Open worlds is the big challenge for next-gen, says Ubi exec

Polygon: "Each console generation has offered up a definitive experiential leap forward, whether that be 3D games, online play or high-definition graphics. For Ubisoft, the focus this time around is very definitely on open worlds."

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lucaskeller12014d ago

I was shocked at how many more open world games I have seen since the new gen consoles have been announced, especially mgs5 & even kz sf! So exciteddd

Jayjayff2014d ago

Killzone shadow falls is an open world?

lucaskeller12014d ago

Sorry should have been more clear, it has much more open areas and is less linear, giving you choices in how you complete missions (I assume not all as the initial demo was quite linear) but that is what guerilla are trying to achieve and is a step forward for the killzone franchise. Especially since everyone moans about it being a corridor shooter or whatever

Chuk52014d ago

I was just talking to someone about this today. The technology makes it possible for open worlds with incredible density and size. THe current-gen was the age of the military shooter (fps in general). Next gen is all about detail&scale.

EazyC2014d ago

Good to hear, it will be exciting to see devs begin to pioneer huge open worlds, but not losing that "alive" feel of smaller environments, with sparse copy/paste maps that really only sound impressive on paper.-

Take Just Cause 2 for example: Stunning, beautiful game, just so long as you don't ever stand still for a moment. The deadness of the island really hits you. I hope Ubi nails it with the Crew, it has the potential to be a real game changer when it comes to racers!


I was suspecting more and more video games would start becoming open world. Open world adds a lot to a game's universe. Like if you take a look at the first motorstorm festivals you can imagine how cool it would be to get out of your car after a race, and walk or drive around to explore and join different events, contests, and mini games for car parts, cash, tickets to other events, etc. Also with a day and night cycle, It would definitely put the player in the shoes of the racer.

ATi_Elite2014d ago

Technology and POWER brings forth gaming advancements and NEVER forget that!

PC Gamers have been enjoying HUGE Open Worlds for like 15 years now and now that Next Gen consoles will have the Tech and Power Consolers will get some new exciting gameplay.

Complex A.I., large player count, large NPC count, and Huge Game worlds were ALWAYS more important than graphics which is why PC gamers with good PC's enjoyed games like STALKER, Starcraft, Total War, Guild Wars 2, Arma 2, etc.

So hopefully gone are the days of the Linear Console game and console Devs need to look at some PC titles to get great advice on Open World gameplay and Complex A.I..

NextGen is a good Gen for All Gamers.