State of Decay MMO follow-up Class4 still in negotiations with Microsoft

EuroGamer: "Despite State of Decay's rampant success on Xbox Live, the MMO follow-up, codenamed Class4, isn't a done deal."

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ainsleyharriott1108d ago

Well considering the success of state of decay on XBLA, it'd be silly not to take class 4 aboard.

Mystogan1108d ago

Yeah class 4 Is pretty much confirmed because of class3's success.

blackmanone1108d ago

All you young'uns don't even know it's class 2 that started it all. Don't even get me started on class 1, though, those old timers won't shut up about it. Now class 5? That's where greatness truly awaits.

WeaseL1108d ago

Can not wait for the beta testing to be done so I can get it on PC.

PFFT1108d ago

World of Decay baby!!!!!!! Make it happen MS!

despair1108d ago

It'll happen probably. The original is selling really well.

Shadonic1108d ago

fastest selling game on XBLA 550,000 +

despair1108d ago

well original game, don't forget the ridiculous sales minecraft did, but yea its definitely getting that MMO.

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