AMD three-core Phenom X3 CPUs announced

AMD just announced its tri-core Phenom X3s, a new CPU line targeted at those unable to afford quad-core processors… really.

Looking to satisfy the budget core junkie, AMD's new Phenom X3s seek to bring affordable but powerful computing to the average computer. "The value proposition is simple. Three cores versus two cores. You make the choice," said Pat Moorehead, VP of Advanced Marketing at AMD. This, of course, occurs right before Intel's developer's conference

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gw4k3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

AMD is behind in the CPU market. They may have something great up their sleaves but this isn't it. I build my own systems and the price of a Intel QuadCore is extremely affordable.

Trust me, go with intel on this.

My quadcore intel system rocks!

Addition: I think it is funny how AMD says, three cores VS two. Make up your own mind. haha That is funny. Namely because there are very few programs and games at the moment that even use two cores. You might as well spend an extra $50 bucks and get a quad!

That is like having a V5 in a truck. What the heck? Go with at least a V6!

ruibing3705d ago

It'll depend on pricing and performance, but it's actually a smart move. If for example during the fabrication process, one of the cores has errors, they can now just disable it instead of just throwing it away and sell it as a tri-core. It helps improves their yields and gives them more offerings at very little additional overhead.

HasanRaza3705d ago

of course it will depend on pricing and performence may be it can stand out against intel