Battlefield 4 vehicle customization screenshots

New Battlefield 4 screenshots show the detail and depth of vehicle customization.

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REDGUM1735d ago

Really looking forward to this game.
Gameplay &
Teamwork will all make this game brilliant & so emersive.

3-4-51735d ago

^ just started the game. can't wait for BF4

sovietsoldier1735d ago

vehicle camo's yes yes yes!!!!

titletownrelo1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

i know this is just the alpha and a lot is missing at this point, but hopefully there will be some brand new vehicle unlocks. Because as of now, everyone of those attachments are in BF3.

mistecheese1735d ago

yeah I noticed that too, it'll be really disappointing if there aren't any new ones.

But still, paints for vehicles! :D