Platform holders refuse to comment on Byron Report

Videogaming247 is reporting that both SCEE and Nintendo have said they will be making no comment on today's Byron report.

"There's no comment and no one will be offering comment - it's an industry issue and therefore we are referring everyone to ELSPA," said a Nintendo UK spokesperson.

"I'm afraid we will not be making any comment on the Byron report," said a SCEE rep. "As this is a games industry issue rather than a Sony-specific one, it may be worth speaking to ELSPA instead."

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gigakain3648d ago

Commenting on this quack is just what she wants. I'm glad the platform holders don't consider her opinions important enough to make a statement.

This lady is just another self righteous bimbo trying to make excuses for parents that are too lazy to parent their children. Does she have any books on Ebay? heheh lol.

Commando473648d ago

Congratulations on spending the hard earned tax dollars of the fair British people just to get the same result that the witch hunters in the US have been saying for the past 10 years. Thank you for providing a scapegoat for murderous teenagers. Thank you for providing lazy and unworthy parents an excuse to be lazy.

Ms Byron you are a hero of the young children, but rest assured that your ugly horse face will be a parody of gamers for years to come. You can ask the pimp known as Elliot Spitzer and the other "child psychologist" Cooper Lawrence what happened after they made "smart and insightful" comments about videogames.

And thank you for being an unqualified piece of political trash that sleeps with the BBFC and videogame legislators for a living.