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Hands-on with Battlefield 4 multiplayer: New coat of paint, same old Battlefield

Battlefield fans are not going to be happy.

The six-year wait between Battlefield 2 and 3 brought with it an entirely new set of gaming options. Naturally, two years of development isn’t going to result in anything completely new – Battlefield 4 is merely an upgraded version of BF3 slapped with a premium price tag. (Battlefield 4, E3, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

T3AMRR  +   813d ago
Ok ok..... Go Give some food to your dog ?
Complain About 2 Years Between BF3 And BF4 ..omg
Leave Best Game Ever Alone .......... Buy your old Dog :)
every Single Year, Who Cares About !
elhebbo16  +   813d ago
english mothafucka, do you speak it?!
3-4-5  +   813d ago
So it's the same good gameplay but with much better graphics and physics + maps that can change throughout + skyscrapers + parachutes + more improvements + 66 players @ 60 FPS in HD = awesomeness
logan_izer10  +   813d ago
Dumb article. We have all seen the footage. Most people out there WANT Battlefield 4 to be the same old battlefield. It's been a successful game for about a decade. Give me more destruction, more players, more features. This ain't Call of Duty we're talking about where they introduced a scripted sequence of logs rolling down a hill.
komp  +   813d ago
The dude can have his own opinions but he cannot have his own facts.
Saints94  +   813d ago
Oh no.
titletownrelo  +   813d ago
What more could you want???
-commander mode
-buttload of customization
-66 players on PC AND next gen consoles
-new HUD
-sea combat
-more refined and advanced engine
-more animations
-more vehicles
-better physics
-better destruction
-VOIP for PC
GamerSciz  +   813d ago
Don't forget that in BF3 you couldn't take out a WHOLE SKYSCRAPER! God that was beyond epic to see it in multiplayer of all things. Plus you couldn't blow up the road and have a vehicle, a tank in this case, fall to underground. Those possibilities are endless.
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HammadTheBeast  +   813d ago
Half of those were in BF2 (and BF3 on PC), the rest are natural evolution.

I hold high standards for Battlefield, this cannot be like CoD where they get away with minor changes and push the same **** out every year.
windblowsagain  +   813d ago
Looks sweet, yes it's battlefield with some very nice improvements.

But i understand the first post.

COD gets away with crap release after release.

BF4 rocks.

For those who want a shooter that's different, DESTINY.



There's plenty to choose from.
Drakesfortune  +   813d ago
tbf battlefield doesnt need major changes..just minor adjustments...game looked awesome...64 players on console going to be epic
Jarhead1776  +   813d ago
My sentiments exactly Drakes
evilbart  +   813d ago
The jump to 64 players at 60fps is more than enough to make me want to purchase this for ps4
venom06  +   813d ago
For those interested, here is a full list of new features, changes, and other cool stuff gleaned from interviews in the 5 hour long bf4 live stream from yesterday.

•Dive under water in bf4. Suppress is focused on support class over range. Sit in cover and character leans up and over like red orchestra.
•If you get knifed in the front you can counter. Cant counter being snuck up on. So impressed with DICE. Its evident from this stream that they are doing good by the community. In the first 15 minutes Karl has hit on every hot topic bar hit reg.
•Spectator mode is in.
•Commander mode works on pc or tablet. Pick either.
•Dice are behind exports and competitive play. To what extent, we shall see.
•Skyscraper falling is player controlled – not scripted like the tower on Caspian. Destroy the 4 main supports and it’s down.
•Interjection >> This shit is a proper sequel guys. Not only amazing, but miraculous.
•Destructible vs non-destructive still seems inconsistent.
•Looks like vehicle can’t be disabled. Or at least, regen from disabled. Helicopter that was on fire and looked disabled kept flying (possibly struggling, not sure) and regenerated very very slowly back to not burning
•Spectator mode let’s you go to “table top” mode. See battle from commander perspective, double click units to spectate them. Choose first person, third person or free cam. Free cam looks like pre set cam locations. Not sure if you can fly.
•Various knives.
•Building collapse covers the level in dust on surfaces. Pumps it into the air.
•Medic carries medpack like bf3 and med kit? Does this replace defib?
•Free cam is totally untethered. Can save camera pre set locations.
•Water looks tessellated. Subsurface scattering.
•New guided rocket launchers for engi. Water geometrically ripples behind players and vehicles.
•Top down spectator has preview at minimal location of selected player’s perspective (thought: Does pc based commander get a live feed helmet cam style?? That would be cool.)
•Raise/lower bollards around the map to restrict vehicle access. Watch Dogs style.
•All player info – k/d, weps, attachments on player card in spectate. Health and ammo count too.
•Q and E to swap players in spectator. Double click on player’s name on the scoreboard to spectate player when in spectator mode.
•Press conference was totally live. Including commander mode from the tablet.
•Can alter speed of free cam
•Place one cam and leave it for another camera using q or e can swap back to it later in the same position you left it
•Squad mates of selected player in table top view are visible in green.
•Those stupid cubes of concrete are now fully destructible. Thank f***
•More informative UI coming for spectator later.
•Can toggle spectator hud for machinima. Complete clean screen possible.
•Spectator mode may not be available on consoles. Is a maybe at this stage
•Tracers are on crack. I think they took some of the energy drained from the lens flare that is the sun.
•A fair system is/will be in place for who gets commander. In the spirit of the old system
•Can customise Sidearms
•Waves are networked. BIG waves in multiplayer.
•Can use sidearm while swimming
•Looks like flashbangs or stun grenades or something. Multiple grenade types.
•Tower can be taken down by destrying the 4 main pillars. These 4 each need to be hit with two big explosions (ie, tank shells) to be destroyed

so umm yeah... same ol' Battlefield... whoever wrote this article needs a brain transplant..
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