Data: Microsoft's Xbox 360 shortage claim

Microsoft last week blamed lingering Xbox 360 shortages in February for its second straight third-place finish in the NPD Group's monthly U.S. console sales data. The company is hoping to head off any suggestion that the Xbox 360 is losing steam in its competition against Sony's PlayStation 3. Microsoft says the shortages were caused by higher-than-expected Xbox 360 sales over the holidays. To help assess that claim, here's a comparison of Xbox 360 sales during the 2006 and 2007 holidays

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kalistyles3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

It sounds really fishy to use that as an excuse. I'll give you my reason too. 1. Those four months from Nov. 06 to Feb. 07 they sold 2,165,000. From Nov. 07 to Feb. 08 they sold 2,515,000. Now thats a difference of only 350,000. You would think that there only being that much of a difference from those months in different years they should have plenty in stock. There was no talk of this in the previous year. 2. I can only think that the amount of call backs on consoles being sent in for repair that they are somewhat losing out on production to repair so many units being sent in. There is no way they should have a shortage so bad like that unless they are selling them like hotcakes like the Wii. I mean the PS3 outsold them last year and so far this year and is far ahead of the 360's selling outlook if you put them head to head. So like I said, this excuse sounds really fishy to me.

Milkman5413691d ago

"Right now, you can go into retail and find an Xbox (360) pretty much everywhere, today," Greenberg said. "But we don't consider ourselves fully in stock today because there are retailers who want to buy more consoles from us, and we're unable to supply that."

Umm ok...That is an interesting way to think you have a shortage...

TheExecutive3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

well I think he was meaning as of today there isnt a shortage consumers will notice, not that they ever did anyway.

but yeah this shortage crap is just that, crap.

wow4u3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )



Did you read the article? Look at the lead up to 2007. Then Xmass 2007.

They have a 25% jump year over year, that they didnt expect. And, they've said October was very strong.

So, MSFT tells you the situation. This article basically shows the demand jumped proving the point, and you're basically just refusing to believe?

Can you elaborate with some *REASON* or *LOGIC* or *DATA*?

psiom3691d ago

Yes. Logic. Easy.

2007 towards the end of the year was widely praised as one of the best years of gaming in history, due almost entirely to strong, high quality Xbox360 titles.

Believing that MS had no idea they would move more consoles at that time relative to 2006 is tantamount to believing they are braindead morons.

Do they expect good games to boost console sales, or not? If they do, then they clearly can't have been surprised by the sales. If they don't, well, then they might as well stop securing exclusive content.

uxo223691d ago

That was not logical, if so then why didn't the PS3 have a shortage being that they sold a lot less during the 2006 holiday season prior. Should they have produced fewer consoles than they or just just a few more than they did in 06?

These companies use forcast and input from retailers to determine the demands. There is no true way of knowing what your figures are truely going to look like ahead of time so that have to estimate. So believe it or not, it's actually possible for a company to mis-forcast the upcoming demand. Look at nintendo, the appear to have miss they're forcast every month since

psiom3691d ago

They don't simply use retailer data.

Microsoft secures exclusive games in order to boost the console base as well as get great games sales figures.

the latter half of 2007 was a crescendo of gaming excellence for their platform, yet this apparently had zero influence on forecast? Come on dude, where is your belief coming from? Is it because Microsoft said so?

cmrbe3691d ago

Sony could only produce at most 2million console during holiday 2006. If they produced more they could have sold more console in holiday 2006.No way on Earth Sony would forcast their 2007 comparing to 2006 when they were having manufacturing problems in 2006. Its a different situation for the x360 and PS3 in 2006.

TheExecutive3690d ago

n4user... i still dont believe that it took them 2 months to produce enough consoles to fulfill a demand. Especially when you consider they have been producing the console for over 3 years.

But hey, i could be wrong and we will find out this month if I am.

The Lazy One3690d ago

Retailer demand is not the same as consumer demand. M$ reports it's shortages, not the shortages of the retailers. If you go to the store and there are 2 consoles on the shelf that doesn't look like a shortage to you.

If that store has those two consoles with 3 in the back, and they want to order 10 more, and M$ only has 7, that's still a shortage. You might never notice it because there's always 2 on the shelf, but if they still want to order more than M$ has, it's still a shortage.

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meepmoopmeep3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

no shortage of propaganda.

ok, the shortage isn't for the consumer but the retailer? wtf?

Breakfast3691d ago

Thats a pretty random site to find video game news on.