Hands-on with Battlefield 4 multiplayer: New coat of paint, same old Battlefield

Battlefield fans are not going to be happy.

The six-year wait between Battlefield 2 and 3 brought with it an entirely new set of gaming options. Naturally, two years of development isn’t going to result in anything completely new – Battlefield 4 is merely an upgraded version of BF3 slapped with a premium price tag.

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T3AMRR1982d ago

Ok ok..... Go Give some food to your dog ?
Complain About 2 Years Between BF3 And BF4 ..omg
Leave Best Game Ever Alone .......... Buy your old Dog :)
every Single Year, Who Cares About !

elhebbo161982d ago

english mothafucka, do you speak it?!

3-4-51982d ago

So it's the same good gameplay but with much better graphics and physics + maps that can change throughout + skyscrapers + parachutes + more improvements + 66 players @ 60 FPS in HD = awesomeness

logan_izer101982d ago

Dumb article. We have all seen the footage. Most people out there WANT Battlefield 4 to be the same old battlefield. It's been a successful game for about a decade. Give me more destruction, more players, more features. This ain't Call of Duty we're talking about where they introduced a scripted sequence of logs rolling down a hill.

komp1982d ago

The dude can have his own opinions but he cannot have his own facts.

titletownrelo1982d ago

-commander mode
-buttload of customization
-66 players on PC AND next gen consoles
-new HUD
-sea combat
-more refined and advanced engine
-more animations
-more vehicles
-better physics
-better destruction
-VOIP for PC

GamerSciz1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

Don't forget that in BF3 you couldn't take out a WHOLE SKYSCRAPER! God that was beyond epic to see it in multiplayer of all things. Plus you couldn't blow up the road and have a vehicle, a tank in this case, fall to underground. Those possibilities are endless.

HammadTheBeast1982d ago

Half of those were in BF2 (and BF3 on PC), the rest are natural evolution.

I hold high standards for Battlefield, this cannot be like CoD where they get away with minor changes and push the same **** out every year.

windblowsagain1982d ago

Looks sweet, yes it's battlefield with some very nice improvements.

But i understand the first post.

COD gets away with crap release after release.

BF4 rocks.

For those who want a shooter that's different, DESTINY.



There's plenty to choose from.

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