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PS4 Vs. Xbox One: Amazon Splits PlayStation 4 Preorder Page

Amazon adds to Microsoft’s list of problems: The Sony PS4 preorder page is firmly in first place on the online retail giant’s list of best-selling video games. The Xbox One falls to second place, but the PlayStation 4 also pops up in third place on the list. Amazon now claims they may not be able to promise PS4 delivery on the launch date due to overwhelming demand. (Microsoft, PS4, Tag Invalid, Xbox One)

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Walker  +   893d ago | Well said
Go PS4, Go Go Go !
komp  +   893d ago | Funny
I think by now we should make a few changes on n4g.

The agree button should be the ps4 logo and the disagree should be the xbox one.
bonafide732  +   893d ago
legionsoup  +   893d ago
Genuinely the funniest thing I've ever read on this site! lol
Dee_91  +   893d ago | Well said
To be honest im surprised XBox One is even in the top 5.Guess alot of people dont care lol
abzdine  +   893d ago
I'm telling ya guys one more time, PS2 is back!!!

Greatness awaits
WalterWJR  +   893d ago | Funny
komp  +   893d ago
Oh, well done WalterWJR. I lol'ed hard :)
No FanS Land  +   893d ago

Who knows, maybe the PS4 is at for example, 500 000 preorders, and the X one only at 100 000 then the Ps4 (non day one delivery) would be at 80 000. There could be a great distance between both positions.
blackbeld  +   893d ago
"The Sony PS4 preorder page is firmly in first place on the online retail giant’s list of best-selling video games. The Xbox One falls to second place, but the PlayStation 4 also pops up in third place on the list. Amazon now claims they may not be able to promise PS4 delivery on the launch date due to overwhelming demand.

Amazon was forced to split the PS4 preorder product listing into two due to high demand. Amazon also listed the following “Product Alert” on the PS4 preorder page: “The standard version of the PlayStation 4 is identical to the Launch Edition. Due to high demand, we cannot guarantee Release-Date Delivery on the standard version of the PlayStation 4. We will deliver the standard version of PlayStation 4 as close to its release date as possible.”

WOW Sony does a great job at E3.

OT that was funny. :)

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KwietStorm  +   893d ago
I'm all for calming the fanboy waters around here, but that was funny as hell.
THE-COMMANDER  +   893d ago
LOL nice one!
HumanAfterAll  +   893d ago
In my opinion the Agree should be "Gamer" because it shouldn't matter what you play on as long as your gaming.

The Disagree should say "Fanboy"

Kevin ButIer  +   893d ago
If the dualshock 4 outplace the One... pfff
Gameatholon  +   893d ago
I think there names should show up when they disagree with you, that way you can ask them why and have a healthy discussion and or a debate. :)

But then reality kicks in, and it would just lead to a super form of trolling.
Tapani  +   893d ago
Well said, sir!
Bathyj  +   892d ago
wow. 310 agrees.

my only hope is my bubbling you up as funny, actually makes you gain a bible
WalterWJR  +   893d ago
Don't thank me, thank Sony because without them none of this would be possible.

Haha jokes aside I am really happy that playstation is taking us back to the wonder days.
kraigslist_killa  +   893d ago
Damn...perfect. lol
ajax17  +   893d ago
I hope Sony reacts to this and increases production for more launch PS4's.
3-4-5  +   893d ago
Why do people act like Microsoft didn't show anything good...like they didn't show some really cool games?

I get it, it's not only cool to hate on Microsoft..it's not really cool...

Sony won...hands down..not even close, and Microsoft needs to stop being so out of touch and arrogant, but they didn't completely fail.

You are all starting to sound like fanboys now and it's just annoying.

I've always been an xbox/Nintendo gamer, but this may be the first year I get PS4....they've just done too much correct for me to even think of ignoring it.

* XB1 controller is awesome, because 360 is arguably the best and most comfortable ever made.

* I hated Dual shock, but they seem to have fixed the analog and triggers so maybe I'll like it.

People need to be more open minded and balanced with their opinions, otherwise it comes across as just copying what everyone else is doing.

And BTW that comment about the agree = PS4 was funny.
Hicken  +   893d ago
You must not be paying attention.

Plenty of people from both sides- Sony AND MS- and the middle have said the XBOne had some nice stuff shown off. Me, personally, I thought TitanFall looked super badass.

But that doesn't suddenly erase the negatives. Yet Microsoft and many sites out there- and many fanboys here and elsewhere- would have us ignore the always online or forced Kinect as if they didn't matter.

They do.

And they matter more than a few games.

It would be like the US launching a nuke at China, but hitting New York instead, and then people saying, "Well, a few people probably survived, and they didn't kill anybody anywhere else in the country, so it wasn't ALL bad."

No shit. It wasn't ALL bad. But that little bit of good news doesn't make the bad better.
MuleKick  +   893d ago
Microsoft's system does have some very cool features and games. That's true. But they did alot wrong in my opinion. They were never getting my money but I think they may have some issues getting other peoples money with the mess they pooped out.
mediate-this  +   893d ago
Hey I like sony as much as everyone, but sony has not won anything yet. I know sony is trying hard to appease the gamers, but what will you say after all that hard work? after all this micro hate, that micro and sony are even in sales, or micro on top?

Micro is a business and they will try things that seem greedy, but its the people who are voting with their wallets, people can talk about how micro screws the gamers but if micro sells a bunch of systems all that hate is for naught.

Your counting your chickens before they hatch.

With that being said, I pre-ordered both, a few games I want on xbone but sony has the franchises I like.
MikeMyers  +   893d ago
"It would be like the US launching a nuke at China, but hitting New York instead, and then people saying, "Well, a few people probably survived, and they didn't kill anybody anywhere else in the country, so it wasn't ALL bad.""

Wow, now videogames are serious business folks. You heard it right here, the Xbox One is just like world war 3. Which is actually ironic seeing as for many years on N4G it has been a war of both sides because some people have taken this very serious well before the Xbox One came out.
ThanatosDMC  +   893d ago
That's your opinion about the 360 controller. The dualshock design didnt win all those awards for no reason.

The only good game that's exclusive to Xbone was Dead Rising 3. I hope it's more survival than killing zombies while riding on a tiny bicycle.

I hope Titanfall didnt get your attention because that was not a mech but a giant human model. It's UT3's giant mod basically. I'd be happier if it was actually a mech and not that giant model trash. They should have gone with Hawken type mechs but they're too lazy for that i guess.
spartanlemur  +   893d ago
The tragic thing is that Ryse is never going to be enjoyed by most gamers due to its presence on a platform which seems set to tank.
rainslacker  +   893d ago
MS showed some great games. I won't ever say they didn't. And if this weren't a console release E3, particularly between two big competitors, then MS would have "won" hands down...although subjectively I can see the argument that most of what they showed wasn't exclusive.

However, this was a console release E3, and they failed miserably in garnering the gamers attention towards it because of the restrictions and policies they have in place for the console reported two weeks prior.

Leading up to E3, the number one subject has been these policies, hell it's what's mostly being talked about now despite all the great games shown by all of the Big 3. But MS didn't mention them once during their presentation. Sony spent less than 10 minutes mentioning their policy and won...because it was the only thing on everyone's mind.

Since MS didn't address the concerns at the conference, the games didn't matter. For the first time in my life the games didn't matter for a console, and to me that is more telling of the direction MS wants to go than anything they had at the show or reveal.
Psn800  +   893d ago
Console war is over it's oveeeeeer .
fsfsxii   893d ago | Bad language | show
Zoomer76  +   893d ago
I'm happy for you mate, you must have a few shares in Sony to get so excited about pre-orders
batbatz  +   893d ago
Prcko  +   893d ago
Like Hotcakes,as i said
Minato-Namikaze  +   893d ago
More like Girl Scout cookies. Why even try to fight momentum? lol
Anon1974  +   893d ago
Certainly it's nice to see consumers responding well to the PS4, but I wish these articles would include actual numbers. As is, these "Oooh! Amazon or Blockbuster Preorder!" articles are quite meaningless without actual context.
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   893d ago
so trueee. and in that same respect, can we get some ps3 vs 360 numbers as well? neither company seemed to mention it at e3.
Perjoss  +   893d ago
except it wont burn your fingers!
chikane  +   893d ago
Nice Ps4
Godmars290  +   893d ago
XBO may actually sell because the PS4 is out of stock.

And no don't say something like that wont happen: we are talking about - CONSUMERS!
Minato-Namikaze  +   893d ago
But they can just order the standard edition. Only the launch edition is out of stock.
abzdine  +   893d ago
People aren't buying it for a reason. No way you or me will buy one just cause no PS4 available.

Greatness awaits
Godmars290  +   893d ago
What the in the launch edition? What does it have?

Really, all I'm hearing is something like getting achievement points for turning the thing on.
MonkeyNinja  +   893d ago
Amazon said themselves that “The standard version of the PlayStation 4 is identical to the Launch Edition."

The only difference is that the "launch edition" will be received on launch day of PS4, while the standard edition may be delayed due to high demand.
AznGaara  +   893d ago
Ps4 is out of stock? Sure let me spend $100 more on an xBone.

Said no one ever. Glad I reserved my launch Ps4 on time :)
Hercules189  +   893d ago
Oh look, the ps3 was $200 more and had no games at launch, but thats ok bcus it had blue ray, even tho noone knew what it was at the time.
Drekken  +   893d ago
Hercules189 - You can't compare the two. The PS3 was actually a good console from day 1. Anyone with a brain knew what Bluray was.
Patrick  +   893d ago
@ Hercules189
" but thats ok bcus it had blue ray, even tho noone knew what it was at the time."

If by no one you mean my grandmother, then yes no one knew what Blu-ray was. But... if you mean anyone that actually knew what a PS3 was, then no your wrong and are just trying to hard.

Greatness Awaits and U R NOT (red)E
PiperMCFierceson   893d ago | Spam
H3ADWOUND81  +   893d ago
No way, ps4 is worth the wait.. That's like saying all the blu-ray players are sold out so people are gonna revert to buying VHS boxes.. Makes no sense..
rainslacker  +   893d ago
I think he's referring to the mainstream consumer. On black Friday when people go to buy little Jimmy a new game machine, if the PS4 is out of stock, they could pick up the X1. However, $500 is hard pill to swallow, so they may look more towards the Wii U as an alternative.

It's really hard to say now. Most parents nowadays grew up around video games in some way, so may be more prone to realizing there is a difference between systems.

Time will tell.
Majin-vegeta  +   893d ago
Could this be the fastest selling console ever?:0

What's the difference between the launch and standard edition??
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SpinalRemains  +   893d ago
The day on which you receive it.

The machines are identical.
Goldenarmz  +   893d ago
In theory, the Launce edition may be delivered on Dec 31st where as the Standard may be delivered on Jan 1st or 2nd. Its just them saying you wont get it on launch day but the systems are the same.
jmc8888  +   893d ago
Dec 31st is a placeholder date.

It should release sooner than that, and it would not surprise me to see it release before the xbox one. Even IF, and I do think it is an IF, Xbox One releases on time.
GamersRulz  +   893d ago
If MS lose the US, then its over.
wishingW3L  +   893d ago
US was their only stronghold. lol
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SpinalRemains  +   893d ago
Guess it wasn't so strong.
NeXXXuS  +   893d ago
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Omar91  +   893d ago
How is this good news?
People who pre ordered the launch edtion may not get it at launch :(. This blows!
GamersRulz  +   893d ago
it means that there is HUGE demand for the system. simple.
wishingW3L  +   893d ago
launch editions are launch edition and those were over after like 4 hours after the conference. Did you pre-order the launch edition last Monday or are you confusing the launch edition with the standard one?
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GamersRulz  +   893d ago
no there was only PS4 page at first " no launch, no standard" but Amazon had to split it into two pages because of the huge demand on the system. if you received an email from amazon telling you than you ordered the launch edition, that means a guaranteed launch day delivery.
SpinalRemains  +   893d ago

Ppl who ordered the launch edition are guaranteed to get it at launch. Hence the change to the name.

Standard editions are not guaranteed to be delivered on launch.
Omar91  +   893d ago
Well yea besides the fact that there is a huge demand for the system (which is great) I thought I read that even for those who purchased the launch edition may not be guaranteed a console at launch. Thats what made me upset.
Snookies12  +   893d ago
Nope, no worries. If you got the launch edition, you're set for a launch system.
GraveLord  +   893d ago
They will get it at launch just not release day. It really depends on how lucky you are. Also like the people below said, it means there is high demand for the PS4 seeing as how it is not only #1 on the list but also #3. There are 2 PS4 consoles in the top 20 and only 1 Xbox One console.
ceejaa  +   893d ago
as far as launch edition. I got a confirmation letter from amazon letting me know I have launch edition. I ordered mine within 10 mins of being online. I think if you ordered in the first 24 hours your good to go
rainslacker  +   893d ago
I think they split them up after about 16 hours. It says I ordered the launch edition if I click on the lauch tab, but haven't gotten an email from Amazon to confirm it. Dunno if they're sending it out in waves or not. Might have to email them to confirm, because I ordered mine within seconds of it being available. I have one preordered through gamestop as well. Backup plan and all.:)
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TheFallenAngel  +   893d ago
Leave me a ps4 to pre order people! I get paid today so I'm pre ordering later on today
GraveLord  +   893d ago
Actually when you pre-order from Amazon, they don't charge your bank account/credit card until the item ships. So you can pre-order now.....
TheFallenAngel  +   893d ago
I didn't know that! I thought you had to put like a deposit but hell I'm pre ordering now
rainslacker  +   893d ago
I think you can still preorder at best buy as well. You can select ship to store for launch day pickup. I do believe they charge your card immediately though.
Snarkasaur  +   893d ago
Amazon numbers are weird...like, why is Maw, a game that's years old, on the top five sellers? That's crackers.
SexyGamerDude  +   893d ago
Maybe people still play the game.
GraveLord  +   893d ago
Got a discount
rainslacker  +   893d ago
Amazon best sellers are how quickly something sells within a timeframe, not how many sell altogether, although those numbers are somewhat linked.
banjadude  +   893d ago
All of this attention on the PS4, reminds me of the launch period for the Playstation 2; I hope Sony gets the sales #s they truly want/deserve!
KwietStorm  +   893d ago
Except instead of reports of the capability to set off ground to air missiles, it'll be upgraded to chemical warfare.
banjadude  +   891d ago
Haha, oh yeah! I forgot about that crazy rumor. I think Sadam Hussein (sp?) was also linked to that rumor??
pop-voxuli  +   893d ago
18:1 ratio, damn thats crazy!!!
FFXI101  +   893d ago
Yeah, I wonder what's the number from GameStop. As far as I know one of the local gamestop is 3:1
SpinalRemains  +   893d ago
Amazon is essentially a microcosm of consumers around the globe.

If Amazon's ratio is currently 18:1, PS4, then we cam safely assume the global ratio at launch will be around 15:1.

This Gen is not going to be competitive at all. At least not at first.
Captain Qwark 9  +   893d ago
i think once the x1 is out there and people realize how it works and its not as bad as the internet would make it seem, sales will pick up from word of mouth. i wouldnt count MS out yet. there is also still more than enough interest in the console from others such as myself to help spread positive word about it to people in real life, assuming it turns out to be a good console which im certain it will.

overall i think there is still too much confusion even with that page on xbox's website trying to explain it. for example, family sharing is still unclear. from the sounds of it, family sharing could be awesome but it doesnt explain exactly how somebody is considered "family" or the restrictions on that.

wait and see...
Goldenarmz  +   893d ago
The only thing that will trully hurt them is the price, yes the hard core gamer will see no difference. But that Single Mother, or family may go and see that the Xbone is 100 dollars more will more than likely go for the PS4. That $100 difference is a big deterrent for some people.
Minato-Namikaze  +   893d ago
Explain to me how it's not as bad as it seems? The thing wont even work in every country at launch, and you cant even trade or rent games at launch either.
pop-voxuli  +   893d ago
I honestly wouldn't count on "word of mouth" to anything positive for the XBone, If anything its gonna do the exact opposite.
Captain Qwark 9  +   893d ago

agree. the price will hurt it with the average consumer


certain features wont work in certain territories at launch but thats not an unsual thing. its happened before.

and trading/renting games isnt a big deal to some. i never trade games in and ive rented like 2 games in 2 years. neither of those bother me, neither does the drm or online requirement. the price is the only thing that even mildly plays a factor in it but even so, i think its going to be a great gaming system and its exclusive line up really appeals to me more so than sony by a wide margin. you can still share games easily with friends, just link them to your gamertag as a family member and if* you feel the need to trade a game in, you still can its just not going to be as easy as it is on ps4.

lastly, if the system releases and its pros begin to outweigh the cons then people will spread positive word on it. however until its released and people begin to be 100% clear on how everything works then the only press its going to get is the raging internet, who cant seem to see past "drm" and take a minute to think about how they use their console, how those restrictions will effect them personally, etc. as an example, my 360 has been offline a total of 4 days prob since i got it in '05 therefore check ins i wont even notice and worst case scenario, i use my phone to do it. i dont buy used unless the game is unavailable but ms is claiming all games will be sold digitally too so that wont be a factor anymore, and i rarely trade games with friends as were all adults now and buy our own games whenever. that said, i will add a close friend or two to my "family" giving them access to my games.
SpinalRemains  +   893d ago
You may be absolutely correct.

Their launch though, is going to set the tone for the first year and a half.

PS3 had a problem riddled launch, but it was selling. Xbox One may sell out their launches and then remain stagnant. The policies are that bad. Ita more expensive too.

Anything can indeed happen as the Gen will no doubt be 7 years minimum, but we can all agree that Xbox One is nothing short of a catastrophe right now.
Early supporters are just that. Regardless.
jmc8888  +   893d ago
Except it IS as bad as internet says it is. Because it isn't 'the internet' that is saying it, but people, armed with facts.

The Kinect 2 will spy on you, they just are trying to tell you...you can turn this or that off...but it still has to be plugged in. Why? Because they are still going to comply with the FISA courts...which aren't constitutional. The gov't wants everyone's data, and is capturing it all so they can use something very similar to google to search it.

They admitted to it, by saying they comply with all court orders (meaning yes it's possible and will occur)...they just didn't tell you if that court follows the constitution or if that court was outside the bounds of the constitution, which is what the FISA court is.
rainslacker  +   893d ago
I doubt the negative word of mouth is going to stop on release. Leading up to the launch, negative perceptions are going to hurt X1 more than the good ones are going to help after. After launch the negative ones are going to get louder when the people who don't keep up with stuff realize what it is they've brought. See SimCity for reference.
The Meerkat  +   893d ago
I'll buy an Xbone once MS go into full panik mode.

They'll half the price and drop the DRM.
GamersHeaven  +   893d ago
Sony is back in full glory.
LNDCalling  +   893d ago
LNDCalling  +   890d ago
LOL I get disagrees because I agree that “Sony is back in full glory”?

They are!... this is the Sony I remember, a PS2 era Sony and no amount of disagrees will change that fact!
ElementX  +   893d ago
Well here's what I just got off of Amazon, Xbox is leading sales in streaming media players and bluray players

Media: Video Game
Release Date: November 30, 2013
Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #2 in Video Games (See Top 100 in Video Games)
#1 in Electronics > Home Audio & Theater > Multiroom Digital Music Systems > Streaming Media Players
#1 in Electronics > Televisions & Video > Blu-ray Players & Recorders
#1 in Video Games > Xbox One > Consoles
Ilovetheps4  +   893d ago
Wait, how is Xbox One beating the PS4 in in Blu-Ray Players if PS4 is beating it overall. Also, I would hope that the Xbox One is the best selling console in the Xbox One category.
Pintheshadows  +   893d ago
Hmmmm... the UK Amazon is doing it differently. I already pre ordered but you can still get them on launch day if anyone is interested. I just checked.
The Meerkat  +   893d ago
I ordered a PS4 on Wednesday morning from Amazon UK.

On Wednesday night I dug out an old PS2 controller and sat with it in my hands until I convinced myself I could live without the 360 pad.
Majin-vegeta  +   893d ago
I'm sure sooner or later there will be a 3rd party controller that looks like the xbox remote just like on PS3.
Death  +   893d ago
So Amazon sold out of their alotment of launch units. They are still preselling systems, but have no timeframe for when they will be back in stock. They still don't have a launch date for the initial batch of consoles they have coming. They have definately sold more PS4's than XboxOnes since the PS4 is in first place on their list. We know that the XboxOne has sold more than their non launch PS4's so far since they are 2 and 3 respectively. What we do not know is how many of each system they had to sell. We do know the XboxOne is selling pretty fair though if it's still in second place on their list of hot sellers. This isn't the same picture being painted on the internet.
DEEBO  +   893d ago
the return of the king.but this great news for sony.i wish all three do well but MS needs to change their ways with some of the things they are doing with the x1.
Jazz4108  +   893d ago
Would someone explain to me how xboxone trade in used game policy to retailers is any diffrent then ps4? They bothe are leaving it to the publishers. Yes you can trade all your first party boxone games and even give to friends or let them play it digitally a million miles away. If I have to repost ms page on game tradeing again I will so I wisg this site would quit spreadibg rumors that are outright lies. Even gameatop and bestbuy said all first party is business as usual but ea or ubisoft may restrict your trade and charge a fee and thats the same on the ps4. Call them now or read ms trade in policy page where there being upfront about it or you will be in for a big surprise when you trade your thirdparty final fantasy or kingdom hearts or destiny as these are one xboxone as well. Im only speakibg the truth and if you would rather have the wool pulled over your eyes then thats your choice.
Jazz4108  +   893d ago
Microsoft also spelled out its policies on game lending, trade-ins and rentals. "In our role as a game publisher, Microsoft Studios will enable you to give your games to friends or trade in your Xbox One games at participating retailers. Third party publishers may opt in or out of supporting game resale and may set up business terms or transfer fees with retailers. Microsoft does not receive any compensation as part of this. In addition, third party publishers can enable you to give games to friends."
VitaOwner  +   893d ago
Just so everyone knows, the standard edition of the PS4 is now the top selling item. So not only did Sony sell out of launch units before microsoft, their non guaranteed launch PS4 is doing better than the launch Xbox One.
captain_slow82  +   893d ago
why have they got the ps4 as 31st december an xbox 30 november?

im hoping ps4 is out in november or sooner for that matter
BeatDizzle  +   893d ago
Those are place-holder dates.

Microsoft announced a November release date.
Sony announced a Nov/Dec Holiday season release date.

They will probably release the same day.
abzdine  +   893d ago
Because the release date is unknown right now, we only know it will be released on holiday 2013 so retailers put the last day of holiday which is dec31st. It's like x1 other than November we don't know a more precise release date so they expect it on 31st cause it will be out by that time.I hope it helped.
Sony will reveal the date at gamescom in August.

Greatness awaits
captain_slow82  +   893d ago
thanks abzdine

please be november i carnt wait wooo
Brinxster  +   893d ago
It would be so funny if the PS4 controller moves ahead in front of Xbox One sales.

Everyone buy an extra controller with your PS4!!! XD
#21 (Edited 893d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
DivineAssault  +   893d ago
I got this email the other day.. Mine is the launch edition thankfully.. I pre ordered as soon as i seen the price announcement during E3.. I also have a few others pre ordered at different retailers in case some ppl during the holidays are willing to spend a bit extra for one ;)

Its already on back order everywhere & thats great.. I bet all of the M$ fans are really pissed off & went into hiding.. PS4 is actually cheaper than even the wii u if u think about it.. The wii u deluxe is $350 w 32GB.. PS4 is $400 w 500GB.. Wii U will need more storage if u plan to buy digital software making it more expensive than PS4.. PS4 storage can be upgraded just like PS3 & also like PS3 its region free.. EPIC WIN for sony..
#22 (Edited 893d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Death  +   893d ago
And the XboxOne comes with the camera. If you buy the PS4 and want the camera it's actually $460. This is a game we can play all day.

Remember when the Xbox 360 was less than the PS3 and it was desperation? Funny how when Sony announces their price point after Microsoft and are cheaper it's a good strategy. Epic win for Sony indeed.
Good_news_every1   892d ago | Spam
Death  +   892d ago
Cry much? What are you 12?

I'm not defending Microsoft, I'm simply amazed at how ignorant many can be and how so many embrace misinformation without doing minimal research to support their claims.

Sony ditched their custom hardware and went to x86 architecture, just like Microsoft.

Sony did away with free online and created a subscription based online service to enhance the gaming experience, just like Microsoft.

Sony went to broadband only with the PS3 after defending gamers rights to play with a shitty connection, just like Microsoft.

Sony started to include a HDD as standard, just like Microsoft.

Without Microsoft, it looks likeSony wouldbe pretty lost. The PS4 is exactly like the Xbox in almost everyway. It's a PC based gaming console with a subscription based online service. If the only thing seperating the two is software, why is Sony even making hardware anymore?

Microsoft is launching at a price disadvantage by including a Kinect with every console. This is the only way to insure support. Kinect has the potential to take gaming forward. DRM will reduce piracy and soften the hit developers and publishers takeon used game sales. The extra revenue has the potential to take gaming forward. Sony is doing nothing to make gaming better this gen. They built a low cost PC. Why are we cheering them on for doing nothing?

I've been gaming since the early 70's. I would like to see gaming take the next big step. I've also taken the 30 seconds to read the user agreement that comes with every game. I know what my "rights" are in regards to software. The proposed DRM Microsoft has is no different than any digital format used today including that of PSN. The hardcopies we are buying for the XboxOne are a compromise between the all digital future and disc based games of the past.

The gamers that are upset today are fighting progress in technology, advances in gaming, and time. It's sad that the ignorance that short sightedness provides is so easily embraced. The Vita and PS+ are a great combination. It's a device that is built for digital downloads which are not tradable and can't be resold. This is the future. The games available on memory cards are the compromise Sony made so gamers wouldn't revolt over progress.
Kronus  +   893d ago
while most of what the comments stated is true there's still a little info i didn't see anyone mention and that is, we know preorders gets the glory 1st but even though games sell out and sometimes pre orders are full remember that a good number of stores still buy a hand full of system not for pre order. I ended up getting the PS3 & 360 just buy going in gamestop and walmart without a pre order. Not to get anyone's hopes up but just know they won't say it all the time but stores do buy a few systems to help us out even if we don't pre order so get up early and hunt.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   893d ago
you can not compare last gen , any where near this gen..

-They both release the same time, this time.

-Tons of 360 users jumping ship

-PS faithfuls will buy ps4

-Never has there been this much attention/controversy surrounding a launch.
Kronus  +   893d ago
You say i can't compare this gen to last but yet thats what launch titles,consoles and any consumer electronic does so dont say you can't compare them because they can and will. I been a gamer for over 28 years bro and its the same thing.
Death  +   893d ago
All speculation. Tons of 360 users jumping ship? Other than the pissed off people that say they aren't buying one, none have been confirmed. Once both systems launch and all the details hammered out we will see exactly how this plays out. The internet is not a valid source of how people actually feel. Sales will decide that. Sony is riding a high right now based on misinformation. We still have quite some time before the systems launch.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   893d ago

-wait for unveil

-wait for E3

-wait for launch
dollison27  +   893d ago
Console scalpers are going to make a killing this fall...
killnotic  +   893d ago
Okay, wow, I really want to be a fly on the wall at Microsoft's X-Box division right now. I wouldn't count Microsoft out yet, though. Who knows? Maybe they'll ease up on some of their more... controversial stances and come back swinging.

Anyway, I got my PS4 Launch Edition confirmation from Amazon.

#25 (Edited 893d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Bonerboy  +   893d ago
Hmmm. Sony may not be able to fulfill demand for the holidays?.....So in turn I can see all of the desperate idiots and parents snapping up xbox for their bratty kids, instead of waiting for further shipments of PS4. Quite possibly a very sad turn of events which will only benefit MS.
#26 (Edited 893d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
OrionNoctis  +   893d ago
Xbone retard squad keeps taking my bubbles...awesome
PerryCaravello  +   893d ago
Let's kick some ass and take some names, BABY!!!

Master of Unlocking  +   893d ago
"Amazon now claims they may not be able to promise PS4 delivery on the launch date due to overwhelming demand."

Ha ha ha!
I wonder if it isn't the perfect time to buy Sony shares...
Death  +   893d ago
I'd hold off on buying any shares without looking at their last decade of financial statements.
Ultr  +   893d ago
it was at the start of this year, thats when I got them :D
RandomDude655  +   893d ago
Me too....made tons of money
PositiveEmotions  +   893d ago
Ps4 goooooooooooooooooooooal!!!!!
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