Call of Duty Ghosts: 5 Things It Must Do Better Than Its Recent Predecessors

WC - Now that we’ve finally seen the first teaser trailer for Activision’s newest Call of Duty title – Ghosts – we can probably start to get excited about it and start discussing and predicting some of the features we want to see. Call of Duty is a super, gaming juggernaut and its success is truly amazing – I tip my hat to the men and women involved in making the series the most successful of its kind.

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For me all what COD needs:

-Better graphics

-Better physics

-Balanced and improved Online experience(I mean bring the dedicated servers already!!)

-Less glitches(There is no perfect game so at least maintain the quality).

Anyway, its not too long until we see it in action on May 21st ( Xbox Reveal xD ).

DOMination-1802d ago

I pick up one every couple of years and have a blast playing with my mates. I'm not one to bash the IP but I think it's reaching a crossroads here. It can either carry on doing what it knows, which is generally a good formula but risk another game coming along, just as CoD4 did and reinvent the genre and people largely abandon it for the new game.. or, they try a new approach and risk alienating a percentage of 20 million players.

People on here always moan about how it needs a better engine and whilst I would not disagree.. it's not as simple as that. A new engine might well mean different mechanics, physics etc. and it's a tough choice for the publisher/developer to make when they have so much to lose. I am very interested and curious to see which direction they'll take.

CaptainYesterday1802d ago

I agree with most of the things on the list that IW could definately improve or add to the series it needs some change. I enjoy CoD every once in awhile it can be a fun arcadey FPS I'm not a huge fan but I do enjoy CoD especially Treyarchs Zombie mode a ton of fun with a good group. I don't think they should bother with a campaign but it seems that it will have one I assume it will be similar to BO1 and 2 with all the brainwashing ghost went through. IW needs to change things up add some new multiplayer modes or have something similar to zombies that people go crazy for.

VoiceMale1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

i agreed with the author about all his points really.....more importantly the balance part of the game just has to be fair and reasonable...the knifing and sniping issues i have had with MW games makes me hurl my controller in disgust a lot over the years.

and the killstreaks are becoming way too over powerin....take a look at BO2 the killstreaks are just automated an over powering if u dont have on the perk that makes u invisible to auto pilot killsteaks your in for a wolrd of hurt, it almost becomes needed if u want to blend in and be useful in BO2..

but for me this is the first times i have bought a Treyarch game with black ops 2 cause i prefer IW games more(so i usually get a COD game every 2 years) and i am sorry i did so cause the game is just not fun to me and i dont like the audio...dont get me wrong my K/D is above average but i just play the game out of online necessity to play with friends over doing so for fun like i did MW2

so am really hoping to see a balance multilayer over all else in GHOST over shiny new graphics and physics

CanadianTurtle1801d ago

Well, they did say they're going to be using a new engine because of the upcoming new consoles, but really...what about the current gen consoles? Will the versions end up looking like trash on current gen and only look good on the next gen ports?

I think what CoD does better than any other game franchise out there is gas out their engine. Even though the franchise's games are made on older engines, they really set the bar on set pieces and jaw dropping moments. They use their engine to the fullest to make a "roller-coaster experience" by sacrificing graphics.

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