USA Weekly Chart, Week Ending 1st Jun 2013


1: 3DS - 39,183 (-2%)
2: X360 - 39,077 (+4%)
3: PS3 - 30,558 (+2%)
4: DS - 12,248 (+2%)
5: Wii - 11,661 (+2%)
6: WiiU - 10,149 (+5%)
7: PSV - 5,839 (+14%)
8: PSP - 2,152 (+3%)


1: (3DS) Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D - 32,284
2: (X360) Call of Duty: Black Ops II - 26,573
3: (3DS) Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon - 23,749
4: (X360) Fuse - 23,555
5: (Wii) Just Dance 4 - 19,914
6: (PS3) Fuse - 19,675
7: (PS3) Call of Duty: Black Ops II - 18,292
8: (X360) BioShock Infinite - 15,883
9: (X360) GRID 2 - 15,380
10: (X360) Batman: Arkham City - 14,607

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DaThreats2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

PS3 only 9g behind..
Wow Fuse sold horrible.

animegamingnerd2016d ago

i was expecting the life time could be around half a million but its not even probably going to get close to their

One4U2016d ago

yea same , this could put a dent on insomniac since it was in development for 3 yrs !

buddymagoo2016d ago

Fuse selling so poorly will probably make Insomniac think twice about making any more Multi-plats.

Sashamaz2016d ago

I've always thought insomniac was too small for multi-platform games but I might be wrong.

kneon2016d ago

Well it is VG chartz so they could be off by as much as an order of magnitude.

But if they are anywhere close to reality then Grid 2 and Metro last light are also doing really crappy numbers.

3-4-52016d ago

Didn't Pachter say Fuse would sell like 5+ million ?

kneon2015d ago

Really, that's a pretty stupid prediction, even for him :)

Karpetburnz2016d ago

Thank you Sony for not giving up when when we needed you most, I can't wait to experience another generation of world class gaming with our loving community, thank you Sony for showing us the way.

The loving way is the Sony way.

warewolfSS2015d ago

Are you serious or are you just kidding?

Knushwood Butt2015d ago

Preach on, brother Karpetburnz.

DivineAssault 2016d ago

Idk why the US favors xbox so much.. I guess all the exclusives that sony releases doesnt interest this country.. I sold my 360 because there wasnt enough exclusive games i liked that didnt have guns.. Oh well, to each his own

brich2332016d ago

thiers alot of us in the US addicted to xbox live party chat.

Geezus2016d ago

Yes! Party chat is awesome

KrystofKage2016d ago

This is the one thing PS3 owners have been asking for since launch, but it never happened. Bundling each xbox with a headset was a smart move as well.

But for $60 a month? Thats brutal.

DarkHeroZX2016d ago

Vita has party chat and its free. It has nothing to do with the service but the hardware. Ps3's split ram and larger OS footprint is why it can't do party chat. The vita has 512mb system ram and 128vram and a tiny OS.

brich2332015d ago

Its not 60$ a month. I only pay $36 a year. Its always on sale online somewhere like ebay. So thats like 3$ a amonth.

DivineAssault 2015d ago

@ KrystofKage, XBLG is $60/YEAR not per month.. Its still BS though because u cant even send voice messages to your friends without it.. Ill be sticking with sony nx gen.. Since vita has party chat & its a handheld, i know for sure that PS4 will.. Plus online multiplayer is free as well.. See i dont mind paying money to these companies as long as my money is well spent.. PS Plus is worth the $50/YEAR because of the instant game collection you get on both PS3 & PSV.. Not to mention PS4 whenever it arrives.. Then you get fantastic discounts on DLC, games, etc..

XBLG only gets you online multiplayer & party chat for the $60/yr.. Its a better network n all but not that much better.. PS3 wasnt designed for all these media features they added to it which is sonys own fault & M$ 1 upped em on but they patched it the best they could & this time PS4 is built for all these things.. So was vita & theyre both designed to work with each other instead of patched together like before..

Vita has great network options so PS4 will be even better.. Ill set my vita on a stand to video chat with friends while getting some points in Killzone on the PS4... Or use it as a 2nd screen for maps/inventory on other games..

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ziratul2016d ago

XBOX is US domestic product. If you are true American you will buy XBOX hahha (j/k)

dc12016d ago

The only thing that's domestic about the XBOX is there corporate office address.

You can love the XBox all you want...just stop the tomfoolery.

sengoku2016d ago

it's still made in china.

Gracchus2016d ago

Some of the difference can be accounted for by repeat purchases after the dreaded RROD strikes. Some people are on their 4/5/6th Xbox. Nevertheless, Xbox certainly has captured the bro gamer market and that's a huge demographic.
Any figures out there showing how many unique users there are of PS3 vs Xbox 360?

kneon2016d ago

I don't know anyone IRL that isn't on at least their 3rd 360.

And some of the delusions and misinformation is astounding. I've met people who thought COD was an xbox exclusive or that couldn't believe that you didn't have to pay to play online on any other platform, they just thought it was normal.

demonddel2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

@ Kneon most ppl who play games don't care about exclusive only ppl who cares about this is u silly kids I assume giving you something to brag about like it's urs and nobody else can get it but keep up the good work yall are very entertaining

kneon2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

Exclusives are the main reason to pick one platform over another. If it weren't for exclusive many people would just use the PCs they already own rather than buy a console.

Perhaps you don't care about exclusives because your platform of choice doesn't have any that are worthwhile.

demonddel2016d ago

@kneon lil bruh u so silly I'm with the majority I buy whatever game I like no matter what console it's on whether it's exclusive or not I don't brag

elhebbo162016d ago

@demon yes because TLOU is for silly kids.

kneon2016d ago


Who's bragging? All I'm saying is if you're going to choose one console over another then the main factor is the exclusives. Otherwise why pick a console at all?

If you don't care about the exclusives then don't bother with a conole, use your PC. Unless it's horrendously out of date then it should provide decent quality visuals. And if you've got the money you can blow away any console in terms of performance.

Plus with a PC it's typically more reliable and often cheaper to repair when something does go wrong.

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DEATHxTHExKIDx2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

Microsoft is an American company ppl tend to buy their countrys own product. PS3 still sells a lot in America tho.

Rageanitus2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

I prefer my PS3 over my Xbox by a long shot because of the exclusives..... but I primarly play my PC for their exclusives and BETTER quality multiplatform games

Having said that the Xbox have quite a few games that are found only on xbox and PC making it seem like an EXCLUSIVE. But many ppl are console only players making the xbox seem like it has quite a few exclusives

Another factor is the multiplatform games tend to run better on the xbox vs the ps3, and xbox live does help quite a bit.

Having it priced cheaper at a base point always helps also, especially when many of the top games are sold from multiplatform games. So logically If I wanted to play only multiplatform games since my friends play those games why would the person pay 50>100$ more for the PS3.

Having said all this that , the best gaming combination IMO is the PC + Ps3, this will be the same for me next gen.

elhebbo162016d ago

well not all of the US since me and all my friends only play on PS3. there used to be time where PS was dominant in the whole US (PS2, PS1 era).

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o-Sunny-o2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

Last of Us = PS3s sold ^~^

elhebbo162016d ago

they should bundle it for ppl that dont have a PS3.

RTheRebel2016d ago

Pachter:Fuse will sell 5Million copies what a moron