GTA V Map Size Debate and Comparison With CVG

Techtorial: Here's a comparison between CVG's map for Grand Theft Auto V with the one made by enthusiasts from the community.

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Mr_Nuts2026d ago

If you look at this one

Which has been put together from the blue prints map in the CE, it looks like theres still a ton more to be revealed on the map. I hope the city isn't surrounded by water though, it's going to be weird setting it in Los Santos but just having it as one big island where in San Andreas it was connected to a much bigger map with three other cities....I know this is supposed to be different but least when GTA4 did this with Liberty city and changed things around they kept it roughly the same but added onto to it.

omi25p2026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

Well there is also Blaine county that is a HUGE desert and country area.

koh2026d ago

I remember a real old rumor that said one of the borders would be the US-Mexican border which would be fun. I'm sure there'd be ways to glitch around it, and maybe even missions with it (drug smuggling or being a border agent could be fun)