling really well.
Shadonic  +   438d ago
fastest selling game on XBLA 550,000 +
despair  +   438d ago
well original game, don't forget the ridiculous sales minecraft did, but yea its definitely getting that MMO.
GusBricker  +   438d ago
They finally patched the game, too.

There was way too many seek and destroy missions popping up. It was getting crazy.
Excalibur  +   438d ago
Did the second patch get approved yet?
I read the other day it was in certification.

Edit to add

It's not out yet.

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GusBricker  +   438d ago
When I started up my game today, I had to update. 61 MBs
matrixman92  +   438d ago
are infestations fixed? I had to take a break from playing..it was getting very annoying
GusBricker  +   438d ago
After I did a seek and destroy, I didn't see anymore on the map.

There were still a lot of kill the armored/feral/boated zed missions, tho.
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Ace Killa 08  +   438d ago
I don't think so. But here's a site to explain it in detail.

I really dig Undead labs and their commitment.
Rivitur  +   438d ago
You would have thought it would have been a done deal because they have been talking about class 4 for years now.
spartanlemur  +   438d ago
As far as I can tell, the best things about SoD are the non-MMO elements. But then I wouldn't know as I own a PC and not an Xbox, and Microsoft enjoy abusing us like an embarrassing ex they're trying to push out of their life.
Still, from a purely business standpoint, Undead Labs would be better off ditching Microsoft altogether and either going multiplatform or PS4 exclusive. The Xbone is going to flop hard when it comes out, and any third party dev which clings to it with exclusivity will follow.

To be honest, DayZ is going to dominate the open world zombie MMO given its almost COD-like level of popularity, but the gap is there in the market for a solid single player experience, which SoD allegedly fills. Class4 could make more cash just being a non-MMO sequel with high-quality expansion packs.

I hope Undead Labs jump ship before they drown with the rest of the Xbone devs.

They'll lose the "state of decay" name, but I imagine if word gets out around the internet of a spiritual sequel by the same dev team, it will sell by the boatload.
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