State Of Decay Still Coming To PC, But Not ‘Soon’

Rock, Paper, Shotgun: "State of Decay is finally out on console coffins, and what do you know? It’s apparently pretty good. Naturally, I too want to sink my noxious nub teeth into the permadeath zombie open-world-er, but my PC isn’t an Xbox – no matter how badly Microsoft wants it to be. We were, however, promised our very own decaying slice of slate quite some time ago. It’s always been a matter of when, not if. Unfortunately, that 'when' has turned into something of a moving target, and Undead Labs’ patented crossbow of ultimate release-datingness is having a very hard time pinning it down.

To her credit, Undead community director Sanya Weathers was refreshingly honest about the situation."

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-Mika-1935d ago

MS most likely payed for time exclusively. So if you are a pc gamer and you own a 360. You might as well just go out and buy it. If you don't own an Xbox. Well boycott the game and show the developers to not screw you like this by signing a timed deal.

Adexus1935d ago

They're only a small company, I bet they've only recently started development on it.

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1935d ago

If you're a PC gamers that owns a 360 then why buy an inferior version? I think if a PC gamer has a 360 then it would be for exclusives that you can't play on the PC. If this is coming to PC then it's better to wait.

CaptainFaisal1935d ago

Boycott them no man, Undead Labs have worled hard on this game for a couple of years so they deserve all the money they get. How ever i do agree that microsoft might have paid the company money for them to get it early, proof is how buggy the game is. Lol the games release date was announced a week before release come on! Hope pc version is good.

Shadonic1934d ago

wouldnt call it rushing I mean the game was in development for 3-4 years possibly even longer from when i first read about it on N4G. Besides if they have deadlines you have to meet them. The bad thing is you will miss a couple of bugs or issues the good thing is that they can be fixed after release.

Grap1935d ago

MS pay indie yah like that's happen in this world. maybe in perfect world.

matrixman921935d ago

you do know the game is published by Microsoft right?

r40k2131935d ago

but.... Microsoft makes Windows, so PCs are technically Microsoft systems too!

aliengmr1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

No, in fact its quite the opposite. MS has almost no control over PC gaming. Were it not for the OS PC gaming could easily forget that MS even exists.

r40k2131932d ago

That was.. a joke, man. Just me arguing for it to get to PC faster.

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brettyd1935d ago

The game is fun, but it runs like shit. Hopefully the patch fixes the frame-rate and pop in.

gamertk4211935d ago

I have seen a minimal amount of pop-in, but zero frame rate issues. So far, I love the game, and I really didn't like other zombie games all that much for the most part. Got bored quickly with all the dead ridings, dead island, left 4 reads. I highly recommend this game, especially for 20 bucks.

R_aVe_N1935d ago

By the time it comes out on PC i won't care anymore really it was a bad move if you ask me. Would have been a lot easier just to make the PC version and port it to the 360.

dethpuck1935d ago

Great game lots of fun. No disc to worry about. Excited for the future of digital download.

despair1935d ago

I'll wait, this is just like any other game announcement except you know its going to be good before hand. I mean I waited years for Bioshock Infinite, I can wait a while for this one.

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