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Skyrim Keeps Looking Better & Better; Talented Modder Gionight Is Back With A Punch

DSOGaming writes: "It's been a while since our last look on modded Skyrim, right? Well, today we present you some screenshots from talented modder gionight. Gionight does not need any kind of introduction, as most of you have - most probably - heard about him or seen some of his older Skyrim screenshots. In case you've been living in a cave or under a rock, gionight is a modder that has been tweaking Skyrim to his liking, and has managed to come up with some really impressive results. Enjoy!" (PC, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)

BiggCMan  +   845d ago
I thought it said GeoHot at first :O
SPAM-FRITTER-123  +   844d ago
This is why i love my PS3, All these free mods make console gaming worth every penny.

aPerson  +   844d ago
That has got to be one of the worst attempts at trolling I have seen...
TechOne  +   844d ago
ZodTheRipper  +   844d ago
Ehh ...what?
NeXXXuS  +   844d ago
Don't believe Ondore's lies!
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aviator189  +   845d ago
dear god, those shots look amazing.
CommanderWTF  +   845d ago
Time to Fap
WeMilk   844d ago | Spam
HeavenlySnipes  +   845d ago
Skyrim is really fun on the PC. I used traded in my PS3 version initially because the game got boring, but the PC version is 1000x better. I'm not saying this to overexaggerate or sound elitist either lol
Reverent  +   844d ago
Hard to call that elitist. I love my PS3, but I can't argue that a game as heavily mod influenced as Skyrim isn't massively better on PC. I spent about 60 hours playing it in total on the PS3 before I got bored, but hundreds on PC and I can still go back and play it with more to do.
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Baka-akaB  +   844d ago
It's not even graphism per se , the game is unplayable imo on consoles . I would still call it crap on ps4 or 720 or wii u , as long as the mods are missing
ZodTheRipper  +   844d ago
It's not unplayable but it's just much better with mods. I'd even go as far as saying because of the mods, Skyrim is my favourite game of all time.
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Baka-akaB  +   844d ago
Oh but it's only in my opinion . The vanilla game isnt worth it without much needed interface , ia and content additions . This is the part bugging me more in the console version than framreate and graphic fidelity
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KillrateOmega  +   845d ago
Bethesda's team could learn a thing or two from this guy.
Oh_Yeah  +   845d ago
I'm sure they could easily do all this on their own, you have to remember the games are developed with consoles in mind...512 mb of ram and low end gpus arnt going to get you these visuals.
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OmegaSlayer  +   844d ago
Bethesda should really hire him
NeoTribe  +   844d ago
Not really. Hes using already created content and altering it. When he makes his own full pledged game that looks this good, than he would be of use. Why would bethesda waste so much time and money trying to go crytek with the game when only a fraction of people have a rig able to run it? They could have achieved this themselves if it was worth it.
KillrateOmega  +   844d ago
I know. I said that as more of an 'in the moment type thing'.
Baka-akaB  +   844d ago
Even without the new effect , modders have been doing better artistically wise . Without requiring additional power , wich is very telling .

Bethesda art and design teams were always lackluster for the serie , it was just slightly better with Syrim .
FlyingFoxy  +   844d ago
It depends because people have their own opinion of a game being playable or smooth, playable to one person could be low frame rates of 20-30. But to me 60+ as often as possible is playable, 30 is too slow.. and an issue pops up here, because some games can't run 60+fps often even on high end cards.

But even at 1080p you need a high end card to ensure 60fps or close to as often as possible, this is why 1080p will be the sweet spot for some time to come. The difference is that you can set high graphic options in game, and keep a high frame rate.
cyguration  +   844d ago
Can't speak for Gionight, but a lot of modders have made their own games or game engines.

You do know that iCEnhancer is working on the Brigade Engine and that it is the only game engine to achieve 1:1 ray-tracing realism with playable framerates?

These guys are probably a ton more talented than most people working at Bethesda, no joke.

Just because you graduate with a degree in computer science doesn't make you good in your profession. It takes a certain kind of creativity and ingenuity to excel at making good games or taking a good game and modding it to be great.

iCEnhancer is proof of that last statement.
Statix  +   844d ago
What are the system requirements to be able to run this Gionight Skyrim mod smoothly (~40-60fps)? Anyone know?
ElementX  +   845d ago
Skyrim is only $15 on Gamersgate.com right now. I bought my copy yesterday! It's the Steam version so you get a code.
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wirapuru  +   844d ago
Than you sir, and here your helpness bubble :)
ElementX  +   844d ago
Thanks! BTW you can go to www.cheapshark.com to compare prices from different online stores!
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esemce  +   844d ago
Why buy Skyrim now when the GOTY version is out soon.
ElementX  +   844d ago
Well the DLC is regularly on sale and not everybody wants the expansions. If you buy this for $15 and get say, Dragonborn and Dawnguard for $10 (50%) off, it's on sale regularly, that comes to $35. Probably cheaper than GOTY
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wirapuru  +   844d ago
I agree with ElementX. Bethesda games had (and I think still have) history of high prices even when the game has 2-3 years - I'm not judging here, just what I experienced on Fallout, Oblivion, etc.

I myself don't have the huge amount of time to play every single bit TES5 (and its expansions) require as I did with Morrowind (which I played almost everything of it plus expansions).

So to me it's a great deal to get vanilla and fill it with mods - which make the game almost endless - and maybe in the far future I'll get the expansions - if still relevant - at some Steam sale.

EDIT: ops, when I said "I think still have" I mean sucessuful ones (like TES, FO) not the ones that - unfortunately - didn't make it (Brink, Rage..). And if Skyrim is cheap now is just because its DLCs are a bit expensive IMO.
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Nyromith  +   844d ago
It's sad some people use this game only as a material for masturbation. Most of the mods I see are boobs and asses. And it's a shame, because there are some really nice mods that aren't made by horny teens, but by real artists that understand the atmosphere of Skyrim, respect it, and enhance it appropriately.
SpecialK  +   844d ago
I agree. whilst they make great screenshots, some of the mods take away from the intended atmosphere of the game.

Its Skyrim, not dead or alive lol.
Scenarist  +   844d ago
if you use the enb series.. you dont automatically get those get looking lady models anyway.

however you should add some higher polygon mods as well for the full experience
Plagasx  +   844d ago
Probably gives like 15fps though lol.
decrypt  +   844d ago
I played Skyrim maxed out with out 20 different graphics mods, The game looked insane and guess what even on my laptop it was still managing near 60fps.

Meaning any 200usd Desktop GPU would easily play this in 1080p 60fps with mods.
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Dasteru  +   844d ago
I'm running the game with about 10-12 major graphics mods including 8096x8096 res textures for almost everything, infinite draw distance and about 5x the normal density of all foliage and still managing around 70fps.
WeMilk   844d ago | Spam
Dasteru  +   844d ago
I don't need to prove myself to you. if you do not believe me, that is your problem.

Buy a half decent modern gaming PC and you will have all the proof you need.

My rig is almost 3 years old now and even when i built it, it wasn't the best possible. Building one now that can play at those spec's shouldn't be difficult.
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Bladesfist  +   844d ago
Only on consoles
maybe if it was
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Davuskus  +   844d ago
Truly amazing!
Scenarist  +   844d ago
We know what Next gen is going to bring for console gamers

I cant wait to see what next gen is going to bring to PC.
especially when games BETTER look better than these mods and heyy.. they look great
aLiEnViSiToR  +   844d ago
I still play Skyrim with over 9000 !!! mods and hours and still did not finish the main story :D i only wish every new game had this kind of modding penitential :[
Snookies12  +   844d ago
You're not missing much by leaving the story unfinished. Seriously... Most anticlimactic final boss ever.....
Irishguy95  +   844d ago
Anticlimactic doesn't even begin to describe it haha

Dat azz?
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Snookies12  +   844d ago
Anyone know what character model that first shot was, or where to find it? The one in the underwear? Lol, not asking for pervy reasons, I just really liked the hair.
RustedMan  +   844d ago
have a look around this site.
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vork77  +   844d ago
why cant the companys make the modders release there mods for consoles as dlc
RIP_Cell  +   844d ago
because they can't release "free" DLCs on consoles, they have to pay MS/Sony.
vork77  +   844d ago
i seen alot of free dlc on sony
cayleee  +   844d ago
Sony and Ms despise mods. They are middlemen why should they allow mods as free dlc. That would give the console community too much freedom, while they have console gamers be the leash why losen their grip?

Free mods as dlc would mean Ms and Sony cant sell any of their own dlcs. Also it will mean lives of games getting extended which compromises sales for new games and sequels with minor enhancements. Why would they like gamers spending 500hours on a game they can be done with in 50 hours. That would just slowdown sales for them.
DragonKnight  +   844d ago
@cayleee: Umm, there's mods for Unreal Tournament 3 on the PS3. So Sony doesn't hate mods. The thing is, mods for a console are different than mods for the PC. The PS3's architecture was so different that the mods may not have worked.

Hopefully Sony will allow mods on the PS4. Suggest it at their share page.

#14.1.3 (Edited 844d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(3) | Report
reynod  +   844d ago

About 600 games released on the PS3 during its life time, you dont find it fishy at all that mods could be supported in Unreal without any issues yet Sony never allowed for mods on any other game?

Please dont be that blind.

Keep dreaming about PS4 supporting mods lol. Sony will rather you bought their DLCs instead of getting freedom to get mods which are better than the DLCs they sell.

PC is the last bastion of hope for people looking for freedom on how to play their games, its one of the reasons console makers and devs hate the PC. They would rather everything went the Apple way, aka things should be as controlled as possible and people shouldnt have any freedom rights what so ever.

Edit: Funny the top most request i see on the Blog is PS2 emulation. Sony must be laughing their asses of at these expectations. How will they sell HD remakes if PS2 emulation is made available on PS4?
#14.1.4 (Edited 844d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(4) | Report
DragonKnight  +   844d ago
@reynod: If you want to be a troll, that's your business, but you don't have to be stupid about it. Do you know what kinds of mods are on Unreal? I'll give you a hint, none of them are anything close to what's on Skyrim. The most prevalent mods for UE3 on the PS3 version are map mods, followed by character skin mods. You won't be seeing anything like graphical overhauls, lighting changes, texture changes, etc...

Mods for UE3 was an experiment that worked, but that doesn't mean that it would work for all games with the ease that it does for PC.

You don't know what can happen with the PS4, so keep spouting your troll B.S. to someone that cares. Like a wall.

"Sony must be laughing their asses of at these expectations."

Shows what you know. Some of the suggestions that were put on that page have been implemented in the PS3.

You lack the comprehension to understand a word called "feasibility" so it would be pointless for me to elaborate on what Sony can and can't do with the PS3. Go play your PC since that's all you care about.
reynod  +   843d ago

1. Weapon mods and Maps are the highest sold DLCs. By your own statement they were possible on unreal, So why doesnt Sony allow it on other games? Reason is simple they are a corporation who needs to profit. Why should they compromise their DLCs?

2. Weapon skins and maps are nothing special if they can work for Unreal no reason they shouldnt work on other games. Again Sony is being greedy, thats normal they are a company and must profit.

3. You have a HOPE they will give you MODS on PS4, You have a HOPE they may give you BC on PS4. You keep those HOPES dude. Sony is a company and will only do what is in their best interest. They wont allow mods because of reasons given above and they wont give BC because it compromises sales of new games and compromises sales of HD remakes. You can keep HOPING, its funny since you have no control over the console you bought, Its Sony or MS property and they hold all the rights on how they control the system. You certainly arent in control.
Cueil  +   844d ago
It's economics... Microsoft and Sony are trying to create an idea of worth attached to DLC when the market is fully stable then you'll probably see more user created free things, but MS and Sony have to regulated so their marketplace doesn't destablize
vork77  +   844d ago
or atleast have a online communety where you can inport dlc like they did with GTAIV
Tetsujin  +   844d ago
I know Unreal Tournament 3 on PS3 had mod support however there wasn't much towards it; however 3D Dot Game Heroes had dedicated sites and forums of created characters (some exist today), and some custom characters even made it to a patch that was released sometime in 2011.

I've had people argue Little Big Planet 1 and 2 being prototypes of console-modding games, and if they become successful more games like that will start to come around in the future; and some games will start to add mod support.
1stKnighT  +   844d ago
These guys that create these mods are truly geniuses. But I think the main reason why we don't find these kinds of graphics on a console is because companies have deadlines and can't just take their time to create a perfect thong.

I sure wish it was possible to add some kind of mod support for consoles tho'.
JAMurida  +   844d ago
I wonder, is the game even playable with having this many graphic mods going at once? Maybe I'm just ignorant when it comes to PC, but I'm guessing it must take a DAM nice rig to run this at playable frame-rates.

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