Games that defined this Generation – Fallout 3

With the close of the current console generation fast approaching, we at the overseas connection are taking time to look back and relive some of those seminal 7th generation experiences. As I look back at the last eight years of gaming, one game stands out among the hundreds that really defined this generation, Fallout 3.

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thegamefanatics1995d ago

Fallout was an amazing game.

Vip3r1995d ago

Sure was. Wish New Vegas was as good. Too many bug and to me anyway, it didn't feel the same.

Blacktric1995d ago

"Wish New Vegas was as good."

This was sarcastic... Right?

Roccetarius1995d ago

What exactly did Fallout 3 define this generation?

Canary1995d ago

Hm... interesting concept marred by mediocre execution, poor writing, and a painfully stupid ending? That's pretty indicative of this generation.

EazyC1995d ago

I picked it up on the day it came out, knowing little to nothing about it other than fantastic reviews, which made it so much sweeter. Leaving that vault for the first time.... THE moment of this-gen for me.

1995d ago
T21995d ago

Yes leaving the vault was great, it truly felt like the beginning of a true adventure. But you couldnt just go anywhere, as stronger wandering horrors could easily take you down ... Great map, lots to do , good skill tree , good companions made a great game...

Did anyone ever successfully make a good melee character?

TheSaint1995d ago

Melee was actually kind of OP with the correct build.

As was unarmed.

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