Everything Ubisoft is Showing at E3...Everything...

Splinter Cell, Watch Dogs, Rayman, Questing for loot and of course South Park! A complete list of all the games being presented by Ubisoft at E3 this year.

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US8F1744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )

Yes they are coming out with their arms swinging, and rightly so. Top quality if you ask me

The division
Splinter cell
The Crew
Watch dogs

GuyThatPlaysGames1744d ago

WATCHDOGS is at the top of my list!!

Garbanjo0011744d ago

I'm very excited for all of those games, Splinter Cell of course (would've like to have seen something in game . . .). The Division, Watch Dogs and The Crew (in that order) are my favorites so far (all games).

Although I think that Destiny is going to be amazing, sorry Ubisoft. Bungie created another giant.

MooseWI1744d ago

Ubisoft has an insane lineup of games coming. The Division looks amazing, just everything looks pretty dang good.

Rusty5151744d ago

I felt old when I was the only one who got excited when Jerry Cantrell came on.

Kevlar0091744d ago

Ubisoft is the golden robe of the industry right now. Fully supporting all consoles (yes even WiiU), no dirty/unfavorable practices (that I'm aware of). Large and diverse gaming portfolio

All I hope is they don't let the money go to their heads

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