AMD Radeon HD 7970 GHz Slide Gives a Hint at GeForce GTX 770 Performance?

Just moments ago, a reddit user posted a BIOS which allows used to flash their GTX 680 into the upcoming GeForce GTX 770. There’s a second update on the GeForce GTX 770 straight from Semiaccurate who have somehow gotten a Radeon HD 7970 GHz slide which compares its performance against the GTX 770.

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zeal0us1711d ago

Honestly I wouldnt trust that slide and wait for a benchmark/performance test thats not from Nvidia or AMD. Even though its common knowledge that Nvidia do rebrand older cards.

LostDjinn1710d ago

Agreed. Running with hearsay usually ends badly.

showtimefolks1710d ago

Guys my desktop just went down both motherboard and hard drive bad. I am looking to spend $500-600 max any suggestions

I am not really a tech guy so any help would be greatly appreciated

Jio1710d ago

Nvidia has some catching up to do. Radeon beats Nvidia in graphics cards any day.

JsonHenry1710d ago

I want what you are smoking.

bumnut1710d ago

Radeon did beat Nvidia in graphics, but that was 10 years ago +

LAWSON721710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

When buying a card it is performance vs physx? Nvidia wants to beat their competition the easy way instead of actually out do them and physx is not possible on AMD gpus so it looks like us pc gamers will never be able to get both.

Bladesfist1710d ago

PhysX is possible on AMD GPUs

a08andan1710d ago

Its a 7970 vs a 770. What's wrong with that comparison? Well one of the is a dual gpu card.

a08andan1710d ago

@NaAsAr, oops, sorry, my mistake :D

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