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Xbox One Social Media Buzz Reveals Microsoft Frustrated Many Gamers

Gamerhubtv - With the world as its stage and a lot of time to get things right after Sony’s PlayStation 4 press conference in New York City, Microsoft dropped the ball at its Redmond, Washington Xbox One Reveal. The company chose to focus on entertainment capabilities rather than exclusive games, and many gamers were frustrated and upset about this approach. (Microsoft, PS4, Sony, Xbox One)

jagiii  +   580d ago
Microsoft completely blew it's opportunity to show the world exclusive games
Tyre  +   580d ago
f'ing great ,man thx for the animation! Lol
Muerte2494  +   580d ago
This article kinda annoys me...
with things that seems to be opinion more than fact.
"COD: Ghosts is not exclusive to Xbox One; however, it is a launch title for the console and will feature exclusive DLC for Xbox One users. This could make a difference considering the popularity of COD."

Microsoft paid for this and they paid alot. COD sales start trending on ps4 more than X1, then Activision will not renew this contract.

"Microsoft will have the chance to answer some of the questions that gamers are asking at E3, focusing more on the gaming aspects of the entertainment device. Sony has a lot more to gain from E3 since they shared less information at their press conference and didn't even reveal the hardware design."

Sony focused on games at the reveal of their next gen GAME CONSOLE. Microsoft showed more, but press even was half that of Sony's? There were no games running live unlike Sony's event. Microsoft didn't SHARE their stance on used games, it was LEAKED! There is more buzz? How much of that is positive buzz?
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MariaHelFutura  +   580d ago
All that happened was they got exposed for what they really are, which would be a bunch of snakes. They just got arrogant because their fanbase constantly allows themselve to get snaked by them (happily, I might add). This time they took it to far and got exposed.
LostDjinn  +   580d ago
Microsoft blew alright.

They now have a problem. They have to repair the damage they've done (incoming policy wise), show the games they have and reestablish trust with the gaming community.

It'll require a monumental effort and may need more than just an E3 conference.

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Cyfyxtfg  +   580d ago
WAIT TILL E3 PEOPLE!!! Are ya'll really so damn thickheaded that you cant remember that microsoft said this press conference "WASNT ABOUT GAMES". The xbox is more than that now whether we like it or not. But you havent seen the games yet. So shut up and calm down. WAIT UNTIL E3 TO JUDGE. That show wasnt for us
thechosenone  +   580d ago
No used games and the 24hr prison check-in means Xbone is DOA.
KillrateOmega  +   580d ago
"microsoft said this press conference "WASNT ABOUT GAMES"."

Which is exactly where they f*cked up to begin with.

They were revealing their GAMING console to an audience of GAMERS and honestly thought that it would be a good idea to show ALMOST NO GAMES and NO LIVE GAMEPLAY to these GAMERS? How stupid can you be?

They had a chance to really win back the trust of gamers after all the negatives rumors that have been supporting the notion that they are becoming more of an entertainment system instead of a gaming console and they blew it!


LOL. I remember just weeks ago when Xbox fanboys were all screaming for everyone to wait until May 21st to see MS turn the tables on Sony and blow us away. All you need to do is look at the majority of polls and forums to see how that went.

Besides, have you completely forgotten about their revealed second-hand games policy and 24 hour check-in?

This video is a summary of what we got at the reveal:

Related video
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Cyfyxtfg  +   580d ago
@killrate bro the xbox is no longer just a gamers console. If you own a 360 you know this by now. We have to live with it. This new console builds on that. Im not sayin i like it cuz i dont. It makes the ps4 way more appealing. BUT they said they have a hell of a show for e3 and i believe them so ill wait and see. My loyalty lies with who wants me more as a customer. Ive been xbox since day one but if they dont deliver e3 i wont get their console at launch.

And dont lie. The second hand game policy is still being finalized as stated by larry hyrb <---- however u spell his name
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MariaHelFutura  +   580d ago
Why do people have to wait until E3? Even if it's a 2 part conference why the hell is the 1st part all about TV? Microsoft said alot just by doing that. Not to mention blocking used games, requiring check-ins and having weaker specs. Everyone when all the rumors were floating around said "wait until the Xbox reveal", now it's "wait till E3". It's kinda pathetic.
Cyfyxtfg  +   580d ago
So wait, when you think of e3 do you think of games or tv??? Answer the question truthfully and you know why they waited

"Why do people have to wait until E3? Even if it's a 2 part conference" like you said, its a TWO PART CONFERENCE. Thats why we wait. Get the bull*#^+ out of the way first then hit the people who matter (the gamers) hard. Who here wants to sit at e3 watchin that boring tv conference we just saw??? Because they have to show it at some point. Its a big part of their console. They did what was right. No other way to do it. End of discussion

Whats wrong with building a little hype for your consoles games baby? Nothin, until the community starts complaining cuz they cant be patient
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KillrateOmega  +   580d ago

I just don't understand why they would wait until E3 to show off the games. That's such a stupid plan.

Why not show off the games during your reveal when you have the media all to yourself? When they show off the games at E3, they'll have directly compete with Sony and Nintendo for attention.
Rainstorm81  +   580d ago
Who the fug was it for???

Mainly core gamers buy consoles at launch , so every unveil , press conference, meeting etc needs to be for the people that will wait in line 12 hrs like I did for the 360.

...and if they think soccer moms , sports guys or TV enthusiasts will be in that line they will have a rude awakening come this holiday season

I'm sorry but wait till E3 went out the window when they announced a TV Show at a hardware unveil..I think the show will be good but that's an announcement for another time.

Besides where were all these patient people when Sony said wait till E3 to see the actual console?? Which s minor in comparison...
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DARK WITNESS  +   580d ago
@ Cyfyxtfg

The problem with that though is that even the last few E3s have hardly been about games.

year after year we (xbox fans of which I am one) have been saying wait till E3... And every year this has translated to a GOW sequel, Halo sequel/content, Forza sequel and a Fable sequel and exclusive DLC.. That is timed.. for 6 months. Oh let me not forget kids jumping up and down infront of kinect!

Sorry, wait till E3 will not fly this time round.

They will need a major change of policy and a very clear cut answer regarding the questions we have + some earth moving H bomb style announcements as games if they hope to make any sort of redeeming comeback from this mess.
Tyre  +   580d ago
@ Cyfyxtfg It is not about the games dude...the console is gimped and the restriction will ruin everything. Think DA!
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miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   580d ago
MS is showing it's games at E3. How many people are going to continue to play this dumb? Over a month before the reveal, they said that E3 they'd show the games, and May 21 was about the console.

There can't be that many of you is there?

Edit for this killer omega above me. Funny you say there is a gaming audience yet it's ok for you that Sony didn't even show it's console at a you know... console reveal. But of course, you don't have any problem with that.
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Ju  +   580d ago
At least there was somebody on stage holding the controller (not only at the reveal but also on Saturday live) to actually PLAY a game - and handing the controller over to somebody who does't work for Sony...box or not. Who knows if what's in the box is actually working if you can't do a live demo?
nypifisel  +   580d ago
"Wait for EA, there's where the games will be" is an argument you hear often - it is however a stupid one.

Microsoft revealed their console and what's important right there is to set the right TONE and FOCUS. Having a reveal talking 45 minutes of everything and anything that has nothing to do with Games doesn't show promise. It does show that Microsoft have changed direction. The Xbox One sure will have games, the game part of the console however won't be under any special focus and care - It's about resource allocation, and if to go anything from the reveal, Games just lost 75% of the attention from Microsoft.

Forget it, Xbox is no longer a Gaming Console - It's multimedia console that happens to play games.

This is stark contrast to the PS4 reveal, a reveal that in hindsight might just have been everything we gamers wanted. It ONLY focused on gaming, everything that was every said in the whole reveal had to do with games, how they would play, look, be developed, interact etc. 100% gaming focus. If any of you think the Xbox One will get better exclusives and more of them this generation around is extremely mistaken - it'll get even fewer.
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syphon32  +   580d ago
They're going to try and make up for it at e3, but the first reveal did matter. They're going to have to work harder to win gamers back after that horrible conference.
3sexty rulzzz  +   580d ago
they used us, the gamers as an anchor to compete with google and apple, all while giving us the middle finger. no more will I be loyal to xbox because its not a gaming system but something microsoft is using to compete with companies other than sony and nintendo. In the end you get an inferior product because the other competing companies are focusing on games and ty and set-top-box for you entertainment.
yesmynameissumo  +   580d ago
They don't care if they've frustrated gamers. It's pretty obvious the Xbox One was built WITHOUT gamers in mind.
negative  +   580d ago
LAME. Move along fanboy...
yesmynameissumo  +   580d ago
Move me. Then get another bubble and try again. Baby need his binky? Hahaha!
Rainstorm81  +   580d ago
Why should he move along? He's right

Here's n example let just look at the intro of each unveil...

PS4 - http://youtu.be/7fMRYPZ4Jek

XbOne - (couldn't find the intro only) but a bunch of people's faces talking about nothing exciting

Sony came out All about Gamers of all Kinds.....MS showed their first game 35mins into the unveil and not 10 seconds of an actual game being played.....and this is a device gamers should be excited for??
brettyd  +   580d ago
As much as the reveal gave a middle finger to gamers, I'm not going to kill them until I see what they have to show at E3.
Minato-Namikaze  +   580d ago
Your that abused wife who keeps giving her abusive husband ONE more chance because "deep down he's a good person and can change"..... this what happens when MS wants you to wait till E3.

Related video
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brettyd  +   580d ago
Im not holding my breath, but it's not like Im buying the console on the hope that someday I'll get a game I want. Just not making any snap judgements, I don't like jumping on the sensationalist bandwagon.
Rainstorm81  +   580d ago
Lol completely redesign racing games....Joyride?...LLS

KINECT will launch with 15 games.....they pulled that same line Tuesday and everyone ate it up again....

That Press conf was full of over promises...and the people that fall for it again deserve what they get
Ju  +   580d ago
Don't really care what MS does at the E3...because Sony will simply wipe the floor with them. No matter what MS does - I fully expect having Sony an array of PS4s and PS3 and Vitas on display. Final PS4s (must be in production by then, this box is done) running (!) demos of KZ, Drive Club, inFamous and some third parties (Watch Dogs? Destiny?) in addition to full Vita-Remote play and PS3 running Last of Us and Beyond Two Souls. Eat this. And we haven't heard anything about Nautghty Dog's PS4 game nor Guerilla's second franchise! Good luck MS.
MasterCornholio  +   580d ago
The XBONERs conference turned me off.
mrmancs  +   580d ago
Anyone seen the funny as video on YouTube of the Xbox one unveiling? It's got TV mentioned about forty times , sport , e.a and scanned high res dog... Funny as f.... Can't post link on here , supposedly it looks like spam...
SDF Repellent  +   580d ago
I will still give MS a benefit of a doubt as they are proclaiming that E3 will be 90% pertaining to games. It would've been worst if MS didn't already announced a couple days before the revealing that part one is mostly about the hardware and services and games and 'tonnes" of exclusives will be shown at E3. I think a lot of gamers just jumped the gun a bit pertaining to what the event was mostly about.

Having said that, I have already given up on the Xbox One and unless they show Killer Instinct, Project Gotham Racing 5, a new Gears of War, the new IPs from Black Tusk and Respawn, and some huge surprises on the game front, I won't care at this point. The mandate 24 hour internet verification and the used game fees put myself and a lot of xbox gamers over the edge.
ickysweat77  +   580d ago
After M$ refused to open up the Xbox One for indie developer, and then climbed into bed with a behind-the-scenes partnership with EA and Activision by building the DRM into the system, my disgust is through the roof.
fooltheman  +   580d ago

You'll need a second box for the tv thing
Rainstorm81  +   580d ago
Exactly some don't understand your dvr cable box etc plugs into a HDMI ON THE XbOne.

I wonder if u need a gold account to use it?
KillrateOmega  +   580d ago
Xbox One Social Media Buzz Reveals Microsoft Frustrated Many Gamers
I think 'frustrated' may be putting it a little bit lightly.
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isarai  +   580d ago
I really don't get this "Wait till E3 for games" thing people keep bringing up. How are more games going to fix the locked games, required internet, and forced Kinect? lack of games was the last issue they need to worry about
creized1  +   580d ago
XboxOne feels like prison. Checking if you are online to play games?
It is like checking if the prisoners are in their cells at night
MisfitsInc  +   580d ago
they still have E3 to wow me, so until then i'm trying to keep a neutral opinion but just based on both of the reveal events, i dont see anything to be excited about with the XB One
MJ23007  +   580d ago
used game fees!!!!! Im ticked and now wont be buying with that policy. Neither will my brother same reason, xbox just lost two console sales.
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QuickdrawMcgraw  +   580d ago
I'm willing to wait til E3.But I'd better see a lot of game play.They said in the Xbox 1's 1st year there will be over a dozen exclusives.That means all those games should be close to finished.
Monkeysmarts  +   580d ago
You know, I thought it was just fanning the fire after the PS4 announcement when reports came out that the announcement caught Microsoft off guard. I actually dismissed it as fanboy fodder. But honestly, I can think of no other explanation for this crap. Microsoft uncharacteristically seems like they have no idea what they are doing right now. The unveiling was not intended to be game-centric, yet they still managed to piss off the vast majority of their gaming customers.

The damage control was simple, instant, but is not yet complete.

Their statements after the reveal have been contradictory and vague.

I'm giving them E3 to show me the games and correct any "misconceptions" we might have, but honestly the outlook is not good. They can show us Killer Instinct 3 and even a bunch of games that revolutionize gaming and I won't care if they don't tell us the damn thing isn't a restrictive DRM-laden money sucking piece of shit.

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