Sony: We were 'running up and down the aisles' when Xbox One was revealed at $499

Sony's Scott Rohde has revealed that when Microsoft announced the Xbox One's $499 price point at E3 that Sony employees rehearsing their E3 presentation 'running up and down the aisles' with happiness as they knew it bode well for the PS4.

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Moonman1586d ago

Great to know! If you look at how PS4 is straight dominating amazon now....WOW! Look at all those PS4's!

sunnygrg1586d ago

I ran up and down the aisle too, and I don't even work for Sony. It was the final nail in the coffin to avoid the Xbox One.

Army_of_Darkness1586d ago

"The developers said what they wanted, eight gigs of the fastest ram available, all these things that developers wanted, still managed to do that in a machine that was super slick looking and still did it for $399 and that’s why it’s a moment we’re very proud of. That was accentuated when our competitors announced that theirs was $499"

When I heard $399! I was like " Yeeeeaaaah!! F$#K yeeeah!!!" my GF was laughing at me cause I was doing lui Kang's bicycle kick on the bed at the same time...

Gameatholon1586d ago

That was pretty funny, bubbles mate for making me chuckle.

Totally wish I could share this on face book without actually losing the animation.

turgore1586d ago

That better be the middle finger.

Kevin ButIer1586d ago

For 499 you get a game and 1 year of PS+... thats sick... Xbox doesn't stand a chance, you got to be a Forza hardcore or something similar to get the One at launch...

Boody-Bandit1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

Kevin Butler
"you got to be a Forza hardcore or something similar to get a ONE at launch..."

I'm a hardcore Forza fan and I'm not getting the X1. Trust me when I say I'm not happy about it but I'm not taking it up the backside by this (MS) smug arrogant company a minute longer. I jumped ship and I'm heading to the land of Sony.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

awww xbox still not sold out since 3 days ago???


I hope xbox manages to beat the Last Of Us in the uk.
ha ha

But the ps4 version of watch dogs might beat xbox one


ps4 #1 in usa:

#1 in germany

#1 in uk:

#1 in france:

#1 in spain: xbox is #15 in spain lol

#1 in italy:

komp1586d ago

ROFL A Nintendo 3ds power adapter is ranked higher than an "Xbox One Console"

Foxgod1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

So now all of a sudden the ranked twice is not an argument anymore, because its the XB1 thats ranked twice instead of the ps4.... )UK'

Skips1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )



Who cares!?!?!

PS4 is still NUMBER 1 in the UK while Xbox One is only #4 and #9.

Even The Last Of Us is ahead of it. XD

HyperBear1586d ago

Amazon Canada is such a joke. Firstly, they only make the Xbox One allowed to be pre-ordered and then never put the PS4 up for pre-order and now it's too late. Good thing EB Games is popular in Canada, or else I'd be pissed.

However, the fact that the PS4 is still in #2 spot on Amazon Canada without even having any pre-orders being taken is still incredible!

hellzsupernova1586d ago

It's number one in New Zealand too!

showtimefolks1586d ago


ps4 being successful is a given but you know what i am excited by, its the fact last of us is selling quite well. ND deserve all the sales they get for a master piece

I hope LOU sells atleast 5 million plus

i saw advertisement at superman movie and on

so sony has gotten better

$399 sony's ps4 vs $499 ms xbox one, thing is sony's ps brand is much stronger world wide compare to Xbox and its kind of understandable since PS brand has been in existence for much longer, ps3 was out selling xbox360 even when it was $599 so now that's its cheaper what makes anyone think xbox one will outsell ps4.

ps4 will outsell xbox one from day one and i don't think ms will ever be able to catch or pass ps4's sales number next gen. That doesn't mean xbox one won't be successful, i am sure it will sell well enough

this is the way i see it

xbox one

bjmartynhak1586d ago

"#1 in spain: xbox is #15 in spain lol "

Wroooooooong! #17 now

Killzone Mercenary and Jak&Daxter for vita are ahead in Spain


k2d1586d ago

@Foxgod: How much do MS pay to you smack the PS4? In MS points?

hawkeyejonjon1586d ago

That is pretty funny that Call of Duty Ghosts is pre-ordered more in the UK for the PS4 than the Xbox One version. Guess the timed exclusive isn't helping the Xbox One

abzdine1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

it felt down to 17 in Spain in no time !
it's #1 in Scandinavian countries as well!

Greatness awaits

Kevin ButIer1586d ago

LOL spain must be the PS heaven

Akuma2K1585d ago

That is amazing and i think its only gonna get worse for Microsoft as the launch month approaches (assuming the ps4 launches simultaneously with xbone), the ps4 is gonna be sold out for awhile unless sony can meet demand in the inital first batch of consoles.

But to see that the xbone still hasn't sold out since pre-orders was announced for the console sends one hell of a loud message that gamers aren't falling microsoft's BS this time around no matter what.

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HammadTheBeast1586d ago

7 PS4 models all in the Top 10. Wow.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1586d ago

The last of us is the only western game in japan top 10.

Now that's awsome.

T21586d ago

Just subbed to ps plus today ... Bring it on

ShwankyShpanky1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

One thing that I find really striking was the difference in the Sony and MS stages at E3.

The Sony stage was head and shoulders above the MS stage in terms of style, sophistication, and impact.

cell9891586d ago

Plus the Sony guys were all classy, dressed up on their biz suits, very professional. That one guy who announced the xbox price was dressed like a highschooler

That-Guy1586d ago

Even the crickets left the XBox conference.

Grown Folks Talk1586d ago

Funny. You actually heard cheering during the Xbox conference. The only time the crowd reacted during Sony's was used game details & price. You could hear Janet Jackson speak during game announcements.

Protagonist1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

Hahahaha that is freaking funny ;)))) "we will start over"

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PSjesus1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

Am i the only one who ordered Knack edition,this game made by the guy who supervise top SEGA and PS selling games(Sonic,Crash,Spyro,JAK,UC ....)

PLAYWATCH1586d ago

I agree. I'm probably going to get Knack. It looks very original and looks to be filled with fresh ideas. This game deserves some attention.

Jeff2571586d ago

I got the Knack edition too. Also got a second controller. Will get some game preordered at Gamestop and also get the Eye at some point too.

cell9891586d ago

Cerny is a master level 99 when it comes to videogames. His current game is aimed at all ages more family friendly. Sony always aims at all demographics from kids to adults, I'm getting knack for the nephews

Dissidia1586d ago

Nope, I pre-ordered the Knack Edition too. I feel like it's not as well known as say Watch Dogs and Battlefield.

That'd explain why the PS4 Knack Launch Edition only at #35 on Amazon.
Even still that's the launch game calling out to me the most.

bjmartynhak1586d ago

I`m waiting to see more gameplay showing more different mechanics. I really liked the concept, but so far it looks too repetitive. Hope to be wrong

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GraveLord1586d ago

It's also dominating Gamestop(both online and in-store pre-orders).

karl1586d ago

dammit i cant decide if i should buy the battlefield edition or the killzone one...

i mean to keep the box so is kinda important

sourav931586d ago

I'd personally go for the Killzone version

LakerGamerEnthusiast1585d ago

I personally Pre-ordered the PS4, KZ:SF, and PS+ Edition on Amazon.. and got BF4, and Watch Dogs Separately. but I would go with the killzone version. especially if PS+ is included.

mistecheese1585d ago

such great...looking games...c-can't...d-d-deci de...[self destructs]

Cyfyxtfg1586d ago

xbox is second -_- whys that so bad. the ps4 is cheaper so of course its gonna sell alot more at first

PLAYWATCH1586d ago

How ironic to hear that from an apparent Xbox fan. How times have changed.

cell9891586d ago

Lol the irony.. From an Xbox fan

Cyfyxtfg1586d ago

Playstation fans are the thirtiest coons ive ever seen. lol i was all for ps4 until i literally (and im not lying) dozed off on the e3 press conference. xbox has better games at launch. but ill be getting a ps4 later anyway so doesnt matter. By fanboy you guys mean fan of video games and yes i am. and the price has ALOT to do with those pre orders. lets be logical people here please. im the furthest thing from a fanboy. logic is all that is needed to see that

evilbart1586d ago

Lol now he is talking about logic this butthurt fanboy is the best I have seen here in a while

James-GAMES1586d ago

It's more than the price, it also the fact that sony does not have a used game policy, or require an internet connection every 24 hours to play your game. Also the ps4 has a great launch lineup.

madara0sama1586d ago

Cheaper? You forgot more powerful among various other reasons such as no online bs, free use of used games, etc. You wouldn't support DRM on dvd and bluray movies would you? Why would you support that on consoles. Open your eyes for the next time it will be online only.

Cyfyxtfg1586d ago Show
squallheart1585d ago

Broke? My how the tables have turned. We bought the ps3 when it was 599. Now that its 399 because we don't want to buy the xbox for 499 it means were broke. No my good sir, it just means we are using logic. Logic in picking a console that has more raw power, intriguing exclusives and is looking out for the consumer without implementing horrible policies. Just because something is expensive doesn't make it better. I saw the xbox conference. The only thing interesting was quantum break and i bet they tossed in that cg halo for the heck of it because every game was multi or on pc. Not to mention they demoed every game on a pc dev kit instead of their xbox dev one.

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dontbhatin1586d ago

yeah i went to gamestop today and heard from a friend that they only had 3 xbox's available for preorder and i didnt believe it. so i asked the lady and she said its true but they only have 24 for the release! LOL i asked why and she said cause of all the hate its getting they dont want to be stuck with so much stock thats what alot of gamestops are doing apparently from what she said. and shes the store manager. I also asked how many ps4's they have available to preorder and she said 32 out of 97 were still available. XBOX ONE IS DOOMED UNFORTUNATELY.

cell9891586d ago

Why would GameStop give any priority to Xbox after Microsoft almost murdered them, had it not been from Sony

ceballos77mx1586d ago

I'm surprised that they're even supporting it at all since they want to run them out of business.

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1586d ago
Jeff2571586d ago

Where is the Knack Bundle? Don't tell me I was the only one to buy one so far. Lol Anyway great to see the PS4 doing so well. I'm just glad because I bought the bundle I get a launch day guarantee.

showtimefolks1586d ago

here is my question is xbox one really more costly to make than ps4? even though reports says ps4 is more powerful than xbox one

so what gives how come a system using more expensive ram and more powerful cheaper than xbox one?

if someone could explain without the fanboys attitude that would be appreciated, legit question since many sites reporting differently

lsujester1586d ago

I wanted to answer this last night, but my work computer refused to correctly load N4G.

There is no way to know until someone can get costs from the manufacturers, which may take a while.

However, if I to guess the biggest difference is the fact that the camera is included on the Xbox One. With the specs it has, I doubt it is an extremely cheap part. Other than that, it's hard to tell. Sony has some slightly more expensive internals, but MS has a bigger box and external power supply.

BattleTorn1586d ago

Sony is a hardware company.

Skeith1586d ago

Holy crap !!!
Amazon is the PlayStation Nation !!!

Dunpeal1586d ago

is it just my imagination or has day one Xbone STILLLLLLLLLLLLL not sold out???


TheXgamerLive1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

It does so much more than the ps4. The price is good and easily justified and as time goes and people see all it does it sales will sky rocket, as will the ps4. I

I think both systems are going to be great and gaming will be all the more better or it.

jmc88881586d ago

Guess this will fit in here...

But if you look on Amazon you have PS4 packages garnering the 1,3,5,6,8th positions.

True Xbox One has #2, but that's ALL of it combined.

But people have pointed that out so I wanted to give you some other thoughts.

If the xbox one is selling so good....

Then why is the PS4 camera sold more than the top rated Xbox One game. That's right, more PS4 cameras then Forza 5. Sony hasn't even talked about the PS4 camera really.

PS4 has four games in the top 20. Xbox One has 0. Their best, again, is Forza at #22.

The funny thing is if you look on the right, the most 'wished for' thing is the Xbox One and 3rd most wished for is the PS4. Because obviously these were wishes from before the knowledge of what MS was trying to pull on its customers. Now that people know the downsides (drm, spying, etc). Know it's $100 more and yet the PS4 is also has 50-125 percent more raw power those wishes are not translating into sales.

Forza 5 is #22
Battlefield 4 is #28
Dead Rising is #31
Call of Duty is #33
Ryse is #36
Destiny on xbox is #47
Watch Dogs on xbox is #69
Kinect Sports: Rivals is #77
Titanfall on xbox is #99
Madden on xbox is not listed in top 100

On PS4
Watch Dogs is #11 (58 spots higher)
Battlefield 4 is #14 (14 spots higher)
Killzone Shadow Fall is #17
Desinty is #18 (29 spots higher)
Infamous Second Son #26
Call of Duty is #32 (1 spot higher)
Final Fantasy XV #41
Kingdom Hearts III #42
Knack is #56
The Order: 1886 is #63
Madden 25 #81
Fifa 14 #92

So as you can see here the PS4 games are selling much stronger. Games like Watchdogs, Destiny, and Battlefield 4 are selling much more on PS4.

PSN network cards are #7 and #12 compared to #15 and #16 for Xbox live.

Dual Shock 4 controllers is #9
Xbox one controller is #23

So in other words, at least for Amazon, PS4 is absolutely tearing a new asshole on the xbox one.

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jaredhart1586d ago

I bet they were. You could tell at the sony presentation that they were giddy. If sony had gone first, what do you think Microsoft would have done in response?

NameRemoved00171586d ago

Seeing the intelligence of Don Mattrick I think they would of raised the price $600 if Sony went first because that man is just that stupid.

NegativeCreep4271586d ago

After all, that man was narcissistic enough to essentially say to all the critics who say that the Xbox One will fail all the soldiers whom that are not in internet-prime territories that:

"The soldiers should fight a war in a country with better internet"

...Certified Douchebag!

HammadTheBeast1586d ago

I was scared near the end, 5 minutes left and no price announced.....



*Mic dropped*

NameRemoved00171586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

The only thing that can ever top PS4 price being $399 is Gabe Newell announcing Half Life 3.

NarooN1586d ago


Nah, I wouldn't even care about a HL3 announcement now. It's been put on the backburner for far too long. I wasn't even excited when Black Mesa got released. Delay something too long, people will lose interest.

That PS4 price reveal will be more legendary than the original "$599 US Dollars" fiasco from way back when, however.