GamesAsylum: The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct – Review

Activision’s take of the TV show sensation includes a cheeky nod to Skyrim – an achievement called ‘I used to be human like you’ which is gained by shooting a walker in the knee with an arrow. Why are we telling you this right at the start of our review? Because it’s the only thing about Survival Instinct that we want to remember.

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yugovega2010d ago

walking dead isn't that bad.

NonShinyGoose2010d ago

How long did you play it for? Anything more than a couple of hours and chances are 'Stockholm syndrome' may have settled in.

yugovega2010d ago

i played it all the way through. yes the ending is horrid. i didn't go into the game expecting cod zombie mode like most of the reviews seemed to be expecting. i'm not saying it's a 10 by any means. but a 3? no maybe a 6 but not 3.

moparful992010d ago

I bought this game just because the thought of a walking dead shooter was very appealing but this game is trash.. I wish I hadn't waste my money.

trickman8882010d ago

Should have had Telltales develop it.

testsubject2009d ago

i forgot this game came out