Fez, Phil Fish, and judging a game by its creator

VGW's Stu Strock: "Fish has gained a certain notoriety in the gaming community for being a contentious guy, particularly after he was featured in the documentary Indie Game: The Movie, which outlines his difficulties in getting Fez to the development finish line. If you’ve seen the documentary, then you know that Phil Fish isn’t afraid to speak his mind, especially when it comes to responding to his critics."

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Linsolv2051d ago

Phil Fish has gathered a certain notoriety after making numerous bridge-burning declarations via twitter, AFAIC. He's a jerk and his game is buggy as all hell in its new PC release so I can judge it negatively on its merits as well.

Now with that said, it works on my system, and it's not unenjoyable. Just broken for a lot of people.